After last Blog of “Driving On” it now has to be Autopilot as that’s how it feels to me with events, compliments, gigs etc coming to meet me rather than having to be looked for, so all good with that.


For example after bumping into the manager of the now Ashdown Radio, previously Uckfield FM, I’m invited back as guest again since pre covid , so I will keep you posted, but it is early May .Also I got an invite to read my poems and sell my books short notice for a pre St. Patrick’s Day last Thursday that went very, sold some books with some more money for Help for Heroes as I strive and inch towards my £10,000 target, just only about £350 short now, so please buy my books if you have not yet done so.

I am also collecting again up at Tesco Langney on Good Friday from 9am on 29th March. Please come and say hello, for Ted & Beth will be pleased to see you too.


First poem has to be my “Cradle to the Grave” for all mums after recent Mothers Day and my lead poem last Thursday at Irish gig.


Cradle to the Grave


A lilting voice from the past

That will affect you like no other.

Bringing love and goose bumps too,

For it can only be your mother.


The one who always from your birth

Stood by you with no quaking,

Though inside she cried bitter tears

If bad decisions you were making,

Or was given cause to be upset

At your failure to return the love,

Which will always be too late

After she is taken to live above.


For a mother always looks with pride

At your first shaky steps to walk,

Across your rocky paths in life

Since she first helped you to talk.

Thus had also been there for you

From that cradle to the grave,

Watching out for all those dangers

As your soul she tried to save.


So when others reject and doubt you

Your doting mother will be there,

To ensure she can protect you

With unconditional loving care,

That first began when as a child

You needed succour and a kiss,

Given with uncomplaining lips

You will always sorely miss.


A lilting voice from the past

You will remember all your years,

Though may not always appreciate

Until her passing brings your tears.

So while you have her, be ever nice

To your solid embracing fir,

Who whatever heartbreak you cause

Will still put you first, before her.



My ever popular poem there, written in 2016 and first in my 4th book, “Life Scene in Verse” and subsequently after request.


Other news and reminders now. Mike Page of Megatrend did 4 excellent Podcasts with me, and well worth a check out if you want to know more about me, hear some poems and how they came about. Look them up on = I can assure you from feed back, well worth a listen!


Our lovely bears Ted & Beth want me to tell you how well THEIR own book is selling, “Tea for Two. Poetic Antics of Ted & Beth”, photo of book included at end and Pretty Please DO add a comment in, YES the Comments part at the end, Twister Sisters please note.


A poem from The Bears book then, entitled “Ted and Beth’s Bedtime”…


Ted n Beth’s Bedtime


Ted and Beth can be quite mature

But act a bit like children too,

And don’t like doing as they’re told

Or sometimes what they have to do,

Now normally this is no great pain

Mostly obeying what I have said,

But one main exception to this

Is when they’re told to go to bed.


For they really do not like this

And would stay up all night long,

But certainly would not be quiet

Laughing loudly or singing a song.


So it becomes a very tricky battle

Getting them to settle down to sleep,

Also hard making them stay in bed

For often they will craftily creep

Out of their room to wander around,

Looking for mischief or tricks to play.

Thus it’s a bit of a job to control them

Whatever I try to do or say.


And if I get them both to stay put

I’m not sure it will still be alright.

Because I’ve caught them out before

Having a massive pillow fight,

Chasing each other round laughing

Too excited and beyond their tethers,

For when I had to go and check

The whole room was full of feathers.


So now that is just one problem

Trying to get them to bed on time,

Because if they are up all night

Next day their mood isn’t sublime.

Thus on and on goes the struggle

As I have to look after the bears,

But however cross and angry I get

They know their poet dad still cares.






  • I met a girl who identifies as a wheelie bin so didn’t know when to take her out.

  • A duck went into a bar and asked for his drinks to be put on his bill.

  • It’s rumoured that eating Eccles cakes can cure stiff necks.

  • A fat psychic is known as a four chin teller


As part of my Autopilot I have recently had some more invitations for reading and entertaining, which is good as I rarely cold call now.


I must mention some new members on hers, so hello (again) to the (dizzy?) Izzy who loved my ditty for her but then missed her mention…. LOL Got this one Izzy? Also Shirin who is busy but now a fan and on board, alongside Nick The Insurer, so welcome to them and indeed one and all, with my thanks and best wishes,

This next poem is very different I think, but like many of my poems has a message although for some unknown reason I had overlooked this poem “Pyramid” until it came up with other things the other night, so from my 5th book “Life Presented in Verse” from 2017..




A pyramid is an ancient wonder

Of architectural progressions,

As a protective tomb for Pharaohs

When buried with their possessions,

To accompany them up to heaven

And so grace them in the after lives.

Sometimes including many slaves

Still alive, just like their wives!


Thus these ancient rulers and kings

Would have riches in a next world too,

Well that was the theory they had

But alas it was so rarely true.

For the cunning human mind

Has very few boundaries or ends,

So many of these lauded kings

Were betrayed by so-called friends.


Who ensured a secret passage or two

That would allow removal of wealth.

So after the deaths assured inside,

These valuables are taken by stealth.

Which I think gives a great example

Of man’s vulnerability to sin,

And reminds us that at life’s end,

We only leave with what we brought in.


So it’s carbon footprints and worth,

Which will be remembered after we go.

For these can’t be removed or stolen

And are left in the world to show,

Just what we did, or achieved in life

That some will just fritter away.

Like the choices and time they’re given,

So they will have nothing to say.


While many folks will work tirelessly

On all of the things that they love.

Leaving behind many creations

After getting the call from above.

So can look back on a fulfilled life

Giving much to the world, and others,

Who had the joy to be with them

And embrace their life like brothers.


Thus nothing else can be taken out

Of this world, where we spend our time,

Fashioning gifts that proudly remain,

As respect and memories sublime.




Nearly done now because it is said too much of a good thing isn’t good for you, but I don’t think we all agree, do we?


I Should mention at this stage my great Publisher and Website Guru, James Harvey on =


Last poem and as ever a “Romance” section one, so hold on tight here comes “Touch”..




Apparent in a wonderful vision

This sight for sore eyes to see,

A woman with alluring looks

Who seems very attractive to me.


Of course nature plays her tricks

Upon the poor male species of life,

Which causes many an intrigue

And more than a little strife.

For the lovely sirens in our view

Cause bubbling emotions in man,

That instill a profound sense of need

To kiss and cuddle them if he can.


Now with a gentle caress or touch

Emotive sensations come alive,

To those soft pressures and strokes

On which our bodies thrive.

So don’t be shy of natures lead

Into temptation with a natural wish.

When signs and permission glow,

Brush her skin with a subtle kiss!


Then if this is received with pleasure

And perhaps an encouraging gasp,

Do not delay or be bashful

Or magic may slip from your grasp.

So continue with sensual movements

With words of complimentary love,

To ensure that you and your lady

Will soar to the heavens above.



So as ever I close with thanks to you all as The Journey Continues on AUTOPILOT


Love, Light & Regards,


Laurie xx








Laurie Wilkinson
The Psychy Poet

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