So entertaining is the title for this blog news. Entertaining for me and my world, and I have been entertaining too, well the feedback says so, and was very complimentary, so yes I must have entertained as well in the last few weeks, and I’m told “long before” that, so very nice to hear.
Recently I have had several gigs, presentations and generally “entertained” on seemingly good and well received occasions, often reading out my poems taken from my observations of life. This following poem may explain a bit.
Brief Watching
I have my thoughts and beliefs
That are tied in with my views,
When I just stand around
And the passing world peruse,
With all its strange characters
Acting out on their stage
Of earth’s wonderful scenery
Like a continual turning page.
Some will show off for attention
Or personal reasons that they need,
For in their own mixed up head
It’s the only way to succeed.
But surely this will often have
Opposite responses that they intend.
So they’ll be dismissed as crazy
And daft actions must amend.
But mostly people are oblivious
To any watching eyes on them,
Despite the growing use of cameras
That can exonerate or condemn.
For we have got quite used to
The idea we are always seen,
In various activities of life
Either embarrassing or obscene.
Though of course I learnt my craft
In my long psychiatric career,
When placing myself in a corner
I observed those who came near.
So my everyday life now is similar
Or in some cases much the same,
For all passing people now
I consider are fair game.
Some have a crafty little scratch
When thinking they’re unobserved,
But others do some strange things
They really should have swerved.
But by far the most interesting
Are ordinary, everyday acts,
Smoking cigarettes, and eating
That are noted for poetic facts.
Arguing, shouting and strange dress
Much better when unintended.
Clothes ill fitting, with colour clashes
Never to be recommended.
So outlandish behaviour and language
That has no spoken English bearing,
Are often lost among the words
Mostly laced with swearing.
Now that is just some of my clues
But I’m not giving away too many,
As when considering strange acts
Most people deny having any.
Though I can certainly advise you,
Or perhaps just add to warn.
That you are part of this mad world
And have been, since being born.
I may be possibly giving away some of my secrets there, but no I think I have already menti0ned some ideas in that poem, I’m sure you noticed.
As of my entertaining then, I have done several poem reading gigs that all donate to Help for Heroes I support and donate to, (one a revisit after some time and another a new venue), done two high profile presentations and also a couple of commissioned poems, with more in the pipeline, SO lol as the song goes “That’s Entertainment”.
Having mentioned Help for Heroes I MUST, (coz I’m chuffed), mention that I have virtually reached my initial target of raising £10,000, in not quite ten years, and as a “One Man Band, so a BIG THANKS to everyone who has helped, donated, bought my books and or commissioned poems etc, so YEAH nice one and thanks again!
Another poem and from my 7th book comes :-
As I have to live within myself
I often contemplate my mood,
For although fairly rare with me
On some occasions I will brood.
And at those unusual times
When thoughts can be quite dark,
It’s best that I restrain myself
As any comments could be stark.
Thus I need to have a tight filter
Controlling what I say or send,
In words or communication text
So no relationships I need to mend.
For like the saying about drunks
Who will tell the brutal truth,
On thoughts they once guarded
In an attempt to stay aloof.
Because that alcohol can loosen
The most protected of views,
Which can cause grave reactions
And some friends to lose.
Now I’m not saying I do that
But I do try hard to control,
Little opinions and any feelings
Not totally happy in my soul.
So when discontent or chagrin
Come calling to seek me out,
I have to be so very wary
My deep thoughts I don’t spout.
Some more of my thoughts and secrets in that poem, BUT if you really want a look behind my mask, inner thoughts and feelings you need to buy my 9th book “Our World in Verse”, so yes another hint of The Psychy Poet workings?
  • I ordered 12 bees but received 13 before realising the extra one was a freebie.
  • A bloke went to Iceland to see the Northern Lights but just came out with frozen chips.
  • A man climbed a mountain to see where daylight went. In the morning it dawned on him.
  • If a Boomerang doesn’t come back is it a frisbee?
I should make a reminder at this time that my website ( has been freshened up and updated by James Harvey my excellent Website Guru and publisher, so please take another look.
Ted & Beth my wonderful bears want me to say that they have been entertaining as well, coming with me to all my gigs so here is one of their poems.
Ted n Beth’s Bedtime
Ted and Beth can be quite mature
But act a bit like children too,
And don’t like doing as they’re told
Or sometimes what they have to do,
Now normally this is no great pain
Mostly obeying what I have said,
But one main exception to this
Is when they’re told to go to bed.
For they really do not like this
And would stay up all night long,
But certainly would not be quiet
Laughing loudly or singing a song.
So it becomes a very tricky battle
Getting them to settle down to sleep,
Also hard making them stay in bed
For often they will craftily creep
Out of their room to wander around,
Looking for mischief or tricks to play.
Thus it’s a bit of a job to control them
Whatever I try to do or say.
And if I get them both to stay put
I’m not sure it will still be alright.
Because I’ve caught them out before
Having a massive pillow fight,
Chasing each other round laughing
Too excited and beyond their tethers,
For when I had to go and check
The whole room was full of feathers.
So now that is just one problem
Trying to get them to bed on time,
Because if they are up all night
Next day their mood isn’t sublime.
Thus on and on goes the struggle
As I have to look after the bears,
But however cross and angry I get
They know their poet dad still cares.
That poem features in The Bears very own book, that is selling extremely well and I think I underpriced it, but not to worry, and so is entitled “Tea For Two: Poetic Antics of Ted & Beth. Great value and fun!
Nearly finished this blog, and pitched so I will be back from my upcoming cruise next week to do the next one, so yes, all is in hand. Well so to speak…
As usual before last poem, nearly always a romance poem, I again say a big thanks to you all, for all interest, encouragement.
Reach Out, and Words Will Be There
In many times of upset or distress
People will seek comfort from words,
That can bring them solace and release
From pain or a conscience unheard.
So funerals, wakes and some memorials
Will feature words of farewell and peace,
That can celebrate and remember lives
Of those we have seen decease.
For the pain on so many occasions
Coming from losing someone close,
May take people into a depression
And a countenance quite morose.
So thoughts and endearing memories
Can be put into words that cheer,
Your inner soul and lift the mood
When recalling someone once dear.
Now people can’t always manage
To get these crucial words just right,
In an attempt to capture exactly
That loved person now out of sight.
But any nicely written remembrance
Will uplift your mental health,
So maybe get someone to write them
Like I do for people myself.
Thus you’ll have your comfort words
And perhaps put them into a frame,
So that whenever you feel you want to
Can read those special words again.
Which is a very nice way to remember
Someone who was a special pleasure.
But don’t forget your own needs too,
So retain any thoughts you treasure.
Bye for now then and thanks again as The Journey Continues ENTERTAININGLY….
Love, Light and Peace,
Laurie xx
Laurie Wilkinson
The Psychy Poet

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