Everything comes to those who waits the saying goes! I’m not SO sure about that as largely believe (and tend to),go out and get it…. HOWEVER “it” or my new and latest book HAS arrived from Amazon, SO I am up and running again. Well eight times now anyway?
I have previously introduced this “Bumper and Milestone” book and I won’t repeat, but merely will say it has exceeded all expectations with a brilliant cover and graphics from Studio Seager and publication overseeing by the wonderful James Harvey of Bad Goose Publishing.?
 Of course (thanks Jane B?) AND many other “Laurie Prodders” the poems in the book are Bloooooooooooooming good too!!! (WHO said excellent?❤️).
I do sneak that above in with tongue in cheek, but thanks to many lovely (AND intelligent) people for compliments, kind words and mentions in various “despatches” Bless ya all….
MAIN attraction of this Blog is an excellent little write up on me and my poem on Ted n Beth in The Daily MIRROR Saturday 13th June. (photo attached). YAY,  and maybe not everyone’s favourite paper but has a massive circulation…
The (full) poem follows then as I had to shorten it a bit for the Mirror article… lol they just HAD to squeeze my age in (which has really blown my cover as many thought I was a lot younger?), but again that’s totally understandable, Err Ennettt


Barely Heard

Ted and Beth are very happy

Content bears and not bores,

Only now there is a little problem

Beth has told me that Ted snores!

Ted of course he denies this

And says it’s just not true.

Though actually I heard him,

Only that’s between me and you.

Beth says she is quite desperate

To have a peaceful night.

For every time she drops off,

Ted’s snort gives her a fright.

He says it’s all an exaggeration

That many male bear’s growl,

But Beth is getting very angry,

And may smother him with a towel.

Now there has to be a solution to,

This noise that comes from Ted.

For Beth states if it continues

He must sleep in the spare bed!

So that’s the way they managed

With no arguments, no pain.

Until both of them got lonely,

And had to sleep together again.

Once more they are contented

Though Ted still makes a noise,

So Beth wears some ear plugs

Because he’s best of Teddy boys!



 You can see the shorter version in photo attached AND on my new fantastically updated website, but more on that in a bit….

SO (again) the new book lead in poem follows now. Good here (and yet again), Ennneeeetttt)


Poetic Seeds to Fruition

Some poetic thoughts I had

Became seeds I then planted,

And began to grow strongly

But I didn’t take it for granted.

Though words and poems flowed

In almost endless, florid streams.

And formed various topic notions

Far beyond my wildest dreams.

As a down to earth and everyday

Style of poetic life expressions,

Burst into fruition and fulfilment

Tabling the world’s confessions.



We need a break, SO lol JOKE TIME:-

1) I’m learning the Hokey Cokey, but so far have only grasped the in’s and outs….
2) Cadbury is bringing out a new oriental chocolate bar, but it is top secret. A sort of Chinese whisper.
3) I used to be really addicted to swimming, but I’m proud to say I’ve been dry for nearly six years now!
Moving swiftly on. 
After my previously reported participation in Hailsham Live 75th V E Day celebration that had to be done in recordings, I got a very nice Thank You letter from The Lord Lieutenant of Sussex! (lol look it up)?.
Yesterday (Sunday June 21st), I had a bit of “Break Out” with others and a stall at Pevensey Open Market that was quite busy and good to see people “aaaart n abaaaaaaart” again, Those Bears came with me and we sold some books AND a few of my latest book. Henry The First with mum Kelly came and met the bears, and had their photo taken together. also collected a reasonable amount for Help for Heroes, given many people’s financial situations at present. Again I also made some more useful contacts….
WEBSITE and an additional address. 
The aforementioned and wonderful James Harvey who published my latest book has previously been my “Website Guru” for some time, BUT he has excelled with my website update etc with new book and video added… THANKS and Nice One James……. additional address = www.lauriewilkinson.com
Last news item in busy Blog on an also busy (and successful) period for me is my latest article for thesussexnewspaperonline entitled “Bitter Bystanders”
I really DO think it is worth a read, and as usual with poems, BUT not for the faint hearted, and certainly NOT about you……… WELL have a peep. lol NO prisoners!!!!
Another poem before close, PHEW yeah, busy, busy, busy, BUT thanks for all your support, encouragement and amazing compliments toooooooooo OOOOhh makes me blush! Well if I DID❤️


Sleepwalking is both a combination

Of deep sleep and being awake,

When unknown and without intent

You can make your big mistake.

For this can occur during sleep

Repeating things done when alert,

Possibly sitting up or talking aloud

And actions likely to hurt.

But far more serious than this

Is if engaged in complex tasks.

Such as cooking or even driving

You start before anyone asks,

If you are feeling alright and sure

That you are able to safely do,

Such things when looking drowsy

Causing harm to others or you.

Though of course you may not recall

Such experiences of potential harm.

Whilst sleepwalking oblivious,

If causing people alarm.

But possibly another explanation

Perhaps more personal to me,

As I ghost about and all around

Trying so desperately to see,

My spiritual long lost muse

Who had sent me all her love,

Before sadly being taken away

And maybe sent to live above.



A bit of an abstract, twisty romance poem to end with then,

 and meanwhile The Journey Continues in wonderful BLOOMING FRUITION
Cheers, Love and Peace from Ted n Beth
and ME xx












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