Now I am not saying that I’m totally like the imperious and famously acclaimed Rolls Royce cars and engines, but I am certainly “rolling on” well in my apparently “relentless and creative powerhouse manner”, (kind recent quotes}in my once again amazingly described “enigmatic self”. Wonderful, and I will willingly take those awesome descriptions as it suggests I am succeeding with the advertising and promotion of both my self and chosen charity Help for Heroes I support and donate to, so yeah roll on happily Laurie Boy!


What have I been rolling on with then? Lots as it happens, so connect your ears and I will say, and as title of Blog suggests all very successful.

I will start then with my “Laurie and Friends” fundraise event at The Bibendum pub on 29th August, where I read poems, Dave played his Ukulele, later joined by Roy on Banjo, Another Dave sang, we had a great Meal Deal from Drew as Host, a terrific raffle organised by the energetic Nicola and friends, (BIG thanks), I sold some books and despite cough I even managed to sing “Spanish Bride” from Napoleonic era.! Great event and fun and we raised £100 for Help for Heroes too..


My monthly column in the excellent free newspaper Hailsham News, where I have now contributed to it in all its 2 year life, is increasingly popular and I’m getting more wonderful compliments, and lol at times, recognition too. Nice..


First of two “back of my books” short poems, and the first from my 12 th book,


A Rouse of Verse


Words and verse can stir emotions

And arouse in many ways,

To makes us more aware of life

And illuminates our days.


For feeling really alive in mind

May give great appreciation,

Of vibes and all the sights we see

Rather than just a bland fixation.


So enjoy what those emotions bring

To make us love and thrive,

Because if you’re unaware of this

You cannot be truly alive.



Yes, that was on back of “Illuminating Verse, Rousing Poetry” and my 12th book is doing very well, and this second short poem has remained ever well liked from way back on my second nook “More Poetic Views of Life” in October 2014, with poem “A Life or Early Death”, on which I must add a lady has just informed me she has included it in her already organised funeral reception!


A Life or Early Death


Death’s spectre is above us

Yes, we are all marked to die.

Only the manner of our living

Will separate how we try.


Spending all our time in fear

A constriction with no fun.

Cowering in the shadows

Or from the end try to run!


But oh so very much better,

To celebrate the life we lead.

Enjoying our precious moments,

Before death’s angel does the deed!




Quite heavy for some, but true words there, and my constant message over my life and certainly my poems of counting your blessings and enjoying the time we have, even if some time it is through gritted teeth. An added little message there then for people who spend a lot of hours sitting in their cars!


As part of my Rolling On I should mention that I’m back on Seahaven Radio on 4th October, and Hailsham F M when the local festival finishes soon, YUP get the message out there, and speaking of, which I have put a couple of adverts out, so more on that soon.

As I am saying about new ventures, here is an older poem definitely on me and my views of some “Poetic Stuffheads” who attempted to divert and boss me. Sorry, but I’m ho ho Often Imitated but Never Duplicated” but yes, the poem..


I Don’t Belong Here


I just don’t belong here now

For it really isn’t me,

Amongst set forms and rules

With prudish hypocrisy.


Yes I hear you were mentioned

In that extreme high brow rag,

But I know you are phased by

My blatant flying of the flag,

With such widespread recognition

Of the common message I convey,

Made even worse when I rhyme

To totally conflict your way.


So best remain safe and secure

In your dusty, dreary case,

That is growing old and weary

Like dilemmas you now face,

Whilst trying to reach the baton

No longer being passed down.

That possibly may explain why

Your facade has a frown.


No I do not want to be here

In your outdated, crusty world,

Clinging to pompous regulations

Denying new ideas are unfurled,

Whilst demanding pieces of verse

Must adhere to a decreed way.

Thus I won’t tarry or remain now

For your time has had its day!




QUICK, I think it is JOKE TIME..


  • Very average things are made in a satisfactory
  • I saw 2 big black birds stuck together, but then realised they were Velcrows
  • My pet mouse Elvis died after getting caught in a trap
  • The old lady’s stairlift began to drive her up the wall


Well after those jokes back to the serious side and another success, as hosted by Mike Page of www.megatrendmedia my four recorded podcasts are now all out, and apparently doing very well with one already having over “50 hits and downloads” lol Mike advises me. The series of four are entitled “Laurie Wilkinson aka The Psychy Poet” and on link = Please enjoy.


