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Wed 10/02/2021 15:14
I actually think this Blog is more consolidating than regrouping perhaps in this strangest of times, and maybe a little bit like the American “Prohibition” of 1920’s and early 1930’s, but with enforced hibernation and solitude for many people. Anyway whatever it is I will continue to try and be positive, so get comfortable and let us get together on this🙂
You will probably have guessed my “mooring” in the title is because we are “tied up” (lol or tide ? 😉) to this Curse Covid and its current (another little tidal pun there) restrictions on our lives, but of course we can remain upbeat and look back on better times, and even those that will hopefully follow this incarceration and socially deprived period of time?
I can only follow that with my first poem of this Blog, one I have put on before, but is so very apt, written early last year and in my 8th and latest book, “Poetic Seeds to Fruition”, published last June…


Most human beings are very sociable

And need contact response from others,

Whilst we make our way in life

Alongside family, friends and lovers.

For if people are separated or lonely

They will often not function too well,

And perhaps behave in unusual ways

With some reactions that clearly tell,

That they are not at a hearts ease

Due to lack of that positive stroke,

As social contact is a basic need

To ensure our health won’t choke.

So when a deadly, contagious virus

Threatens every person world wide,

All places of social gatherings closed

With orders to stay home and inside.

For all collective groups or crowds

Which as social beings give us cheer,

Can no longer be allowed at present

While a silent killer spreads mass fear.

Therefore I got a surreal experience

Quite emotional, like a form of grief.

As one evening on my allowed walk

The deafening silence beggared belief,

Of events in such a very short time

Having everyone in a panicking quake,

Which brought about the eerie quiet

A world destroying bomb would make.

There was no noise of children playing,

Music was not heard, or any traffic hum,

Revealing petrified people are staying in

So to a creeping virus won’t succumb.

For life routine changed dramatically

Like a cruel twist in some sick game,

As we fight to survive unnatural events

In a world unlikely to be the same.


No doubt that reaches parts other poems may not reach, but moving on now.

I earlier mentioned looking back, and “Good Old Facebook” threw me up a gem of a memory from 2016 when I was a guest, quite regularly, on Eastbourne Radio DGH, this time with an excellent lady on The Tracey Alexander show. The Interview was over about an hour, but this Link is cut down and quite hilarious at times with me also reading out 4 poems Hopefully this Link should still get you there? “IF” not you can find it easily on my Facebook page LAURIE WILKINSON…..


While I am “on about” such things, after a “tip off”, I Googled myself, (lol I was TOLD to😘) and there is “masses” about me on there, which goes to show Big Brother is alive and well. and WHO KNOWS where it can lead to? I just Googled my name and/or Laurie Wilkinson Poet…. Yup Regrouping, consolidating and still moving on!


After that it just HAS to be this title from my very first book published in April 2014….


Past Echoes


There is a teardrop on the table

From the whispers of the past,

For all the dreams and plans

That somehow did not last.


Despite all, you’ve emerged now

Out from those mists of time,

Saw the rivers that contained you

And the hills you could not climb.


So you made your way regardless

Of the pitfalls and the traps,

And settled in your castle

With scarce a dip or lapse.


Maybe your destiny is different

From what you’d hoped it would be,

But looking back from now

At that time you could not see

Without the gift of foresight

Just how everything would end.

So thoughts of could’ve, should have

Are now just scars to mend.


Of course it could be different

From how it’s all turned out,

Knowing then just what would happen

We would succeed without a doubt.

But life never is that simple

When the answers can be seen,

So we would make new errors

After the old ones we redeem.



Good “past” title a? LOL I’m getting better at this, BUT speaking of such, here is a brief list of all achievements in my short, 7 years nearly, journey that most of YOU wonderful guys have helped, encouraged, supported etc with, THANK YOU !!!! :- 


Eight published books in just over 6 years, poems printed in Daily Mail, two poems and articles in Daily Mirror (June & July 2020) Five of my poems read out with multi mentions on National Radio that broadcasts internationally, regular interviews and reading of my poems on BBC Radio Sussex & Surrey, with many other local radio interviews and guest slots, plus further publications and various prizes from competitions.

I have written a monthly article with poems in them on the article theme, for The Sussex Newspaper online (thesussesnewspaperonline) for nearly six years.


