Automatic then, or as I was going to put that all my Poetry World fun, promotions, success and events seem to come automatically, but then dare I say that I might have been putting myself down? NO, never, but please read on…
The fact is I truly believe that like many things in life, you work hard, put the effort in and it (sometimes?) then can continue on Auto-Pilot with just fine tinkering, so please excuse me if I have “fine tinkered” with you or your world, but very nicely of course, as we have journeyed happily on our way.
I count myself lucky in that all of my involvements had and have great support from many of you good souls, James Harvey (at my Publisher & Website Guru, regular buyers of my books and attendance at my events etc, THANK YOU all! Youngsters too, with Nic G and her little poppets, Kelly B with our Henry the First and many others, please let me know?
First poem then, and OH, is there a link?

No Experience Required

No previous experience required

Is exactly what the advert said.

But what precisely does that mean,

I thought as I scratched my head?

Maybe just anyone can do the job

Even the proverbial monkey trained,

Or someone with a rock bottom I Q

Will get it when once explained,

Exactly what is necessary to do

That needs no previous experience.

So obviously a very mundane roll

For someone of little sense.

Or perhaps that is a bit unkind,

For the job could be highly skilled

When a right applicant has learnt,

And then they’ll soon be thrilled

With the opportunity given them,

Though maybe a low starting rate,

Could mean why no experience

Is wanted for jobs on a plate.

So those are thoughts and ideas to

A “no experience required” label,

Which really makes you wonder

Just what exactly is on the table,

If you should need to venture in

To employment advertised so bold.

So I have serious reservations

About what you will be told.



Easy then in what we do? Really yes just write but be prepared to hustle, promote, talk, extend, chat-up, innovate, practice sell yourself etc…. All good fun though as of late with me, I have done even more of my reading Gigs, that also sells books, entertains, amuses and gets money for Help for Heroes, so great joy and have a peep behind my mask too. More Gigs booked in as well.


I will put in now that even a mild dose of Curse Covid didn’t stop me too much, although I cancelled one gig and isolated but kept going, errrr yeah, automatically!


Another poem about effort needed to be put in, but not by all?


The Farmer and the Magpie

The farmer works ploughing fields

And scatters good seed around,

The Magpie will not do a stroke

But takes all that can be found.

The farmer’s day starts at early dawn

And he works hard all year long,

The Magpie will take from everyone

Not thinking they’ve done wrong.

For it seems to some people in our life

They can give no bean nor clout,

So the more that they see you put in

That bit extra they take out!

The parable of the Talents

Tells of the man who wasted

All that he was given then,

Took yours you’d not yet tasted.

So our farmer works his boots off

To provide for him and friends,

Whilst the Magpie looks slyly on

Then just squanders more and spends.

Not thinking of the workload

That farming types put in,

But for our opportunist thief

Such a commitment is a sin.

It must be some strange attitude

That allows the thief to thrive,

Off the back of others work

Like the farmer’s gathered hive.

But all this doesn’t matter

To our thieving Magpie’s gains,

For not a jot or care has he

For our or the farmer’s pains!



Yes that poem from only my 2nd book, so 2014, but I think really holds up today! How many Magpies do you know? 


Quickly JOKE TIME =


  • A frog broke down and had to get toad home
  • Very loud guys seem to be called Mike
  • Birds always fly south in winter because it is quicker than walking
I should mention at this time, that thanks to “friends and family” I wonderfully celebrated yet another birthday last week over a few days that included many meals, drinks, Ten-Pin bowling, travels and an amusing meeting with a robot in a Chinese restaurant, lol poem will follow soon as I have nearly written it…Viewers, followers and stalkers on my Facebook may have already met “Bella” and video, THANKS D, and seen it many, many times too. Hip hooray !!!!
I mentioned my increasing gigs earlier and of course accompanied by Ted & Beth plus per several from 30 other fluffy teddies, lions, elephants, dogs, Koala and Panda to mention just a few. Most have poems written on them and are really well received by my audiences in Care & Residential settings.
To that end a very popular poem of T & B follows =


Nimble Paws

Now despite being quite mischievous

Some things Ted and Beth keep quiet.

As they like to have some secrets

And not always want to run riot,

Or cause any playful chaos

That mostly they will do.

So I will whisper they like dancing

But that’s between me and you.

Thus Beth likes the slow sensual

Movements of the waltz,

While Ted loves the flamboyance

Of a dramatic dance of course.

So while Beth will slink around

With Ted counting one, two, three,

He much prefers the lively tango

And cavorts for all to see.

But naturally they have to practice

And that is how I caught them out,

Sneaking in to see unnoticed

Both Ted’s strut, and Beth’s pout.

Though I made sure I wasn’t caught

So can have another crafty look,

At those lovable, naughty bears

Learning their dancing from a book.

But meanwhile I love to tease them

And they don’t know what to say,

When I creep up behind them

With a loud shout of “ole!”



Talking of my gigs I should mention that as a recent thought I introduced some of my “published in previous books” Limericks in my act and they went down very well indeed, so YES next Blog will have one or two, even if they tempt you to clobber someone with a frying pan or spanner, yeah just wait if you can’t guess what I mean?


Nearly done, but a quick request please, can readers scan down after the blog end to see all added photos that sometimes have a gap between, HELP James, and my published books list and the “COMMENTS” column at end, so please do comment, but lol be gentle with me?


Romantic poem to finish then, and with dark nights, and even daylight too, we all luuuuuuuuuurrvve a bit of romance don’t we, and if not I’m sure we can spread your share?



Sleepwalking is both a combination

Of deep sleep and being awake,

When unknown and without intent

You can make your big mistake.

For this can occur during sleep

Repeating things done when alert,

Possibly sitting up or talking aloud

And actions likely to hurt.

But far more serious than this

Is if engaged in complex tasks.

Such as cooking or even driving

You start before anyone asks,

If you are feeling alright and sure

That you are able to safely do,

Such things when looking drowsy

Causing harm to others or you.

Though of course you may not recall

Such experiences of potential harm.

Whilst sleepwalking oblivious,

If causing people alarm.

But possibly another explanation

Perhaps more personal to me,

As I ghost about and all around

Trying so desperately to see,

My spiritual long-lost muse

Who had sent me all her love,

Before sadly being taken away

And maybe sent to live above.



All done then for this time, so as ever many thanks to you guys for great compliments, encouragement etc as,


The Journey Continues AUTOMATICALLY 


Love and light from Ted & Beth, their Furry Friends and me,


Laurie xx


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