Yes, I’m back in the saddle once more, (can’t keep a good poet down?) and fully up and running after being unwell as mentioned in my last blog, A Bump in the Road. Almost to celebrate recovery I was on BBC Radio Sussex & Surrey again Sunday 8th January on request of the excellent Sylvie Blackmore who wanted to talk about my recent hospital experience for her health and NHS theme. The interview went really well with Sylvie saying some very nice things about me, and also some amazingly complimentary feedback comments on my Facebook pages etc about my guest slot and poem I wrote especially for the show.

My Facebook pages are “Laurie Wilkinson OR The Psychy Poet Laurie Wilkinson”, AND to hear my interview just go to Radio Sussex 8/1/23, Sylvie Blackmore show and I’m on after 1 hour 46 minutes. Go check and enjoy.

On persuasion from S B, one of my two brilliant “B’s”, S & D who excellently quality assure and feedback to me on my poems etc, THANKS gels, and as “The Twister Sisters” my work etc is also monitored lol. SO, as I said I was persuaded to again put a whole new poem up, but this is the poem I read live on Sylvie’s show, and requested to write by her, thus HERE is Hospitalisation, my tribute and thanks to our wonderful NHS & Staff.


We know an underfunded NHS is creaking

So I did wonder a bit what I would find,

When having to be rushed into hospital

But it wasn’t the main thing on my mind.

For I was in severe agony and worrying

Just what was causing my intense pain,

But on being met by an emergency doctor

I got a reassured confidence back again.

For I was soon to be looked after very well

And treated in a valued and dignified way,

Which embraced all involvements from staff

Not seemingly to falter or even sway,

From a totally caring, committed approach

And camaraderie gallows humour for events,

Testing, saddening and shredding stout hearts

But never diminished any of their intents.

Thus as I considered this new world for me

For I had never been in hospital before,

I was impressed by positivity and hard work

Of various team grades giving all and more,

That could be reasonably asked of them now

With staff shortages and pressure of work,

From budget cuts and paltry wage rises

Grating on levels of duty they do not shirk.

So let us not treat our NHS with impunity

Or overuse the services unless we have to,

For these overcrowded committed areas

Normally have more than enough to do.

Therefore we must do our very level best

And stay sensible and use common sense,

To be healthy and look after ourselves

So pressure on NHS is not so immense.


I hope you enjoy that and I have had some fantastic feedback on it which is great as is going in my Book 12, mentioned on radio, as now hoped for publication this February time since I made a decision about poem numbers in the book.
  To explain this, my aim was as recent books, to have about 70 poems in, but recently I have seen poetry books/ short stories with barely 30 poems in, (only thirty?), and a couple more of the same paltry number, so being bold as per my kind feedback, I have both quantity and quality (as evidenced by widely read poems, feedback, read on National & Local Radio, in National newspapers etc) SO I am aiming for SIXTY quality poems which lol is TWICE sixty, for I’m Often Imitated but NEVER Duplicated lol.

 I will say here that my first book did only have 37 poems ( then publisher not allow less), but my subsequent books have had at least 60 poems in, with later books around 70 plus, so watch this space as title, cover, lead poem etc are being decided as of now!

 At that MUST say another THANKS to the excellent James Harvey my Publisher, Website Guru, adviser, and general all-round reliable guy and with reasonably priced services, even having massive patience with my (mainly techno) shortcomings, and is on “"..

Ok, another poem after all that, and another I read in June last year on BBC Radio Sussex & Surrey with a line at the end related to my recent illness.


Where have all my years gone

And can I please get them back?

I promise that I won’t waste them

For I never let sad times stack

Up too highly in my world,

In those years of mine now past.

And I nearly always enjoyed myself

I guess why time went so fast.

So where have those years gone

Along with so many great days?

For I can still vividly remember

The songs and music that plays,

Like a magical memory jukebox

Rewinding much love and fun,

As they bring back situations

Where all was said and done.

Oh I can recall so many people

Sadly though some have gone,

Though their days are remembered

When they danced and faces shone,

From disco lights and silhouettes

Or maybe it was too much drink.

But that was in the distant past

Which makes me stop to think,

Just where have my years gone?

For it doesn’t seem that long,

When my features were pristine

Like some newly written song.

Now as I look very fondly back

Over all those years I’ve had,

And people met and places seen

With more happier days than sad,

I feel my lifetime has stretched

Across many a stunning sunset,

But I hope for more to come

As I’m not ready to go just yet!


There we are then lol I’m not ready to go anywhere near yet, and an amusing side on that is I have been told by the “Sisters Twister” I’m even more direct since coming out of hospital, (really, direct me?), so lol Foxtrotting Oscar and short jerky movements springs to mind, or is it chicken steps? Kidding mostly BUT there IS a fairly direct poem in Book 12 called “Nudged Awake”, so get your orders in for my new book now and get a discount!

I mentioned a bit last blog of me doing 3 gigs in four days just before Christmas, and all went well, but a special mention for the great guys at Disability Trust on Christmas Eve, Eve, where as usual we never stopped laughing, GREAT stuff!

