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Lauries poetry readings

Here’s Laurie reading his poems on the radio. Laurie thrills and entertains at many locations promoting his books while raising money for Help for Heroes.

“I’d love to come and read at your event, just drop me a line below and we’ll work it out”.

Laurie reading and entertaining at a prestigious event.

He was very well received by an extremely interested & attentive audience.

Laurie’s Podcast

Enjoy listening to Laurie Talk about his life and poetry as he brings some of his poetry to life!

Listen here or on the Podcast page

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The gift of hindsight is given here by Laurie Wilkinson, (well if not totally given, then it’s the next best thing), for in his 13th poetry book; “Reflection”, there are all the tips and clues for a 20×20 vision of life!

How so, you may ask? Simply because this book comprises 78 of his most appreciated and requested “Reflection” theme poems helping everybody revisit and appraise some of their life events, and perhaps also involvements?

Laurie’s latest book offers the reader multiple observations and reflected topics that he knows you’ll identify with, and possibly even aid future choices and decisions. Dive into the poems and maybe learn how life is for others, and perhaps you too.

Proudly produced by Bad Goose Publishing, The Psychy Poet, (Laurie’s alias due to his expansive career working in psychiatry), is now ever more widely appreciated with poems read by local, national, and even international audiences.

Laurie features on BBC, Magic FM, & local radio stations, as well as in the Daily Mirror, Daily Mail, and various publications and magazines like Etc Mag, The Sussex Newspaper & Hailsham News for whom Laurie writes monthly articles with poems.

Of course all of Laurie’s book sales donate to the charity Help for Heroes, great poetry for a worthy cause.


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Original price was: £7.99.Current price is: £6.99.

Proudly supporting Help for Heroes

Illuminating Verse

Illuminating Verse

Another fantastic offering from the heartfelt depths of Laurie Wilkinson, yet again his new book “Illuminating Verse” stirs emotions with vivid poetry to illuminate our lives and beyond.

Laurie has a unique way of seeing aspects of our lives and turning them into insightful and inspirational verse reflecting the everyday and sometimes even shedding light on those very private corners that we rarely go. This book adds to that legacy of beautiful yet powerful prose.

Sylvie Blackmore, a presenter on BBC Radio Sussex and Surrey has two poems about her in the book which stems from him being a guest on her Sunday afternoon show twenty plus times over nearly 3 years.

Another poem, “Inner Tears” won a prestigious festival poetry competition in 2022, and very topically there are also three poems about the NHS and Laurie’s recent experience of being in hospital for the very first time in his life.

The popular four subject sections include romance, with sultry and amorous offerings including “Gift Wrapped” and “Snuggle”, humour including dealing with cactus plants, reflection and mixed themes of “All Change” about personal life today, “Homesick” and “My Chair” that we all battle over! Tragedy completes the sections with the poignant “Home Alone” and heart-rending “Blanket”.

The author presents his latest book with all the confidence of experienced practice now, glowing reviews and compliments on his work and previous books that is only added to by him donating to charity Help for Heroes from all sales.

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Proudly supporting Help for Heroes

Tea for Two – Poetic antics of Ted & Beth

Tea for Two – Poetic antics of Ted & Beth

This is a delightful poetry book about Laurie’s lovable teddy bears, Ted & Beth.

Adult Kids and Children of all ages will love the way their antics are beautifully brought to life, their thoughts and activities certain to bring joy and laughter.

This book has been long requested by Laurie’s fans and doesn’t fail to bring smiles, laughs and sighs at their mischievous, adventurous antics.

Included are 31 poems exclusively about Ted & Beth and nine others about their various animal friends. This is a “fun for all” publication, and Laurie’s eleventh rendition since his first book that started him off in 2014 – “Poetic Views of Life”.


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Proudly supporting Help for Heroes

Laurie’s Bundle of Poetic Humour

Laurie’s Bundle of Poetic Humour

76 of Laurie’s best humorous poems from over the years to lift everyone’s mood, as Laurie channels his passion for life and his keen observations into all his poetry.

This 10th book in the series captures all the joy of that journey to tickle your funny bone and put a smile on your face.

Increasingly over the eight years since Laurie’s first published book, he has matured and stretched the dimensions of his poetic themes and descriptions of life that many people identify with, some even having quite a surprise as to their reactions.

​​​​​​​This book encapsulates some of his most well received humorous poems that Laurie reads at live gigs and events or are frequently requested favourites giving an opportunity to revisit and laugh at his often “naughty but nice” descriptions of life and some of its most awkward moments!

Of course all of Laurie’s book sales still donate to the charity Help for Heroes.

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Proudly supporting Help for Heroes

POETRY CORNER – 13/06/2020

Today’s poem is by the Irrepressible Laurie Wilkinson of Eastbourne, East Sussex. who sent this funny poem in after reading about my snoring pug dog keeping everyone awake.
Poet Laurie’s son served in the military for 10 years, and the proud dad has been donating everything he makes from his book sales to Help for Heroes since his first in 2014. The former East ender just had his eighth book published, available from and shows no signs of flagging…

Laurie has since had yet another poem published in the paper!

The Daily Mirror Newspaper 

Barely Heard

Ted and Beth are very happy
Contented bears and not bores,
Only now there is a little problem
Beth has told me that Ted snores!
So she is now quite desperate
To have a peaceful night.
For every time she drops off,
Ted’s snort gives her a fright.

He says it’s all an exaggeration
That many male bear’s growl,
But Beth is getting very angry,
And may smother him with a towel.
So there has to be a solution to,
This noise that comes from Ted.
For Beth states that if it continues
He must sleep in the spare bed.

Now that’s the way they managed
With no arguments, no pain.
Until both of them got lonely,
And had to sleep together again.

Write a Poem for You

Get Laurie to write you a poem for that special occasion.

Poetic Seeds to Fruition

Some poetic thoughts I had
Became seeds I then planted,
And began to grow strongly
But I didn’t take it for granted. 

Though words and poems flowed
In almost endless, florid streams.
And formed various topic notions
Far beyond my wildest dreams. 

As a down to earth and everyday
Style of poetic life expressions,
Burst into fruition and fulfilment
Tabling the world’s confessions

Laurie Wilkinson is a poet with a difference, he shares his amazing talent to raise money for the charity ‘Help for Heroes’.

Laurie’s poems are truly fantastic, accurately portraying today’s world in a modern, eloqent way. His skill for the written word is impressive, both deep, thoughtful and insightful.

Drawn from personal experience and an amazing observation of life itself, Laurie’s poems are filled with humour, emotion and always eye-wateringly honest! His books are now a firm favourite in our household.

Sandra Da Silva-Creasey

West Horsham, West Sussex, Pink Spaghetti PA Services

Laurie is a poet who gets to the heart of the matter. His verses touch all our lives, and like himself gives us great joy even in the dark days.

Ellie Dean

Author, International bestseller

All profits go to the ‘Help For Heroes Charity’, and his willingness to give Poetry Readings to interested audiences is to be applauded.


Owner, Eyemasters Glasses & Optical Services

Listen to Laurie read excerpts from Poetic Seeds to Fruition.

Laurie’s poems are now read on National Radio as well as published internationally.

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All Revealed

There may be nostalgia and surprises
When your inner world is revealed,
By the peeling away of barriers
That many secrets had concealed.

For everyone has private thoughts
Perhaps buried deep and never seen,
But confronted by observing words
You may learn what they can mean.

So allow perceptive insights in
To a world where they are known,
As it may be comforting to discover
Some fears are not yours alone.

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