Although the nights are drawing in and mornings remaining dark longer, my “Poetry World” that supports the charity Help for Heroes, continues to shine brightly with more publicity and success.

On 4th October I had another terrific interview on Seahaven Radio with the wonderful Len Fisher, where we again covered many subjects, laughed and had a varied selection of my poems too. The chat rolled out really well in almost the old joke style of “I say, I say, I say”. I’m very pleased to already be invited back again in the future as well..

Following the radio theme, this coming Saturday 14th October I’m back on Hailsham FM with the superb Simon Herbert, and I think this will be about my nine or tenth time, so the chat, music and poems will flow nicely.

First poem then, and from Blog title of darkness to shining, come my poem “Darkness”


Some people don’t like the dark

Others it just makes scared,

But there can be a comfort too

If all your soul you’ve bared.

Turning out the night time bulb

As if the power has all blown,

Can put you in a covering veil

Like in some protected zone.

Tired eyes will have their rest

And an aching body its ease,

So you can be lost in yourself

Where no one has the keys.

Many people cannot cope with this

It releases all their fears,

Some with recent broken hearts

Will collapse in flooding tears.

For any aching of the soul

Will damage the weak and brittle,

Leaving them all knocked about

Just as if they were a skittle.

But I can be at one with dark

So long as I have a beam,

To turn on if I feel the need

For I like my dark fed dream.

This takes away the daytime trials

Which can leave us all aggrieved,

Thus slipping into my warm dark

My soul will feel relieved.


That poem is from way back in my 2nd book, “More Poetic Views of Life”, and very apt for this Blog title. Another poem from further back is the next one , which is on the back of my 3rd book,

Forward Gear

The years on you keep rolling by

Whatever your health, or state of mind,

And there is nothing you can change

So best leave time past behind.

Though some lessons can be learned

From previous mistakes made,

For however much they affect you

At your own feet they were laid.

So move forward with new joy

And all the regrets you must ban,

Whilst not sad for what you can’t do

Just give thanks for what you can!


Another message there in short sharp manner, so maybe best to take onboard if you can’t see the signs, but it is now ….


  • I only worked in a pizza shop as I kneaded the dough.

  • Dad, are we pyromaniacs? Yes we arson!

  • Dark is spelt with a “K” and not “C” as can see in the dark.

  • Prison is just one word for some, but a whole sentence for others.

On another shining note my four recorded Podcast on themes Romance, Humour, Reflection and Tragedy are doing really well and being downloaded, but more next Blog. They can be seen on link =

Yes you can get to hear those podcasts on that link easily and with no fear of being seen as a mega fan or stalker.

By way of a contradiction my next poem is the lead one called “Reflections” on my very latest and 13th book, also called Reflections, that is all about looking back over time. Simple a? Please enjoy…


You may not get true reflections

Unless they are sent back to you,

By astute and impartial eyes

That watch the things you do.

Or maybe it’s about your reactions

To experiences of the world you had,

Which always provoke responses

Should they be good or bad.

So indulge comments from neutrals

On your behaviours in the world,

Because you will get genuine views

When their reflections are unfurled.


That latest book, only published quite recently, is doing very well and gives you great clues from me for the gift of hindsight, so well worth a purchase and also allows me to donate to Help for Heroes,

Last, but by no means least news item, is about a poem I have written for “Eastbourne Food Partnership” which is overseen by “Fenella” who I met at a stalls event (where she kindly sheltered me from the rain for a while) and the end result from our conversation is my poem below featuring in their next magazine issue,

Fine Food?

When its the season to get the harvest in

You must collect all the crops and thyme,

So I thought I would celebrate this now

By writing about food in a rhyme.

For diet means different things to folks

And that fact you can quite often tell,

Because mostly it is apparent to see

Who eats badly, or picks food well.

So best to avail ourselves of advice

Freely given on what we should eat,

As it can really have affects on health

If choosing between stodge and treat.


Whilst mentioning magazines and newspapers I should mention my regular poem column is still going well after two years now in the excellent free newspaper “Hailsham News” which publishes monthly. I even actually get recognised from it too, which is even better as further promotes Help for Heroes I donate to as I seek to promote others and not just my personal gain or fame.

Meanwhile I am nearly at the end and don’t want anyone sitting in their car for too long, although that is probably safer than actually driving, but fear not for my regular romance theme poem is coming to close, but NOT before I thank everyone for your great support and compliments, welcome Kieron and Mia onboard, and in fact any new readers.


Snuggling under a duvet is a life joy

Or it can actually be bed covers too,

But however you want to use your bed

The feeling is wonderful for me and you,

Because some see it as just relaxing

Others it’s purely for a good night sleep,

Though for some its a mixture of both

If they conjure up pleasures deep.

For like so many things in our lives

They’re often improved or made better,

By sharing them with another person

Who may comfort or loosen the fetter,

That possible restricts or contains you

From those feelings in life you desire.

So may be achieved under the duvet,

When many nice ideas might aspire,

Thus our duvet or bedclothes covering

Can protect us from a deepest dread,

That from our childhood we have learnt

We can do by just covering our head,

And pretending we’re in a defensive shell

That nothing can breach or penetrate,

As we cower safely in our sanctuary

Giving succour whatever our state.

But of course the main attraction for many

Is to share this intimate nest with another,

And without doubt the real joy of sharing

Comes to fruition with a special lover,

Who arouses and caresses your passions

That come with body to body connection,

Which has delighted both men and women,

From back in history with no correction.

Thus enjoy the duvet refuge how you will

And indulge whatever reactions it breeds,

For we are all so very different at times

So enjoy and satisfy personal needs.


That is all then folks, so thanks again as The Journey Continues SHININGLY

Love, light and love,

Laurie xx

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