So yes, another book published by, and for, me at Bad Goose Publishing with James at with this 13th and latest book in just over nine years. Entitled “Reflections”It is a compilation of 78 reflection section poems over the past books and years featuring my most requested and popular offerings in this new bumper sized publication. Like all my previous books and various activities it will also donate to my chosen charity Help for Heroes, so please help me to support them.


For the initial poem I am going back to my very first book “Poetic Views of Life” that was intended to be not only my first, but last, well with a total of thirteen books now, that didn’t happen did it, but nicely so? Right, the lead poem from Book One “Aspects and Feelings” now follows.


Aspects and Feelings


Life’s wonder is all around us

However near or far we look,

So I’ve made poetic observations

And put them in a book.


Romance will touch and thrill us,

Tragedy can make us cry

While humour lifts our spirits,

Reflection questions why?


Everyone has needs and feelings

Should they run off and retire,

But knowing views of others

Just may switch on and inspire!



A quite simple but perhaps profound start then, so onto some news although I feel, but sure I don’t look like, a swan because whilst I’ve been serenely going along my proverbial feet and brain have been paddling away under my surface. How so? Well because on top of battling off a nasty cough and cold,, much of my work has probably been, well thus far, you WILL see it, perhaps unnoticed.

I should say here, “fear not” because I am NOT becoming quiet, so will explain.


As I put earlier my 13th book has just published and although I’ve done twelve books previously, it never fails to amaze me how much “added” work is required after the lol simple task of including 78 poems, so yes, proof reading, editing, writing new words for book cover, Amazon write Oooop etc. etc so that all takes time. Happily all done now but my Book 14 HAS been started, yes so my paddling legs working well.

I have also negotiated with Seahaven Radio and am invited back there next month, already be my third time recently. I have also written a “food theme” poem for two girls I met at a stall event and who do a quarterly magazine and asked me for an offering for that. As I’m a Gentleman, duly done lol paddle, paddle.


I have also chatted with new Langney Tesco manager(ess) and will have a stall there again, probably in September, collecting for Help for Heroes and selling my books too.


I am conscious we need another poem so this is again an older poem from one of my earlier books and is a peep behind my mask, lol do I REALLY wear one? I know of some people who could answer that…..

Deep Rooted


Sometime in life will come your test

It may come early, or near your end.

So even the lucky will have to pause,

While their shattered heart they mend.


But rest assured though a test is hard

It will instil in you a heart of oak,

And although you retain your charity

Your laws of life, will not revoke.

For you will have a sound, hard spirit

That you know now can’t be wrought,

Because you stood firm as others fell

Thus your inherent lesson was taught!


Sometime in life will come your test

It may come early, or near your end.

So even the lucky will have to pause,

While their shattered heart they mend.


I look back to regard my test in life

When my world crashed all around,

And for some time I floundered lost

Until my proud stoic root I found.

So whenever life became a trial

I knew that somehow I’d succeed,

To overcome hardship or pain,

As my deep rooted spirit will lead.




Quick Laurie, JOKE TIME =


*Bees stay in their hives in winter as its swarm.

*There is a local pop group called Duvet. They are cover band

*It is not wise to share secrets with a clock as time will tell.

  • *What do you call a hippies wife? MISSISSIPI


Okay, enough of that too, so back to my news, paddle, paddle, to certainly get you perhaps ogling and even zooming too, but listen, (or read), up. So apart from my latest book 13 being published I also have an event “Laurie and Friends” in aid of Help for Heroes next Tuesday 29th August at The Bibendum pub Eastbourne at noon.

I will be reading some poems and selling my books a bit reduced, possibly my new book will arrive in time as well, Dave is playing his ukulele, another D may sing and a guitarist is coming as well. The energetic Nicola has helped me organise aided by Val and Betty, while Drew the excellent manager is doing us a “meal deal” lunch, so should be very good.


Phew, another poem, again a bit about me?




I have my own personal ghost,

You can’t see him but he’s there.

When I’m alone I talk to him

And so my existence I will share.


We discuss things when life’s difficult

And I don’t know what to do.

I am not too sure if he does talk back

But It’s like another persons view,

On what to do, or what to say,

Maybe just how best to proceed.

So I get an inner confidence

And my echoes advice I heed.


This ghost of mine is real to me

And he even has a name,

But it’s probably no great surprise

That his and mine are the same,

For when talking I will use it

As I would address a human friend,

Knowing my ghost will be around

Until my days come to an end.


So I guess now that I am aware

That It’s my conscience not a ghost,

But to me it doesn’t matter

If having integrity I can boast!




This is buzzing along nicely but I could murder a beer, but must finish first, so keep control Laurie Boy lol Last main news is that with big thanks to Mike of megatrendmedia who has now finished 3 of my 4 Podcasts, and very good they are too. More news on them next blog.


I must quick mention Marni, Val, & Alex who recently joined up on here, Sharon & Deb B’s who quality assure me? Really lol, just like to bully me, but bless ya and thanks really. Charlie & Lottie not had a mention for a while or Kelly and Henry The First. Where have you gone?


Down to the last poem, and yes a usual romance one, which is very popular at my gigs although written about 2016, but we all need a……..




A quiet, simmering, burning fuse

Maybe oh so easy to miss,

As with a soft awakening

To someone you’d love to kiss.

So the signs of any recognition

Or consent given from your muse,

Are sought for their confirmation

You are the one they choose.


Thus with heartbeats all a flutter

You slowly pucker up to brush,

That alluring sirens ready mouth

As you prepare to make them blush,

With that soft sweet sensation

Now blowing bubbles on your lips.

So you lean closer in together

Lest this precious moment slips.


Eyes tight shut to keep out the world

From your very own embrace,

Your bodies pulse fast and close

So you are now lost in space.

With bright stars and planets forming

Brilliant lights across the sky,

And transform your understanding

That you’ve just learnt to fly.




Nearly done then, but as per a BIG thanks to you all for your interest and support as The Journey continues with ANOTHER.


Love, light, & peace,

Laurie xx


All twelve of my books :–

Poetic Views of Life

More Poetic Views of Life

Reviews of Life in Verse

Life Scene in Verse

Life Presented In Verse,

Poet Reveals All (in your world).

Poet Reflects Your World

Poetic Seeds to Fruition

Our World in Verse

Laurie’s Bundle of Poetic Humour

Tea for Two; Poetic Antics of Ted & Beth (£6.99)

Illuminating Verse: Rousing Poetry


These all ensure my donation to the excellent charity I support, promote and donate to, that being Help for Heroes.

My first 3 books are only priced £4.99 each, with my 4th and 5th bigger books at £6.99. My new 9th, 8th, 7th and sixth books, all bigger are still £9.99, while my “Best Of” 10th book is only £7.99, and are for sale on Amazon, book stores or preferably from me ………….. Or 07967 355236


I can now also write a “Personal Poem” for you, your family, any event or your business too…….


I also have a Facebook page “The Psychy Poet Laurie Wilkinson”, and a website:- = Please sign/join up absolutely free.























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