Coasting, and after last Blog “automatic” etc it feels like I’m coasting now as everything in my “Poetry World” seems to be coming so easy, for just in the last week or so my poems have been flowing, including a couple of commissioned poems I was asked to do, recognition by lol “established people” (Oh really ?lol), more requested gigs I’ve been invited to do and some unexpected, but very welcome complimentary recognitions too…
Maybe a bit early in this News Blog, so lol Keep Ooop, but probably a good time to include this short poem I wrote about six years ago, but amended a bit, in response to an “envious” pop at me, LOL, Oh really and they did Foxtrot Oscar and seemed to have sunk?

Envy ?

Some people come, whilst others go

A few for reasons I don’t know,

Guess it was something I did or said,

That didn’t settle well in their head.

But meanwhile I will trek the road

So all are welcome with my load,

While I continue onward in life

Mostly wondrous, with little strife.

Thus I will offer a smile or joke,

But on this some seem to choke.

For I am not always like a saint,

And a colourful life I love and paint.

But do not worry if you fail to see,

That I’m always, and forever me!



Yes, well as ever I’m Often Imitated but Never Duplicated, and the excellent charity Help for Heroes still benefits from all my donations and efforts, especially my seemingly increasingly popular reading gigs and expanding entertainment that further promotes them. 

So I do Limericks, jokes and One-Liners now (if you get them lol) etc, none better illustrated at very recent gig at a disabilities place where we all had great fun and laughed so much our sides ached… WONDERFUL 


Some “taster verses” of what I’m now working on for my Book TWELVE, lol ok James?, my excellent Publisher/Website guru ( aimed for early 2023, SO =


Curse of the Orange Clad Men


Unlike a silent nocturnal fall of snow

They arrived in the mornings very loud,

Like some demonic brightly clad gang

This baggy overall army, rent-a-crowd.

With white protective hard hats worn

Together with bright orange work gear,

Closing all footpaths and roads down

With a cacophony not good to hear.


Now these orange men aren’t political

Although they do invoke strong views,

For they are digging up all our roads

Just whenever and where they choose.

Though even all that isn’t the end of it

For two-, and three-way traffic lights,

Pop up to cause long frustrated queues

And angry motorist’s common sights.




Silence of The Bears


Ted and Beth have been a bit quiet lately

Basking in the glory of their very own book,

Though I’m always suspicious of any silence

So make sure I always have a good look,

At just what they are now saying or doing

Because they cannot behave for very long,

As mischief, tricks and pranks are habits

Of theirs and the animal gang throng.


So with over thirty teddies and soft animals

That form this collection of lively friends,

Mostly rescued from various charity shops

They make sure that their fun never ends.

Which then makes it quite difficult for me

To keep an eye on any jokes and intents,

Although I’m aware they won’t go too far

Knowing I may exclude them from events.



Bullies in War


Calculatingly the great Russian bear

Has started another cruel war again,

Invading the close little Ukraine’s border

For greater power, greed and sick gain,

Which sent reverberations round the world

In the shapes of economy, food and fear,

And also brings us closer to nuclear war

We hoped would never again come near.


So for months now the world watched on

At T V reports of terror, torture and killing,

Of quiet, ordinary people now condemned

To be reluctant spectators of bullies instilling,

Horror to poor, simple and peaceful folks

Desperately clinging on to their past life.

As close families are all torn apart, or worse

On the back of enforced terror and strife.




Some taster examples there of my thoughts and poem ideas for Book 12, BUT very worried that those Orange Clad Men will dig yet ANOTHER trench right outside my garage or front door?


Joke time =


* To protect my shed I built a barrier outside it, = a sort of wall around my hut


*I went to the doctor as convinced I’m a dog, and he asked how long I had felt this? Ever since I was a puppy I replied.

*There’s a new t v show about origami, it’s a paper view channel

*Santa doesn’t pay parking fees as they are on the house.

I hope you got all those jokes, but if not never mind for here is an apparently as fed back, amusing poem. Originally written in 2016 in response to a European law that men had to wear “Speedo” type trucks in swimming pools, as workmen had been getting straight into pools in work shorts. Here is my response =

No Hiding Place

At our local swimming pool

You can see many a curious sight.

With lots of lovely young girls,

Whilst other scenes are a fright.

Men wearing tight fitting trunks,

Budgie Smugglers” for the thin.

Though sadly worn by some “largies”

Having more hanging out, than in!

For it seems a life contradiction

That the larger many folk grow,

Instead of tucking it safely away

They must put it all out on show.

Now I’m not against big sizes

I have a growing waist myself,

But I fervently try to hide it

Not put it on the front shelf.

But back to those swimming trunks

Of varying size of modesty cover,

And the battle of those bulges

Where some really need another

Or much larger piece of cloth,

To keep their harvest all intact.

For hiding mountains behind a stamp

Won’t work, and that’s a fact!




I recently read that out at a social meal gathering to a good response, so hope you liked it too, OR lol have you put those Speedos away? Come on don’t be vane, OR is it vein? Perhaps best phone a friend or get your Twister Sister to give advice, unless of course it is too much of a chore?


I have only recently started to introduce some of my limericks that feature in most of my books from the fourth book, and with great response, try this..


There was a tom cat from Kent

Who was rude to such an extent,

That he pooed in my garden

But never said pardon,

So over the wall he went!



Some of the others may be a little closer to the bone (?), but always laughed at and well received, so it is reassuring that “Music Hall Humour” is still popular and alive, so no need for hackles to rise.


Ted & Beth are waving at me to say how much they are enjoying all the reading gigs they’re accompanying me to, AND that in next Blog they have a big announcement so watch this space guys…🐻🐻


Now its time to close, so as usual thanks as ever to you all, and Linda S, (okay and Deb & S B’s for support and poem reading) for support and compliments etc….


Regular closing “romantic” poem for all you Luuuuuvvers, would be, hoped or hoping for, and if not sure just look for “Cheshire Cat Smiles” ….



Lament for a Lost Heart

This is a lament for all the lost

At least those who’ve run aground,

On voyages and searches for love

That they never happily found.

Maybe it was their own defences

Which ensured no happy connection,

Or possibly they miserably sailed

In the completely wrong direction,

Never to meet up with, and blossom

In a welcoming and loving heart.

So whatever fair winds and tides

They were doomed from the start.

Because most people can get caught

And boarded by loves attraction,

Unless fear, malice or selfishness

Prevents any mutual satisfaction

Of that loving bond and arousal,

Causing hearts to swoon and fly.

But if a love is denied expression

It can whither up and die.

So sail on alone in a wilderness

That is like a horizon-less sea,

Bobbing about and lost forever

With a sad heart not allowed to be,

Cast off to adventurously fly

Just where its passions want to go.

Thus all sensations and love stories

Its lost life will never know.



Aaaaaaaw lovely then, so as


                                                  The Journey Continues COASTINGLY


Love, Laughs & Light,


Laurie (and Those Bears} xx



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