Flourishing then  as of my Poetry World which is certainly thriving at the moment, and in a very broad spectrum and diversity, (and I used that word before the P C Brigade hijacked it), but no matter as I digress, but will now explain.


My Poetry world has always had many facets as in stalls, poetry reading gigs etc as well as book sales, but now it seems to be expanding as I am invited more for radio interviews, book clubs, different stall venues and recording podcasts for promotion, so all is very active for me as The Psychy Poet now, with changes and complexities like changing your mobile phone.


So in brief, Mike Page is doing some recordings of me and my poems, I’m invited back more for Seahaven Radio (after very recent Seahaven interview, and also Hailsham FM, BBC Radio Sussex & Surrey recently too). Thus I’m requested back on Seahaven on 24/7/23 and BBC Radio Sussex etc to pen a Halloween poem. Put these alongside my regular gig bookings and stalls, including THIS Saturday 8th July  a stall at Shinewater Fun Day 12 – 5pm.


Phew, quick Laurie a poem, and from my 3rd book comes =


Recycle Plant


Zooming round his treadmill

Hammy the hamster went,

It seems he really likes it

For that’s how his time is spent.

Though for all his frantic efforts

He doesn’t get too far in life,

But is this so much different

From many peoples world of strife?


Rushing off through their day

Crowds of people in a dash,

Getting nowhere, trying hard

To earn that bit of extra cash.

And though their chaotic world

Doesn’t have the hamsters bars,

It’s really not so different

As getting gridlocked in their cars!


And so in our world of wonder

We can fly to our heart’s desire,

But many peoples bland routine

Ensures entrapment in their mire.


Thus in cages without walls

Moaning folk are sat restrained,

With all their thoughts of freedom

Yet no real effort is maintained.

For it’s so easy to talk of flight

With feet planted on the ground,

Meaning that no escape or joy

From their boring world is found!


A bit of a message there, but maybe on deaf ears, or IS it? However as I mentioned techno and phone complications earlier here is another poem about a more simple but quite common problem with mobile phones, so come ON, lol own up?

Bogged Down


A visit to that smallest room

Where you normally go alone,

Or maybe have a secret tryst

With your precious mobile phone,

Can now be laced with dangers

That can wreak havoc on a soul,

If carelessly or without intent

You drop the mobile in the bowl.


For no matter how quickly acting

To get this important item back,

From its soaking down the toilet

And any motions you now lack,

Will not prevent serious damage

Caused by water, before unseen

And sadly now dawning on you,

For there’s nothing on the screen.


So you desperately try to save,

This mini computer with its store

Of contacts and information,

Which unhappily show no more.


Thus extreme measures are needed

Although some are not too nice,

For common myths suggests it helps

If you smother the phone with rice,

Before wrapping it up very warm

And putting it in the airing cupboard,

To hope for a little miracle of joy

A bit like Old Mother Hubbard.


But eventually with a heavy heart

You now have to accept the fate,

Of dropping the phone in the bowl

And trying to rescue it too late.


For mobile phones and toilet seats

Don’t make a very happy pair.

So you have learnt a hard lesson

Not to take your next one there.

Because another phone is needed

To survive in this day and age.

So ensure to take great care of it

And prevent another toilet rage.


I will own up to doing that once, but am very careful now!


*I poured Root beer into a square glass and now just have beer.

*R I P boiling water, you will be mist

*Ants cannot sink or drown as are buoyant

*As a child I was bathed in cheap beer, but I then realised I had been Fostered

Ted & Beth are frantically waving at me as I promised they will be in this offering, so here they are with the latest poem on them and in my 12th book “Illuminating Verse” and entitled “Not To Be Outshone” which is self-explanatory, although some like to have commands or instructions given to them.


But Still Not Outshone


Ted & Beth think they have arrived now

Having taken on a understudy pair,

Of an “almost look-alike” teddy couple

But want to say they will still be there,

In the glaring limelight that they love

So won’t in any way be stepping aside,

As the thinking is that “Theo and Ami”

Could cover if our stars need to hide.


So for a short time they could rest easy

For with a thirty plus animal gang now,

There is much to do and keep an eye on

And they don’t want an unhappy row.


Thus that is how Theo and Lady Ami

Got recruited to occasionally stand in,

To keep good order and contentment

With a calm group not making a din.

For the teddies and various animals

Get excited and out of hand at times,

Often singing and shouting loudly

So would be better if stuck to mimes.


But Ted and Beth can be quite shrewd

Aware having deputies could go wrong,

In as much as they could take it all over

To present their very own act and song.

So Ted and Beth always ensure its them

That will continue to be the main stars,

Because of their hard work undertaken

To be celebrities across the sky to Mars.


So whilst the newly arrived Theo and Ami

Are very cute and give much satisfaction.

Our illustrious pair Ted and Beth both know,

That they are by miles the main attraction.


So there they are bless them in the new fame that they enjoy, and it is amazing just how popular they are now and how much people love them and like talking to them. Maybe next Blog an introduction to yet another “Rescue Bear” who is very dapper and smart.

At this point I should plug, lol nicely, my excellent Website Guru and Publisher now, James Harvey at httpls://soulsong.co.uk/ give him a try.

I must say a bit more of my involvement with a Help for Heroes Book Club which is used and for veterans suffering from PTSD, depression and loneliness etc, so I donated ten of my books for them in Wales and I’m invited on Video Zoom with them on 31st July. I am humbled and chuffed to be of help to these heroic people.

This coming Friday, 7th July, at The Chaseley Trust am doing another gig and poem reading where of course Ted & Beth

Will feature with some of their fluffy animal friends too.

Gosh nearly done and think I have got nearly all in on a busy Blog and Poetry World period.

Just remains as always before last poem to THANK YOU all for your support alongside The Twister Sisters D & S B’s as ever as I battle to keep younger in looks and manner after my operation which has left me much leaner, fitter and dare I say healthier, so any “would be” Coughers beware lol.

Yup thanks then and onto the last poem, and as per usual “Romance” poem =



Snuggling under a duvet is a life joy

Or it can actually be bed covers too,

But however you want to use your bed

The feeling is wonderful for me and you,

Because some see it as just relaxing

Others it’s purely for a good night sleep,

Though for some its a mixture of both

If they conjure up pleasures deep.


For like so many things in our lives

They’re often improved or made better,

By sharing them with another person

Who may comfort or loosen the fetter,

That possible restricts or contains you

From those feelings in life you desire.

So may be achieved under the duvet,

When many nice ideas might aspire,


Thus our duvet or bedclothes covering

Can protect us from a deepest dread,

That from our childhood we have learnt

We can do by just covering our head,

And pretending we’re in a defensive shell

That nothing can breach or penetrate,

As we cower safely in our sanctuary

Giving succour whatever our state.


But of course the main attraction for many

Is to share this intimate nest with another,

And without doubt the real joy of sharing

Comes to fruition with a special lover,

Who arouses and caresses your passions

That come with body to body connection,

Which has delighted both men and women,

From back in history with no correction.


Thus enjoy the duvet refuge how you will

And indulge whatever reactions it breeds,

For we are all so very different at times

So enjoy and satisfy personal needs.


Thus The Journey Continues in FLOURASHING fashion..

Love, light and smiles,

Laurie xx

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I can now also write a “Personal Poem” for you, your family, any event or your business too…….


I also have a Facebook page “The Psychy Poet Laurie Wilkinson”, and a website:- www.lauriewilkinson.com = Please sign/join up absolutely free.





























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