Resurgence as of me getting back on track after my long operation 3 weeks ago, and picking up where I left off. Happily, and thanks for multi good wishes on my recovery, I am progressing well.

I do recognise this Blog is slightly overdue so apologies but here we go with quite a lot of news I’m making more concise than usual.


I am invited for interview again on BBC Radio Sussex & Surrey with the lovely Sylvie Blackmore on June 18th, Seahaven Radio for guest slot on June12th, and that’s after a great chat on Hailsham FM with Simon Herbert..

I had 2 great days at Knockhatch adventure playground and remain linked with them so watch this space!  Meanwhile I have picked up my live Gigs again with some new one’s to follow in an increasingly busy looking June period. Luuuuuuuurve it.


On 3rd June I’ve been requested and invited for my “cheerful and vibrant presence “ (thanks Liz P) at a church fete selling my books, reading some poems at my Help for Heroes stall. Talking of H 4 H since last Blog I was awarded an “Appreciation Certificate” from this great charity and my total raised (apart from my own personal donations) is currently about £8,500 so well chuffed, and aiming for £10,000.

I also received a personal thank you from a H 4 H recipient and his recovery story owed to support he got, which made me quite emotional and a little teary too.


Poem then and  from my Book 2 but fits in nicely with Resurgence title….


Deep Rooted


Sometime in life will come your test

It may come early, or near your end.

So even the lucky will have to pause,

While their shattered heart they mend.


But rest assured though a test is hard

It will instil in you a heart of oak,

And although you retain your charity

Your laws of life, will not revoke.

For you will have a sound, hard spirit

That you know now can’t be wrought,

Because you stood firm as others fell

Thus your inherent lesson was taught!


Sometime in life will come your test

It may come early, or near your end.

So even the lucky will have to pause,

While their shattered heart they mend.


I look back to regard my test in life

When my world crashed all around,

And for some time I floundered lost

Until my proud stoic root I found.

So whenever life became a trial

I knew that somehow I’d succeed,

To overcome hardship or pain,

As my deep rooted spirit will lead


So an older poem  from 2014 of mine, but I still love reading them and hope you do too for sometimes even three isn’t quite enough?

Thus as we are going back a bit another poem from 2015 and I will leave you to guess the meaning because sometimes even a pumpkin or cucumber is welcome, but lol that is just my enigma to put you off. OR is it?

Hide and Seek



                                                                  The man is forever looking

For something he wont find,

As the object of his search

Is hidden deep within his mind.


For on the surface he is happy

From great times that’s been had,

But all the time he searches

And on the inside he is sad.


So for what you ask, is he seeking?

Something very normal you suppose

Probably it’s a woman, but no

He has had his share of those.

Some that gave him everything,

Meeting all his hopes and needs.

But still his soul was restless

His brain following more leads!


Is he looking for a fortune?

Perhaps fame is what he desires,

But not with surface contentment

It’s only inside he never tires.


So fame and glory do not inspire him

Money or women don’t make him glow,

Thus he is condemned to searching

For reasons he can never know!



*I have kleptomania but if gets too bad I take something for it!

*My broom was always late as kept oversweeping

*Walking to pub takes 5 mins but 30 mins back. The difference is staggering

*If you are bad at haggling you will pay the price.

Oh well, but we need some humour and talking of my that new book 12 has some already popular funny poems in it and of course also the other 3 sections. Again talking of, I have just had accepted my article & photo with, my new book for Eastbourne Herald.

Currently ALL my 12 now published books (lol KEEP OOOoooop) are reduced with Books 4,5, 6 & 11 very reduced as I overstocked, so please don’t miss out on these bargains and contact me on here, email OR 01323 370609

Ted n Beth are waving but younger readers, ok ALL, they will be mentioned more next Blog and that is a Teddy Promise for sure. Yeeeeeeees I AM aware The Twister Sisters are watching. Lol at times they make the witches in MacBeth seem tame, Buuuuuut gels (D & S B’s) I appreciate you mega and Luuuuuuuurve ya to death enneeettttt?

Last poem this Blog and yeah a romance one as per, and maybe (yes Suzie) a bit warm?



Apparent in a wonderful vision

This sight for sore eyes to see,

A woman with alluring looks

Who seems very attractive to me.


Of course nature plays her tricks

Upon the poor male species of life,

Which causes many an intrigue

And more than a little strife.

For the lovely sirens in our view

Cause bubbling emotions in man,

That instil a profound sense of need

To kiss and cuddle them if he can.


Now with a gentle caress or touch

Emotive sensations come alive,

To those soft pressures and strokes

On which our bodies thrive.

So don’t be shy of natures lead

Into temptation with a natural wish.

When signs and permission glow,

Brush her skin with a subtle kiss!


Then if this is received with pleasure

And perhaps an encouraging gasp,

Do not delay or be bashful

Or magic may slip from your grasp.

So continue with sensual movements

With words of complimentary love,

To ensure that you and your lady

Will soar to the heavens above.


The end of my overdue Blog then and more next time, but even after a long operation and my recovering period I remain Often Imitated but NEVER duplicated, so thanks to you all as The Journey Continues in RESURGENCE….

Love and CHEERS,

Laurie xx












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