It maybe a bit of a presumptuous title but I am sure you’ll allow me this as I expand on recent publicity events? Terrific, as its been a very busy ans successful period for me, including a great article again in Eastbourne Herald last week, another guest slot on Seahaven Radio last Monday 24th July (and already invited back), the release of first of my four Podcasts on each of my themes, so “romance” theme is out, Humour is also recorded and out soon, so all in all, not a bad spell. I also squeezed in a stall and promotion as Shinewater Fun Day, with more book sales as well.

Talking of book sales, I have had an increase in that too, proving that “spreading the word and inspirational effort” does work.

Forward Gear


The years on you keep rolling by

Whatever your health, or state of mind,

And there is nothing you can change

So best leave time past behind.


Though some lessons can be learned

From previous mistakes made,

For however much they affect you

At your own feet they were laid.


So move forward with new joy

And all sad regrets you must ban,

Whilst not rueing what you can’t do

Just give thanks for what you can!


A short “lead” offering from my very first book in April 2014 starts us off, followed by another introduction poem from book 3, but again on a positive note that has been my backdrop and encouragement from my published beginning.


Aspects and Feelings


Life’s wonder is all around us

However near or far we look,

So I’ve made poetic observations

And put them in a book.


Romance will touch and thrill us,

Tragedy can make us cry

While humour lifts our spirits,

Reflection questions why?


Everyone has needs and feelings

Should they run off and retire,

But knowing views of others

Just may switch on and inspire!


Moving on then and having mentioned my podcasts, and as I said the first is on Amazon, Spotify, Buzzsprout etc, I should mention Mike Page of Megatrend Media,who has wonderfully recorded two now podcasts, and of course also shout out James Harvey my excellent publisher and Website Guru, and very allowing of my techno shortfalls,on


Gosh all these links and complicated addresses is all a bit like paddleboarding, or paddling more like, but pressing on, I hope Alex is getting all this along with Anne N & Julian of The Shop too, with thanks for support and kind comments.


Another poem time then, and also on the theme of counting our blessings and carrying on as I seem to be able to do, a bit like Lion King possibly, but lol any king title does me.




A positive mind yields a happy heart

For troubles come, and some go slow.

But if you are steadfast in your way,

You can help any heartaches go.


For all of us will have challenges,

And must do our very best to meet

With strongest resolve we can find,

Or get knocked right off our feet,

By seismic shocks that shake you

And possibly cause you many tears.

Though if you tackle these heroically

You may have better future years.


For a positive mind yields a happy heart

And helps make worries seem smaller,

Thus meet them in a courageous way

And you certainly will walk taller.


For I feel I’m living proof of this

Being a very optimistic man.

Though I have had many troubles too

But met them the best way I can,

For even if I lost sometimes

I always stood back up again,

Which certainly was best for me

Although of course I felt the pain.


So onwards in life and upwards

We must make our merry way,

Because even if sad times prevail

We can still fight another day.




*The invisible man and his invisible wife had 2 children, but neither were much to look at

*A really sad strawberry is called a Blueberry

*I watched two big black birds trying to separate from each other, but realised they were velcrows

*An unhappy stage designer had a row with the boss, but left without making a scene,


Two other bits of good promotion news include a Zoom meeting next Monday 31st July with Help for Heroes Book Club who’ve been reading ten of my books I donated to them, and will discuss them with me. I can’t wait. Also my Book Promotion, sale, raffle and entertaining session being put together with me by the “whirlwind but great organiser” Nicola at The Bibendum pub in Eastbourne, is NOW on 29th August (previously aimed at 15th} at 11.45.


My next poetic offering suggests an industrious balance, that I fortunately seem to have mastered, rather than obsessions that some have, maybe a bit like Les Miserable? So here is the warning to Listen To The Flowers=


Listen to the Flowers


There are so many people now

That won’t stop to hear the flowers,

As they always rush to meetings

Or stare at a screen for hours.

Hoping to get fantastic reviews

And many more than all the rest,

Equally seeking the top ratings

Whilst yearning to be the best.


For the flowers and natures beauty

Like the birds and spreading trees,

Are still wasted on these drones

That simple things don’t please.


As they look over their shoulders

Or battle hard to constantly reach

Peaks and heights others haven’t,

As the blossoming flowers teach

Simple lessons that will arrive,

The more pressures that you stack

Upon your blind indifference,

Before you have a heart attack.


Then you can just lay back in bed

Listening to the flower’s words,

To calm down and fully appreciate

All life’s beauty and the birds,

Who maybe now will visit you

At your bedside window view.

For you never saw them before

And now that fact you rue.


Thus sadly your new harsh lesson

From the wonders outside your gate,

Has come to visit your suffering

So lets hope it’s not too late.



I’m nearly done despite another perishing battle with my now annoying laptop, YES please sort it out with me please Mike, but I’ve kept my chin Ooooop through it all ennett?

The usual romance section poem to finish and this is from my 5th book “Life Presented in Verse” unbelievably published in 2017, BUT I have now twelve books published, AND my new Book 13 should be finished fairly soon too.

Oh right, the poem, Ok Twister Sisters, I knew, I know Deb & Sharon B’s, lol so here is Picture.




When I contemplate a painting

I always think of you,

Pretty as any art work

And so lovely with it too.

For no Mona Lisa picture

Or da Vinci at his best,

Could ever create attraction

That could ever pass your test.


For brush strokes can’t come alive

However clever is the touch,

And inner and outer beauty

Will always need so much

To capture all its presentation,

Only fully blossomed in the flesh

That no painting can fully copy

Or have a scent so fresh.


Thus a living breathing person

Is real beauty to behold,

So however warm a painting looks,

When you touch it, it feels cold.


Thus indulge any masterpiece

You may have for real,

As you are truly a collector

With your picture you can feel.


So when appraising your treasure

Of art in human form,

Don’t ever take it for granted

Or believe it’s just the norm.

For you must love and cultivate

Your own Mona Lisa smile,

Remembering you have it always

And not for just a while.


Nice offering that poem going by all the compliments and feedback at my gigs, yeah “pretty as a picture” a?


As I mentioned my books selling quite well I will just repeat these contacts starting with my website were all my books are listed and priced so = OR my email My mobile 07967 355236 AND my Facebook pages Laurie Wilkinson, The Psychy Poet Laurie Wilkinson AND even Ted & Beth of Laurie the Poet


Phew nearly done, SO as ever a BIG thanks to all of you kind followers, oh hello Len, and as also as usual The Journey Continues with PLAUDITS


Thanks and Regards,


Laurie xx













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