Flowing then as in my “Poetry World” and fast flowing at that, with lots happening in a very good way, including more gigs, new events, and promotions, so YAY, wonderful.
Recent involvements include Hailsham Farmers market, thanks to Nic G & her lovely little girl poppets Charlie & Lottie who wanted to meet Ted & Beth (and even me apparently) so did, A Coffee and Book sign afternoon in an Old Town Cafe that successfully sold more books and raised a fair bit for Help for Heroes, so thanks to all who supported that, me at Pevensey Court House (and on request The Mint House too) in my full uniform as photos, reading some poems and promoting H 4 Heroes too. 
Add to that another well received slot at Eastbourne Boro Open Mic, weekly plus gigs at residential and Care homes, I have been, and continue to be, a very busy and flowing, Laaaaauuuuuuuuuurriieeee Boy!
First poem then and in mostly for “flow” mentioned in a line, but this poem was my first of six in Forward Poetry National Finals..

Eye Line Smile

It doesn’t take much to lift a heart

Or cause our head to swoon.

Just loving words or chaste kiss,

Can lift us round the moon.

Whether eyes are dark or light

They can twinkle and bewitch,

Causing a thrill right through you

As if someone clicked a switch.

Seeing can makes hearts flutter

With pulses racing with a touch.

There is no magic spell for this,

Just that we love so much.

Contented sighs descend on us

Like some heaven-sent cascade.

And nothing will keep us apart,

Even rivers, hill or barricade.

Any plain face can cause sunrise

When it breaks into a smile,

And when that beam is loving

Joy will fast flow like the Nile.

Whether eyes are dark or light

They can twinkle and bewitch,

And if they sparkle just for you

Your whole life will enrich.

For in a world that’s tough at times

Where you strive hard for reward,

Being drawn to loving eyes

May bring ecstatic life accord.


Nice romance there then, and as I mentioned them and promised last blog or so, here is a Ted & Beth poem now they are on the “Gig Tours” with me again, and more requested, here is a lead poem from their own new book..

Ted and Beth’s Book

Ted and Beth feel they’re now in heaven

And are giving their dad a loving look.

Because he’s giving them a fantastic gift,

Publishing their own personal book.

For while they already have a fan club

And their very own Facebook page too,

Now getting a whole book about them

Has made all their dreams come true.

For everybody seems to love them

And hear about their adventures bold,

Including having their poems read out

On the radio, and in newspapers told.

And so we are clearly seeing now

The popularity of this mischievous pair,

Whose antics include flooding a bath

Hiding slippers, and making people stare,

In disbelief at their outrageous fun,

That whilst naughty is never very bad.

Because they have learnt to enjoy life,

And to laugh and not be too sad.

Thus Ted and Beth warmly welcome you

Into the wacky world of teddy bear glee,

To share some bizarre ideas and deeds

Written by their human dad, who is me.


That poem is in The Bears new book which is doing quite well and for “kids” of all ages and a “must” at just £6.99.

I should mention in all this “Fabulous Flowing” that I am backed by the excellent James Harvey now both my website Guru and Publisher who can help you too, so is on “soulsong.co.uk” and well worth a try! That should get me a discount for my Book TWELVE that I’m working on, nod, nod, wink, wink, and NOT in any Dirty B way for pumpkins or plums either.

Another poem that for no specific reason I don’t promote much, WELL I do have over 500 poems I have written now, comes now and maybe a little bit me?

I Am Spartacus

Yes I am Spartacus I cried out

Like in the film of the same name,

About Spartacus who led a slave revolt

The Roman empire struggled to tame.

But after defeating by superior numbers

The Romans wanted the man behind it all,

So threatened to torture all who’d revolted

Until Spartacus and slaves stood up to call,

That they were all the notorious leader

So desperately sought by the empire elite,

Who were petrified others would now rise up

Against a hated regime they wanted to defeat.

Thus now that bold and famous shout

Owning up to being the man that meant,

So much as a brave and resisting hero

Is today a statement of determined intent.

For by shouting his name out proudly

It showed a courageous and a fighting side,

So I respect and salute the likes of him

And also tried to show an honest pride,

In everything that I have said and done

When battling along my paths in life.

And not flinching from any twisted truth

Of false words cutting like a knife.

