Yes, just like that great Four Tops song, “Reach out I’ll be there”, we have to reach out in these crazy times and still try to (even virtually) embrace and engage with each other and also this strange new world…..
But we, and certainly “I”, are still largely, (lol sorry some may literally be larger), the same? And as I oft times say “I am often imitated, but NEVER duplicated” so hold on gang. 
So hold on because I have suddenly had a totally new idea that a dear friend unwittingly prompted last night (lol thanks dipstick ??)for Book NINE, but relax as it’s not aimed until October 2021, so I’m now ON to that!

Meantime some great messages of encouragement and compliments have kept me going during the frustration of cancelation of nearly all my fundraising gigs, promotions and events etc. The poems WILL keep flowing, so thanks among many to Jane B, Kelly, Deb, Sandra (Pink Spaghetti), Sharon’s, Elaine, Chris A, Suanne P, ( are you still hiding?❤️), Mick S, Geoff H, Carol A, Lynn Parsons of Magic FM, Sylvie B of BBC Sussex, etc, and ALL of you kindly supporting me on here.

Meanwhile it never fails to amaze me how my “Poetry World” and poems reach out to so many, in loads of different ways, with questions, appreciation, contacts, fed back “comfort and appreciation” so I am chuffed and ecstatic to “Reach Out” (good a? lol)  to so many and get so much reward. Thank you and like some of my poems allude to, you just never know where life and people will take you. Enjoy….

From my latest and eighth book comes very aptly “Reach Out and Words Will be There”…

Reach Out, and Words Will Be There

In many times of upset or distress

People will seek comfort from words,

That can bring them solace and release

From pain or a conscience unheard.

So funerals, wakes and some memorials

Will feature words of farewell and peace,

That can celebrate and remember lives

Of those we have seen decease.

For the pain on so many occasions

Coming from losing someone close,

May take people into a depression

And a countenance quite morose.

So thoughts and endearing memories

Can be put into words that cheer,

Your inner soul and lift the mood

When recalling someone once dear.

Now people can’t always manage

To get these crucial words just right,

In an attempt to capture exactly

That loved person now out of sight.

But any nicely written remembrance

Will uplift your mental health,

So maybe get someone to write them

Like I do for people myself.

Thus you’ll have your comfort words

And perhaps put them into a frame,

So that whenever you feel you want to

Can read those special words again.

Which is a very nice way to remember

Someone who was a special treasure.

But don’t forget your own needs too,

So retain any thoughts you treasure.


National Poetry Day was on 4th October this year and I sent the wonderful Lynn Parsons of Magic FM another of my poems called “Eye Line Smile”, that had got to National Finals and was also published in Forward Poetry’s book of finalists. Lynn kindly said some wonderful things about my poetry and read out the last 8 lines as it was a bit long for her programme.

Eye Line Smile

It doesn’t take much to lift a heart

Or cause our head to swoon.

Just loving words or chaste kiss,

Can lift us round the moon.

Whether eyes are dark or light

They can twinkle and bewitch,

Causing a thrill right through you

As if someone clicked a switch.

Seeing can makes hearts flutter

With pulses racing with a touch.

There is no magic spell for this,

Just that we love so much.

Contented sighs descend on us

Like some heaven sent cascade.

And nothing will keep us apart,

Even rivers, hill or barricade.

Any plain face can cause sunrise

When it breaks into a smile,

And when that beam is loving

Joy will fast flow like the Nile.

Whether eyes are dark or light

They can twinkle and bewitch,

And if they sparkle just for you

Your whole life will enrich.

For in a world that’s tough at times

Where you strive hard for reward,

Being drawn to loving eyes

May bring ecstatic life accord.


My September article for The Sussex Newspaper Online (thesussexnewspaperonline) was all on Help for (our) Heroes after the loss of a third of their raised funds due to this Covid Curse. Please check it out….

JOKE TIME :- Oh yes it IS..

1) Tragically the news has filtered through that Uncle Ben has died……. SO no more Mister rice guy….

2) During Covid I have been sipping brake fluid, but I can stop at any time!!!

3) My dog started to be aggressive, so I played him classical music. Now his Bach is better than his bite…..

Quick Laurie another poem. Headlight is from my very first book and was written in late 1990’s


I have observed you much of late

You may have felt my looking stare,

Perhaps you knew the reason why

Or merely how you seemed to care.

Whilst others queued to build my load

You saw I walked a lonely road,

Rejection can taste an acid pill

That even survivors blood will spill.

So when light invades consuming dark

Flames can rise from a smallest spark!


Nearly at the end then of another hopefully amusing and interesting Blog. My concentration this time is actually that we must both look, and reach out for each other in these strange and restrictive times, for as my last poem here suggests who knows what may happen when we “reach out”?

Coincidental Chance

You spoke to me out of the blue

And I didn’t know who you were,

But like Pitney’s “24 hours from Tulsa”

Such happenings can occur.

For I had felt an instant shudder

That I couldn’t quite control,

Also a strange realisation

You had touched my very soul.

We did the awkward introductions

That two strangers muddle through,

After your identity mistake

That I was someone else you knew.

So I tried to cover your blushes

And embarrassment so clear,

Though again I felt compelled

By the need to hold you near.

Thus we both stood quite flustered

By clearly felt sensations,

Running through the two of us

Defying all explanations,

As to what had just happened

In an amazing heartbeat,

When people blend together

And their very souls now meet.

Now you look at me and say my name

And I go shaky at the knees,

But when I felt your touch

I thought my blood would freeze.

So now we need to decipher

Just what we can understand

About this, and further actions,

As we walk off, hand in hand.


The photos:- Left to right, are Lead photo, hands reaching, The Four Tops who sang “Reach Out”, me with bears in studio broadcasting out, Eastbourne seafront looking out, The Bears Friends Gang reaching out for bear hugs. My good self, singing out for charity last year, Magic FM that from Lynn kindly & regularly mentions and reads my poems out, & lastly again me, but out in Australia in 2009. 

There we are then, done, BUT as always a massive thanks for you being there, supporting and encouraging as ever. THANKS AGAIN…

A quick mention that for any of my 8 books, only from £5 up to larger later books at £9.99, please contact me on here, Facebook or email = remembering that EVERY sale donates to the excellent Help for Heroes, so please remember THEM who remembered US….

With much love, light and peace from myself, Ted n Beth & Bears,

 The Journey Continues REACHING OUT

Laurie xx

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