It is guaranteed to have a nugget of wisdom with which everyone can identify from their life in his continued themes of lives and experiences. With wicked humour, nodding reflection on death and the tragedies of our lives, the poems are an encapsulation of seduction, human failings, mischievous teddy bears, naughty elephants and terrorism. Laurie again reaches out with his poetry, described as ‘terrific parables’ by readers, written in his everyday manner.

With glowing feedback from his previous two books, The Psychy Poet knows he is again evoking emotions in the reader.

As ever, enjoy!


Forward Gear

The years on you keep rolling by,

Whatever your health, or state of mind,

And there is nothing you can change So best leave time past behind.

Though some lessons can be learned From previous mistakes made,

For however much they affect you At your own feet they were laid.

So move forward with new joy,

And all sad regrets you must ban,

Whilst not rueing what you can’t do Just give thanks for what you can!

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