Because I still believe in myself and manage

To hold my conscience and integrity true,

In the face of some cruel envy and lies

Slanderously said about some things I do.

For there is always someone struggling

With their jealousy and a bitterness,

So they can never be at a hearts rest

While you succeed and they’re a mess.

So I will gladly shout out I am Spartacus

And own up to who I am and stand for,

Though others may not sit well with this

But as an honest man I can do no more.


MMMmmmm from my Book 8, and like the following Book 9, probably gives out more of me and all I was dealing with at a quite personally sad and difficult time, but lol HEY I am still standing and smiling.


*Twins favourite fruit is said to be pears.

*I saw a chameleon yesterday so I guess not a very good one?

*I read recently that frogs wear open toed shoes

*A chicken crossed the playground to get to the other slide

Another poem and from my fourth book.

Alone in the Mirror

I am alone in the mirror

With this face I’ve come to know,

That’s been staring back at me

From so many years ago.

But that face has changed now

Though the expression is the same,

For it has seen much of life

And situations you can’t tame.

This face has looked on loss

So tragic it creased with pain,

While trying hard to smile out

As inside the heart was slain.

Inner traumas rocked the soul

Which nearly split the seam.

Causing untold agony but,

Outside the face would beam.

So laughter which we cherish

Has cracked the outer look,

Though these smiles fed lines

Can belie the times it shook,

With mirth, and sometimes grief

As it was worn across the years,

That eroded pristine youth

With many of life’s fears.

So that cruel mirror on my wall

Reflects the good and bad,

Showing with lines and wrinkles

All the years of life I’ve had.

But I’m not ashamed of this

Please don’t be taken in.

For though sometimes I force it,

Years drop off when I grin.


More flowing activities for me include a stall and collection for Help for Heroes at Langney Shopping centre Tesco, thanks manager Seb, this Friday 2nd September from 9 am, a stall at Hailsham Festival book fair this coming Saturday, an article in Eastbourne Herald “possibly” September 9th, new gig venues coming up in a busy looking (flowing?) next couple of months and to top it all my old recently caught up with, school friend Donbo D bought ALL of my eleven books in one go, CHEERS man, that ensured over £30 in one swift go to Help for Heroes. Phew it’s all enough to make me go dizzy, but perhaps I have a head start, but I luuuuuuuuuuuuuurrvve it all!

Ted & Beth (and animal friends) are all very excited about the gigs and events they are going to, but still remember to say HELLO to you as do “I” with usual BIG thanks, so after a busy spell and News Blog where I am sure I have forgotten something, it is nearly time to close but with seemingly regular now romance poem for all you lovers, birds (as in doves) sweethearts, sugar plums, apricots, pears (pairs) etc comes =

Coincidental Chance

You spoke to me out of the blue

And I didn’t know who you were,

But like Pitney’s “24 hours from Tulsa”

Such happenings can occur.

For I had felt an instant shudder

That I couldn’t quite control,

Also a strange realisation

You had touched my very soul.

We did the awkward introductions

That two strangers muddle through,

After your identity mistake

That I was someone else you knew.

So I tried to cover your blushes

And embarrassment so clear,

Though again I felt compelled

By the need to hold you near.

Thus we both stood quite flustered

By clearly felt sensations,

Running through the two of us

Defying all explanations,

As to what had just happened

In an amazing heartbeat,

When people blend together

And their very souls now meet.

Now you look at me and say my name

And I go shaky at the knees,

But when I felt your touch

I thought my blood would freeze.

So now we need to decipher

Just what we can understand

About this, and further actions,

As we walk off, hand in hand.


So, thanks again as The Journey Continues FLOWINGLY 

Love, light and Smiles,

Laurie xx

All eleven of my books :–

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These all ensure my donation to the excellent charity I support, promote and donate to, that being Help for Heroes.

My first 3 books are only priced £4.99 each, with my 4th and 5th bigger books at £6.99. My new 9th, 8th, 7th and sixth books, all bigger are still £9.99, while my “Best Of” 10th book is only £7.99, and are for sale on Amazon, book stores or preferably from me ………….. lw1800@hotmail.co.uk Or 07967 355236

I can now also write a “Personal Poem” for you, your family, any event or your business too…….

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