The next poem will soon feature in, (see exclusives on here) The Hailsham News I mentioned earlier, and may take a few of you back in time, JUST LIKE my 13th and latest book “Reflections” that will perhaps give you answers from the past and maybe clues for the future, not bad a? Anyway the poem with title saying all?


Old Remedies


I was brought up on old remedies

With TCP and that Germolene,

Curing and helping those problems

Aches, bites and keeping cuts clean.

Now I’m not actually too sure

That they really saved many lives.

But one thing I’m certain of now,

Is that my health still thrives.


For with these two main treatments

You could gargle, wince or recover,

From lots of wounds and ailments

These great old remedies still cover.

Soothing, healing and calming down

Any nasty rash or spots attack,

To make you feel more comfortable

From head, toes and to the back.


But there were other remedies

That we were told would aid,

Any annoying minor little pains

Or silly accident wounds we made,

When careless or not watching

Just exactly what we were doing.

So when reaching for our saviours

Daft actions we were ruing.


Though of course those remedies

Couldn’t cure all of our ills,

And sometimes we’d have to visit

The doctor for some pills.

Although Calamine did stop itches

With some butter easing burns,

So when all is said and done

Old remedies ease our concerns.



Last, but not least of main news was a very happy and good day at Tesco Langney last Friday where with assistance from Val, Graham and Betty I collected £100 for Help for Heroes and again sold books. Thanks to Betty for feeding me up and getting the teas in. Ted & Beth were very happy to get out again too.


Oh and I cannot forget James Harvey my Publisher and Website Guru on who has just spruced up and updated my website, please check it out. All details at the end, but basically


Last poem now and I know you read the signs now when I get to near the ens, so yes correct, a romance poem….


Love’s Recollections


There are many love songs played

And we hear them over and over again,

But although this can seem too much

We all still join in with the refrain.


For nearly everyone at some time

Will have an intensive love interest,

That whilst at times causes heartache

Most people still think it is the best,

Simple but so very special sensation

With someone you care deeply for.

And hearing that they love you too

Makes you need and crave for more.


But soon you may begin to understand

Why all the love songs mean so much,

For whether it causes pain or sweet joy

We cannot resist loves soft touch.


Thus indulge all those fluttering feelings

Coursing rapidly about body and heart,

As you will never forget this occasion

Even if you are trying for a new start.

Because there may often be an overlap

Of a past love’s memory calling you.

And while this is not always welcome

There is rarely much you can do.


So now possibly you may have learnt

About love and all that it has to give,

But perhaps like that old sixties song

Its best to love the one you are with.

For they will have great appreciation

On being shown how much you care.

So just try to ignore the recollections

And love this one who is now there.



That poem is in my book mentioned earlier, “Illuminating Verse”, so go grab it as like all of my books now, are selling pretty well, “especially” I have to say for them, Ted & Beth’s book “Tea for Two: Poetic Antics of Ted & Beth”


Well I think I have Rolled On enough, so as ever thanks to all you lovely lot for support, reviews and great feedback etc so thanks to Julian, Ashleigh, Sharon & Deb B’s, Mike Page, Nicola and must mention Pat C who donated to me lots of her beautiful greetings cards that have already gleaned £35 for H 4 Heroes too, with more to sell. YUP, thanks and bless you all.


Just needs me to say thanks again for now as The Journey Continues with me ROLLING ON wonderfully and successfully too…


Love, Light & Peace,


from me, Laurie & Ted n Beth xxx


All thirteen of my books :–

Poetic Views of Life

More Poetic Views of Life

Reviews of Life in Verse

Life Scene in Verse

Life Presented In Verse,

Poet Reveals All (in your world).

Poet Reflects Your World

Poetic Seeds to Fruition

Our World in Verse

Laurie’s Bundle of Poetic Humour

Tea for Two; Poetic Antics of Ted & Beth (£6.99)

Illuminating Verse: Rousing Poetry



These all ensure my donation to the excellent charity I support, promote and donate to, that being Help for Heroes.

My first 3 books are only priced £4.99 each, with my 4th and 5th bigger books at £6.99. My new 9th, 8th, 7th and sixth books, all bigger are still £9.99, while my “Best Of” 10th book is only £7.99, and are for sale on Amazon, book stores or preferably from me ………….. Or 07967 355236


I can now also write a “Personal Poem” for you, your family, any event or your business too…….


I also have a Facebook page “The Psychy Poet Laurie Wilkinson”, and a website:- = Please sign/join up absolutely free.













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