This compact book of poetry covers a diversity of subjects tabled into four categories: romance, humour, reflection and tragedy.

Like an excellent matured wine, this book of poetry has taken some time to emerge. The authors poetic views are enhanced by various experiences across a life encapsulating personal loss, challenging professional career, adventurous travel and lively humour. The reflective development and attitude to the world generally are clearly expressed in the poetic delivery laid out for the reader. The expansive topics on offer provide views polarised from domestic abuse, terror atrocities to the pure humour of life, the people in it, and what they do! The author has taken these subjects and mostly written when aroused by his emotions such as anger or sadness. Ironies caused by the contradictions and falsehoods of our existence lend these often spontaneously written poems powerful emotive verve evidenced by the down to earth manner in which they are displayed. This will evoke emotions in the reader which will increase their enjoyment, or conversely make them angry too, possibly even with the author, which he would welcome as Laurie prefers people to express their emotions. He argues that these emotive reactions are signs that people care and take an active interest in life rather than being detached if not personally affected.

The section of the book about romance covers love and the spectrum of feelings aroused. Unknown Journey touches on the delightful realisation that love has arrived, with possibly a general expression of it in Dancing Light. More traditional expressions appear in Bubble, Headlight and Safeway that might strike a cord with the reader. Of course the journey along love’s roads can be bumpy so Laughing Sadness and Contradiction may touch memories too.

The mischievously spontaneous Bear in the Window starts the humour section and is an actual occurrence, followed by observations and events in our great British Institution, “the pub”, amongst other inclusions. The poems in the reflective section are obviously by nature more emotive and include angry expressions at Afghanistan events in Diamonds for Worms and Tainted Babes, whilst the powerful description of an indiscriminate terrorist bomb attack in Hand of God speaks for itself. Other reflections touch on our fears, experiences and philosophical considerations of how life has been for different people.

We have all had tragedy in our lives at some time, so the poetry here will possibly make the reader tearful or smile wistfully at past memories, certainly this part of the book will strike personally with individual readers, thus better read and discovered themselves. In summary this book of poetic views on life has something for everybody. The themes are largely inspired by his observing the individual characteristics of people he has met, along with the complexities and wonders of our world, mostly good, but sometimes controversial. 


Along with thanks for taking the time to look at this book, the author sincerely hopes the reader enjoys it.




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