Just as an aside the weather recently as I’m sure you know, has been terrible with wind and rain as of now, so the start of another poem for book 12 “And Still the Wind” =

And Still the Wind

But that is a classic contradiction

For the wind is never still or calm,

With unpredictable times and power

Apart from motions of a wind farm.

For wind can exist as a pleasant breeze

Or unleash gale force gusts of power,

Which can cause untold damage and ruin

If it should continue for hour after hour,

That on frightening occasions is the case

With trees uprooted, chaos and lives lost.

For with severe hurricanes and storms

We can often only just count the cost.



I just recently bought a telescope, but it was well over £1,000! Think they must have seen me coming?

*My mate has a cat with only 3 legs, blind in one eye and deaf and answers to the name of Lucky!

*I’ve just heard that bees only hum because they have forgotten the words….

* And also, bees are extremely naughty as just won’t behive themselves at all?

Moving swiftly on then with a promised Ted & Beth poem that’s in their very own book “Tea For Two” only £6.99, (excellent for kids of ALL ages) and with FORTY poems on them and their animal friends, this one is called “Ted & Beth’s Fishing Trip”

Ted and Beth’s Fishing Trip

Ted decided that he would go fishing

As his plan to sail a boat had failed,

Because he and Beth had got worried

And as the tide was out hadn’t sailed.

So now Ted is taking a reluctant Beth

To go and hopefully catch some fish,

But Beth isn’t too enthralled with the idea

As it’s not exactly what she would wish,

Spending time on a cold, wet river bank

While an enthusiastic Ted casts out his line.

For as usual he is all confident and sure,

But Beth’s mood is not too sublime.

Especially when Ted give an angry shout

As he gets his line caught up in a tree,

Because although he brags and swaggers

It so often goes very wrong you’ll see,

For now he can’t free his his tangled line

However hard he pulls at it and tugs.

So he is angrily forced to give it up

Muttering teddy words as he shrugs.

So Beth says its best that they go home

But Ted won’t hear of any such wish,

Saying he has got many other fishing lines

And will not go until catching some fish,

So the determined, cross look on his face

Fills our Beth with frustration and worry,

As she knows he might now stay all night

If he doesn’t get a fish catching flurry.

Now unusually for them they start to argue

And Beth’s patience is getting much shorter,

Until with an anguished and startled shout

Ted slips and falls into the muddy water,

Initially sending Beth into laughing hysterics

Seeing him soaking wet, with an angry frown,

But then her laughter turns into worried fear

As she panics her Ted could drown!

But Beth’s helping paw aids Ted to get out

Although a much sadder and wiser bear,

Who is learning another painful lesson

About cockiness and him taking more care.

So unhappily our bears traipse off home

With Ted still in quite a little teddy strop,

But Beth knows just how to cheer him up

And buys fish and chips from a shop!


More news, and good at that too, for I have had a nice little burst of selling my books, particularly one kind lady who has bought six already, some for friends, and possibly buying some more, and all because she particularly liked one of my earlier book covers! Mmmm I just wonder what book that was?

OH, I meant to say earlier after The Bears poem that I have just had updated, by the brilliant Sharon of Olive Design, new leaflets with all my eleven (lol soon to be 12) book titles on it, yeah nice one, or actually two. Hopefully the leaflets are in the photos that always follow the blog, techno allowing?

Nearly done and as usual my BIG THANKS to you all for being there, still growing in numbers, so yeah CHEERS gang and I hope 2023 is good to you all.

Very apt little thought as lol afterthoughts before the end poem = 1) Saying sorry, 2) Changing your mind, 3) Denial or 4) Fabreze?

Last poem time then and as per now a “Romance” one we all Luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrve, C’mon you know you do, would, wish for or lol deny, so from my 7th book, (list at end), published in 2019 for observers and date checkers, you KNOW who you are ha haa hahahahahahahahahaahaaahhaaaa


If our bodies feel cold we shiver

Or perhaps have a nervous thought,

Because our systems are very sensitive

And emotive reactions can be caught.

So knowing cold weather can affect us

We need to always wrap up warm,

To protect ourselves from feeling

Any draft from an icy storm.

We must also try hard to guard

Against those moments of unease,

If discomfort or fearful reactions

Our nerve ends they don’t please,

Such as in those stressful situations

That make our body feel a strain,

Which our learning process teaches

Not to get into again.

But there is another kind of shiver

And that is one of pure delight,

Which comes over me completely

If I kiss or hold you tight.

Especially when you tell me

You are having nice shivers too,

That you say is all down to me

And the little things I do.

Which of course brings us alive

And makes our heartbeats sing,

So we then welcome those shivers

And all the ecstasy they bring.


With great thanks from me, Ted & Beth and all their animal friends, goodbye for now as –

                                                                                                The Journey Continues BACK IN the SADDLE…

Cheers, Love and Light, 

Laurie xx

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