Sailing then as of the title, and I have indeed been sailing, but on a cruise, though also sailing along quite well since I got back a week or so ago, but that has certainly gone quick due to my successful sailing along on land too. On return I had to quickly do a couple of regular articles that were due, and a commissioned poem too, so no running aground for The Psychy Poet.
My most sensational news of late may have slipped out a little, but I will concentrate on, and reveal next blog, so as saying goes WATCH THIS SPACE !!!
First poem HAS to be one from my 5th book “Life Presented in Verse” (2017) and following blog title is caled Love Cruise…..
Love Cruise
I’ve often heard it said by people
You easily fall in love when afloat,
So maybe we should take the hint
To get ourselves on a boat,
A ship or perhaps cruise liner,
That can bring on amorous fun
For most would probably enjoy it
After all is said and done.
The sailors smart in their uniforms
Ladies gorgeous with flowing hair,
And the rocking motion of the ship
Can lead the willing to a lair.
But best be warned in advance
That all voyages have to end,
So whispered promises on board
On land may cease to blend.
Of course there are many waters
With some shallow, others deep,
And unless you are compliant
No love harvest will you reap.
Thus best to set off and away
To cruise across those seas,
With open mind, and hopeful soul
And a warm heart that agrees.
So cast adrift within your mind
To survey the longer views
Of near or far horizons
That may soon sight your muse.
As you sail in your ship, I in mine
With no course truly charted,
As we journey across our seas
Maybe not so totally parted.
For any ship can be turned around
To a destination for you,
And as rough waters slowly calm
You just dock where you want to.
That follows the title theme nicely, and now our lovely and adorable pair Ted & Beth want to get in on the act with a poem from their very own book “Tea for Two: Poetic Antics of Ted & Beth”
Sailor Bears
Ted and Beth now want a boat
And plan to take it out to sea,
But I know that neither can swim
So it is a very big worry to me.
They just think I’m being silly though
And said they’ll be safe and sound,
But I’m not really too sure of that
As in a paddling pool nearly drowned,
So let alone going out to the open sea
With hard navigation and deep water,
Making me dread just what could happen
As they’ll be like bears to a slaughter.
Naturally “Captain” Ted disputes all this
While Beth always backs him up too,
So they are still determined to go for it
And give the Coastguard more to do.
Now Ted points out all his experience
But I don’t think a boat in a bath is much,
With Beth even getting panicky with that
So it’s just Ted’s uniformed hopes as such.
For he’s no knowledge about boats at sea
But Beth still believes he can do it all.
So it seems a nautical disaster awaits
Like a sort of “ducking” before a fall.
Now I did though have one more try
To make our seafaring bears see sense,
And although they said they’d continue
I could tell they were both very tense,
With Beth clutching her water wings
That in truth she cannot quite wear.
And even Ted seemed less sure now
But determines to be a sailing bear.
So now they are all prepared to set off
With more than a little hint of doubt.
But luckily it was saved before the start,
When they saw the tide had gone out.
Yes, well those bears in on the act there, but meanwhile as I’ve been away my poetic news is more limited, and my other experiences follow that well know saying “what happens at sea, stays at sea” lol, ALTHOUGH some may sneak into future poems?
  • A daft man spoke into an envelope as he wanted to send a voicemail
  • My friend started a new job in Seoul as thought was a good Korea move.
  • Driver in an A A van was sobbing because he was heading for a breakdown
    Well enough of that then, and so to continue with a bit of a round-up I have been having in my head about where my “Poetry World” is at the moment so…
  1. I am having one of my longest gaps of 9 months at present since my last book.
  2. Book 14 poems are arriving “thick and fast” but just need writing up.
  3. I’m hoping Book 14 publishes by end of year, BUT…
  4. Having gone beyond wildest dreams, there is no rush, and NO writers block.
  5. Commissioned poems for people, weddings etc continue to come in.
  6. I’m concentrating on what I’ve done at the moment, more than future work, but of course progression will still be made, along with my announcement next blog.
Bit of a different blog then this one, but maybe all that sailing, though anyway I will finish up, and as usual before I do thank everyone for support and encouragement, so last poem is “Lament for a Lost Heart”, (lost at sea?) and from my 6th book Poet Reveals All…
Lament for a Lost Heart
This is a lament for all the lost
At least those who’ve run aground,
On voyages and searches for love
That they never happily found.
Maybe it was their own defences
Which ensured no happy connection,
Or possibly they miserably sailed
In the completely wrong direction,
Never to meet up with, and blossom
In a welcoming and loving heart.
So whatever fair winds and tides
They were doomed from the start.
Because most people can get caught
And boarded by loves attraction,
Unless fear, malice or selfishness
Prevents any mutual satisfaction
Of that loving bond and arousal,
Causing hearts to swoon and fly.
But if a love is denied expression
It can whither up and die.
So sail on alone in a wilderness
That is like a horizon-less sea,
Bobbing about and lost forever
With a sad heart not allowed to be,
Cast off to adventurously fly
Just where its passions want to go.
Thus all sensations and love stories
Its lost life will never know.
With love and thanks from me and Ted & Beth as The Journey Continues Sailing On
Laurie xx
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