My title is again carefully chosen after last blog entitled “winning”” as I was, and very happily still am, hence this blog Expanding Gains, so here we go. Yes, I remain “Often Imitated but Never Duplicated”, as “I, we and my Poetry World” marches on whilst still promoting and collecting money for the excellent Help for Heroes charity that looks after our wounded.
Quite a beginning that Laurie Boy and not at all fluffy, in fact firm facts are coming. I should say here that I have always believed in counting my blessings and appreciating what I have, including successes that I’m having now. This is spelt out further down in my poem “Too Late, so ha haaaa don’t be!
Also in this blog are some pointers on me I don’t always say or show, so you may wish to note, (lol or not), BUUuuuuuuut in my 9th book Our World in Verse, there is plenty of me on show, including some of me caring for my wife and her dementia for about 9 years and all the help I got. Ooooops sorry, that I (or many carers) don’t get I meant.

Poem time, and have a think on this please…


There is a beam of light I follow

Allowing me to cast doubt asunder,

For it makes me believe in miracles

As I walk in majesty and wonder.

So, all the ills that prey on the world

Can’t touch me in my ecstatic joy,

Donated by my magic light beam

That makes me a happy boy.

Because when people don’t believe me

I am still guided by this bright beam,

Which can take me over completely

So things aren’t as bad as they seem,

And that in itself is a small miracle,

Most people would probably desire,

Instead of wading through a darkness

Or up to their necks in a mire.

So now I have a bigger conundrum

For if my sort of light sabre is real,

How do I go about explaining it

As I’m regularly asked how I feel?

Well, I’m fairly settled, still standing

Though my world became quite hard,

Which all considered puzzles me too

How I still have a happy ace card.

Thus, back I go to the drawing board

With the perpetual questions on there.

For again I cannot answer them at all,

But with my light beam I don’t care!


Some “Book 9” clues there then, so you might want to purchase this big book of “insightful” poems, including Stretcher Bearers, Knock on my Door, Born Anew, Fragile Flame, Armistice and of course Ted & Beth and plenty of romance too!

My continued successes then, guided by James my excellent Publisher/Website Guru (on, including more book sales, even MORE requested reading gigs which in themselves are like selling a few books each, another “great & fantastic” (quotes) guest slot on the sublime Sylvie Blackmore show BBC Radio Sussex & Surry last Sunday pm, where I read out “Past Echoes” and Sylve kindly invited me back on before Xmas, or even before to read my “Sylvie’s Cushion” I tease her about.

My poems on social media recently have also had some amazing compliments and comments so probably goes to prove my “never stopping” as Sylvie says of me, is worthwhile.

Poem “Too Late” I mentioned earlier follows, so please take note as I’m told my poems are “insightful”?

Too Late

You never know what you have

Until you’ve lost it or it’s gone.

Well according to the old saying

About someone who always shone

On your world and just for you,

But you no longer have them now

Or something you didn’t value,

So too late for any vow.

For they may go to pastures new

Or on a new lover might decide.

And leave you trying to find them

Should they run off and hide.

Like Joni Mitchel’s famous song

And line on something now gone ,

Only then noticed and missed

After the event, just like a con.

Or perhaps it was a possession

That broke, or it got lost,

So now mourning its absence

You begin to count the cost,

For not recognising the value

Of this item or a person’s trait,

And their intrinsic worth to you,

That you recognised too late.

So “too late” could be an epitaph

On many relationships that died,

But perhaps could have been saved

If both involved parties had tried,

A lot harder to make things work

On a relationship truly great,

But unknown or appreciated

Until sadly much too late.


Yeah, well I’ll leave that with you then.

Last Blog I promised a Ted & Beth poem, so here we go King Henry the First, Nic’s Poppets etc and A very popular poem from our gigs and in The Bears, book listed like all my books, at the end.

Space Bears

Ted and Beth are keen on space travel

And both fancy being an astronaut,

Though as ever haven’t thought it through

With all you need to do, and to be taught.

But all this has never worried our Ted

Who has a confidence big as a horse,

So just assumes he can easily do it

Which we know is wrong of course.

Now Beth she isn’t always so sure

But will follow her Ted to the very end,

Whatever trouble it often gets her in

Or to the difficult places it can send.

So, they have both contacted NASA

And put their training applications in,

Thus, are now waiting very excitably

And can’t wait for their career to begin.

But sadly, life doesn’t always work out

And no teddy bears have been in space,

So our bears are going to be disappointed

Although for them it is no disgrace,

Because when their bad news came back

Saying that neither had been selected,

Both were sent little teddy space suits

Which they hadn’t really expected.

So now they are walking about proudly

Both with helmets firmly in place,

Along with their little teddy space suits

That sadly won’t be worn up in space.

But of course, we’ve come to know

Nothing much daunts our hero bears,

Who soon forgot the disappointment

Carrying on their lives without cares.



A banana went to the doctors as not peeling too well

Football stadiums are always cool as full of fans

A chicken crossed the playground to get to the other slide.

Well, I seem to have accelerated even more in the last two years with success but two years is a long time I guess, but am loving it, also recounting the virtues of Febreze that can cover multitudes of activities and even leaks. See, I’m even doing adverts now, but parcelled up well.

Last poem as I’m fighting a heavy cold off, but a very nice and bit of a hot romance one, but come on in it’s wonderful.


Snuggling under a duvet is a life joy

Or it can actually be bed covers too,

But however, you want to use your bed

The feeling is wonderful for me and you,

Because some see it as just relaxing

Others it’s purely for a good night sleep,

Though for some it’s a mixture of both

If they conjure up pleasures deep.

For like so many things in our lives

They’re often improved or made better,

By sharing them with another person

Who may comfort or loosen the fetter,

That possible restricts or contains you

From those feelings in life, you desire.

So may be achieved under the duvet,

When many nice ideas might aspire,

Thus our duvet or bedclothes covering

Can protect us from a deepest dread,

That from our childhood we have learnt

We can do by just covering our head,

And pretending we’re in a defensive shell

That nothing can breach or penetrate,

As we cower safely in our sanctuary

Giving succour whatever our state.

But of course, the main attraction for many

Is to share this intimate nest with another,

And without doubt the real joy of sharing

Comes to fruition with a special lover,

Who arouses and caresses your passions

That come with body-to-body connection,

Which has delighted both men and women,

From back in history with no correction.

Thus enjoy the duvet refuge how you will

And indulge whatever reactions it breeds,

For we are all so very different at times

So, enjoy and satisfy personal needs.


So, another blog end and as ever I hope you have enjoyed and thanks for being there, as with me, Ted & Beth and friends,

The Journey Continues EXPANDINGLY successfully….

Cheers & Love,

Laurie xx

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