Illuminating Verse

Another fantastic offering from the heartfelt depths of Laurie Wilkinson, yet again his new book “Illuminating Verse” stirs emotions with vivid poetry to illuminate our lives and beyond.

Laurie has a unique way of seeing aspects of our lives and turning them into insightful and inspirational verse reflecting the everyday and sometimes even shedding light on those very private corners that we rarely go. This book adds to that legacy of beautiful yet powerful prose.

Sylvie Blackmore, a presenter on BBC Radio Sussex and Surrey has two poems about her in the book which stems from him being a guest on her Sunday afternoon show twenty plus times over nearly 3 years.

Another poem, “Inner Tears” won a prestigious festival poetry competition in 2022, and very topically there are also three poems about the NHS and Laurie’s recent experience of being in hospital for the very first time in his life.

The popular four subject sections include romance, with sultry and amorous offerings including “Gift Wrapped” and “Snuggle”, humour including dealing with cactus plants, reflection and mixed themes of “All Change” about personal life today, “Homesick” and “My Chair” that we all battle over! Tragedy completes the sections with the poignant “Home Alone” and heart-rending “Blanket”.

The author presents his latest book with all the confidence of experienced practice now, glowing reviews and compliments on his work and previous books that is only added to by him donating to charity Help for Heroes from all sales.

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