So Rocking On, as it is only just over six weeks since my operation, although I’m taking it easy and slowly I now feel very well, healthy and have lost weight, SO I am cracking along and rocking on with my Poetry World, but lol did I really slow down much? Read on and you lovely folks can be the judges of that.


After my last Blog and by the end of May I had performed a very successful gig out at Denton, Finished and had an article for Eastbourne Herald accepted by them that awaits publication soon, plus a recording an interview with me and poems read out for promoting soon. Phew poem time.


Forward Gear


The years on you keep rolling by

Whatever your health, or state of mind,

And there is nothing you can change

So best leave time past behind.


Though some lessons can be learned

From previous mistakes made,

For however much they affect you

At your own feet they were laid.


So move forward with new joy

And all sad regrets you must ban,

Whilst not rueing what you can’t do

Just give thanks for what you can!


A profound little message there then from the lead poem of my 3rd book (2015), about counting blessings and getting on with things, or dare I say, Rocking On?

Only You


Most of the successful people you meet

Won’t have let grass grow beneath their feet.

But it’s not all about making money,

More of creating your world that’s sunny

And makes you smile across your ways,

And grin back at whatever days

Don’t sit well or rest with others,

For the fact is we’re not all brothers.


So get up and get your ideas on

For tomorrow they could all be gone,

And disappeared down the slippery slope

Leaving you frustrated without hope

That you can ever move yourself,

To gain prosperity and wealth.

But do not worry too much on this

For money is not the only bliss.


Now cast around this world of ours

Where a negative thought always devours,

But if you have your health and brain

There is little that can restrain

You from doing what you will,

Ensuring happiness soon must fulfil

Your heart and all you do,

For there’s no point in being blue.,


So to just finish and be very exact

It all comes down to a simple fact.

And in this there’s no need for debate

That you can a success create.


Another of my favourite poems there, and again an earlier one from 2016, but the moral still holds up well I think?

My Rocking On then, and I’ve been as involved and scrupulous as women choosing their dress for a wedding, only of course I don’t wear dresses, but lol like to think that I dress well?

Early June has seen me producing two commissioned wedding poems for couples using the excellent Andy Kerr as their wedding photographer, so I cannot resist saying that they have the best of both worlds there. Thanks, Andy.

The 3rd of June saw me have a stall at a “plant, books and cake” Fete, and catch up will Bill and  Ben, OH, sorry, Liz and Ben P I meant. I sold quite a few books, collected a tidy sum for Help for Heroes, spread that fine charity’s word and also got some great follow ups and more stall event offers. Yeah Rocking On!


*A nurse bought a red pen so that she could always draw blood.

*A fake noodle is an Impasta*

*The pig with laryngitis was disgruntled

*And just so everyone is clear I have put my glasses on!

Moving swiftly on, for the 12th of June saw me attend Seahaven Radio in Seaford for an hour chat, poem read and much banter with presenter Len Fisher. To say it was a great success would be an understatement as it was apparently “brilliant” and I a “fantastic Guest” Of course Help for Heroes was mentioned and my fundraising too. I was again told, this time by Len, that I’m apparently a great actor as well as apparently I “change dramatically when I read out my poems”. Yes well I care deeply about them. Clearly I have sharp eyes and ears and Len had his open too.  Nice One.

Another poem now and this one from my 5th book in 2017 perhaps concentrating again on how we feel and deal with life.

An Inside Job


On a night of non stirring air

With anonymous perfection,

That’s the time to sit and deal

With deeds that need correction.


For any self doubt or sorrow

And a pain that never goes,

Has to be sorted, or put right,

Or it like a cancer grows.


But running away or hiding

Was not the way to solve,

Problems hid, or still denied

Should that be your resolve.


How could you ever run away

Or leave others all deceived?

When you know for certain sure

You will never be believed.


So best for heartfelt honesty

On that night of non stirring air,

With its anonymous perfection

You must be forced to dare,

To tear off all that armour

Which protects the unseen you,

And come to terms with feelings

That on your inside grew!


Well that is the most of my Rocking On, but is to be completed by me again being on BBC Radio Sussex & Surrey with Sylvie Blackmore this coming Sunday 18th June at 14.40, so make sure you tune in.

Nearly at the end now, so the last poem which is as usual is from my romance section, so please enjoy like a favourite photo, for this poem goes back to book 5 as well.

Hypnotic Dance


Everyone has a love song

Or poem deep in their heart,

Maybe you can never sing it

But knowing it is a start,

To begin to seek your dream

Of a love you never found.

So you slowly start to move

Towards that luring sound.


Hypnotic rhythms stealing thoughts

When drawn forward in a trance,

To the person of your desires

Who is wanting you to dance,

And cuddling up so tight

Before kissing that loving face

You now know waits for you,

At that magic, sensual place.


So with bated breathe and hope

That was never there before,

You prepare to meet your muse

Of which you’re really sure.

Because this love song tells you

Something great is coming,

And while you wait and tremble

Loves music is now strumming.


Therefore you sway and wallow

In loves mood that’s oh so deep,

Without the slightest movement

To awake you from your sleep!


It just remains for me to close now, and yes I know that Ted & Beth have not had much of a mention, but I promise they will next time. Thanks as ever for being there, supporting and encouraging me, (I really have had some amazing compliments these last few weeks), especially after my Seahaven Radio interview, and lol no it is not just The Twister Sisters D & S B’s, for I’ve had great comments everywhere, AND yes even been recognised a bit too.


With many thanks again The Journey Continues with me continuing ROCKING ON….

Love and Light,

Laurie xx































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