Ok and again very aptly after that Its JOKE TIME, Yeeeeeeeeeeahh 😂😂😂


1) People laughed at Security Guard with Greyhound saying he not scare robbers, but I said “NO but he’ll CATCH them!”!!!


2) I think all that dancing and running about on tip toe is Ballet dangerous…..


3) I’m reading a terrific book on gravity, and just cannot put it down 🤡


I think after that, lol when you’ve all stopped laughing ???? lol another poem…..


From my second book published way back in late 2014 (just where has the time gone?), but HEY look what we’ve all done…..


All or Something


Life is a feast or famine

And never seems to even out,

Either all the land is flooding

Or we’re suffering a drought.


If you want to catch a bus

You are standing like a dunce,

Past your final waiting time

Then four will come at once.


Luck seems to be the same

You will get every call right,

Then quickly as it changes

You lose everything in sight.


Getting your finances done

Bills paid with money left,

When a run of expenses come

And all at once you are bereft.


Fishermen cast their bait

And the nets are filled tight,

But then there is a long time

With not one single bite.


Life is feast or famine

And never seems to even out,

Either all the world is flooding

Or we’re suffering a drought.


Is it a game that’s played?

By angels and mascots creed

That allows a win sometimes

Before stopping all our greed.


Perhaps it’s our perception

Of what we want to obtain.

But whatever does befall us

We must get back up again!




A quite meaningful message there from that early poem, and as a very brief mention and thought for all people struggling with serious or terminal illnesses at this awful time that must make their situation worse. We are all thinking of every one of you!

One lovely lady only recently known to me is seriously ill and a friend read her some of my poems, and she (and myself) was reduced to tears, but happiness and laughter tears…. My goodness how stunningly humbled and grateful I am that my poems could give such comfort at such a dreadful time. All power and love to you Lady S❤️


Moving on a bit misty eyed, but maybe another clue to people who kindly ask me how can I write so expansively, but it is all in the world around us. Our “bad time” might be a party for others?


Nearly there, but a quick mention and thanks for P R of a new site I have been introduced to for my poems and Help for Heroes support. More next time🙏


I include the following as frequently asked…..


All eight of my books :–

Poetic Views of Life

More Poetic Views of Life

Reviews of Life in Verse

Life Scene in Verse

Life Presented In Verse,

Poet Reveals All (in your world).

Poet Reflects Your World

Poetic Seeds to Fruition


These all ensure my donation to the excellent charity I support, promote and donate to, that being Help for Heroes.

My first 3 books are only priced £4.99 each, with my 4th and 5th bigger books at £6.99. My new 8th and sixth & 7th books, all bigger are still £9.99. and all are for sale on Amazon, book stores or preferably from me ………….. lw1800@hotmail.co.uk Or 07967 355236


I can now also write a “Personal Poem” for you, your family, any event or your business too…….


I also have a Facebook page “The Psychy Poet Laurie Wilkinson”, and a website:- www.psychypoet.com please sign/join up absolutely free.


Ok, Ted n Beth are shouting at me to finish, alright Henry The First? So last poem and as usual a romance one so get ya hearts, hankies, hopes or other commodities out….


From my 7th book and again quite appropriate for the weather outside:-




Anything frozen can be chilled or cold

Into a state of freshness preserved,

So in a manner of speaking then

Just like something you’ve reserved,

To come back to when appropriate

And usually this will be your food.

But in other types of occasions

Maybe an event to be pursued.


Now that can be very convenient

As life does not always suit,

The situation or circumstance

On your current travel route,

Which could not work out exactly

As you would much prefer it to.

So leaving it for sometime later

Is more appealing to you.


So I guess that is my situation

As I now return your way,

For I had frozen my feelings

Seeming like forever and a day.


But now all the boxes are ticked

And the timing feels just right,

For me to come and sweep you

Off your feet and out of sight.

As my frozen state was melting

I did not feel I could hold on,

Too much longer to find you

And my moment might be gone.


But I can see now by your face

You still have me in your heart,

As I swoop to lovingly take you

Where will never be apart.




Virtually the end so I will let you get the relevance of photos as I say a BIG thanks to all of you for being here and giving great support as The Journey Continues ONWARD..


Cheers, love, peace and thanks from myself and Ted n Beth,


Laurie xx














































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