Following my previous Blogs being entitled “Forward Gear, Cruise Control and Opening Up” it does seem right that this offering is called “Arrival” or perhaps getting there? Now exactly where or what “there” is can become a subject of conjecture with people apparently having their own different interpretations, stretching from the saucy, bizarre, unusual, to the very personal even, but don’t worry, for with my “Poetic Licence” I won’t be calling the police!
  I will explain though, for in actual fact I have a particularly apt poem and title on this very subject of arrival and getting there that I will have to disclose next blog, as I cannot post it at the moment. Bit of intrigue “there” then, but I WILL reveal all, I promise.
The more astute among you will recall my 6th book of that exact title “Reveals All”, but moving swiftly on then Laurie for i do have a poem from my second book called Arrival of Love..

Arrival of Love

When love arrives the first time

You will never be quite the same,

Despite wise words of people older

Your heart is hobbled, you are lame.

For you will think you know it all

With the fluttering thrill of love,

Turning grey into a blinding light

As if sent down by heaven above.

You no longer walk about, but fly

Fuelled by compliments that flowed,

From your lover, this faultless one

Who all their love on you bestowed.

So your soaring heart glows bright,

Within your very soul and breast.

Marring sight and convincing you

That you’ll pass your every test.

Your head will try hard to steer

A safe course of sense and welfare,

But your heart will not be cooled

From loves bright, saintly glare.

Dreams of wonder and dancing joy

Will swell into the heart and soul,

At the very sight of the one you love

Who makes the bells of Utopia toll.

For they can never do any wrong

And will love you all your years,

With their body, heart and kisses

And be your armour against all fears.

For you will think you know it all

With the fluttering thrill of love,

And the finding of your soul mate

Whose body fits you like a glove.

So walk in wonder, sun and light

Alongside your angel, who has fed

Your very breath, thought and being

That your heart rules, not your head.


An important arrival for many people “there” then, but now for me personally I just mean that much of Pre Covid is arriving again with me being requested to go back and do my reading gigs and entertaining at past venues, with new gigs being offered as well. Ted & Beth are very happy, and we did the first for a while at the beautiful setting of Chaseley Trust last Friday, 24 th. That I ended up  (unexpectedly) on Open Mic stage that same evening to read 3 of my very well received poems, probably says much about arrival now. I genuinely only went for something to eat and a beer, but I’m chuffed to say that it went extremely well, and am invited back next month.

Add to that a few onward booked future gigs and more in the pipeline and my arrival (back to where I was before C C?) is progressing nicely.

Another poem and this time one from my 7th book “Poet Reflects Your World” and entitled “Where” (have my years gone?) I read out live on BBC Radio Sussex & Surrey on June 10th, again on the sublime Sylvie Blackmore show I seem regularly to be on now.


Where have all my years gone

And can I please get them back?

I promise that I won’t waste them

For I never let sad times stack

Up too highly in my world,

In those years of mine now past.

And I nearly always enjoyed myself

I guess why time went so fast.

So where have those years gone

Along with so many great days?

For I can still vividly remember

The songs and music that plays,

Like a magical memory jukebox

Rewinding much love and fun,

As they bring back situations

Where all was said and done.

Oh I can recall so many people

Sadly though some have gone,

Though their days are remembered

When they danced and faces shone,

From disco lights and silhouettes

Or maybe it was too much drink.

But that was in the distant past

Which makes me stop to think,

Just where have my years gone?

For it doesn’t seem that long,

When my features were pristine

Like some newly written song.

Now as I look very fondly back

Over all those years I’ve had,

And people met and places seen

With more happier days than sad,

I feel my lifetime has stretched

Across many a stunning sunset,

But I hope for more to come

As I’m not ready to go just yet!


Yes, where indeed? But that poem does contain a couple of my favourite lines, which from over 500 poems I’ve written is not too bad!

Continuing on my “Radio Guest Slots” I was also on Hailsham FM on June18th with the excellent Simon Herbert, mainly talking about Ted & Beth’s new book “Poetic Antics of Ted & Beth”, my recent activities and Help for Heroes support, so only right I follow with one of their poems next, so here is “Space Bears” from the book.

Space Bears

Ted and Beth are keen on space travel

And both fancy being an astronaut,

Though as ever haven’t thought it through

With all you need to do, and to be taught.

But all this has never worried our Ted

Who has a confidence big as a horse,

So just assumes he can easily do it

Which we know is wrong of course.

Now Beth she isn’t always so sure

But will follow her Ted to the very end,

Whatever trouble it often gets her in

Or to the difficult places it can send.

So they have both contacted NASA

And put their training applications in,

Thus are now waiting very excitably

And can’t wait for their career to begin.

But sadly life doesn’t always work out

And no teddy bears have been in space,

So our bears are going to be disappointed

Although for them it is no disgrace,

Because when their bad news came back

Saying that neither had been selected,

Both were sent little teddy space suits

Which they hadn’t really expected.

So now they are walking about proudly

Both with helmets firmly in place,

Along with their little teddy space suits

That sadly won’t be worn up in space.

But of course we’ve come to know

Nothing much daunts our hero bears,

Who soon forgot the disappointment

Carrying on their lives without cares.


So there they are then, bless them, but very happy and accomplished bears, and certainly not donkeys.


* When Moses makes tea he brews

*Lazy people exercise by doing Diddly Squats

*The number 288 should never be used as it is too gross.

I really hope you all get the jokes, yeah, I mean actually “get them”, or do you?

A Shout Out now for my “Guvnor” James Harvey who is both my Website Guru & Publisher which he does (both) excellently and is on “” if you require his reliably services and reasonably priced too. A big “Hi” now as he has slipped into Blighty from Bali for a while.

As of some included photos I was again (June 10/11th) at Upnor castle re-enacting living history and again finding that some people of a certain gender like a kilt and uniform, although others might prefer the police uniform it seems. 

Upnor castle also have my books for sale there now too, and as slight twist on the Sunday I had to quickly pack up to get to my car to do my live BBC Radio Sussex interview with Sylvie, so went from an “old world” to modern very smartly. (LOL Often Imitated but NEVER Duplicated is your Psychy Poet)…  

Apart from thanking you all as usual I should mention that Ted & Beth’s own book, as photo included, is selling quite well but some of my regulars haven’t bought it yet, so come on guys or you may miss out.

Last poem, and as now customary is a romance section offering, (come on we ALL like romance) and fits the blog theme I would suggest?


Dreamy figures of great delight

All come dancing into view,

I have a panorama of beauty

But know what I must do.

For you have made intrusions

Seismic like upon my soul,

As we determine to be together

Making our separate pieces whole,

Like some closely fitting jigsaw

That a glorious picture makes,

For it had become quite desperate

To complete for both our sakes.

I can still see your posture

With majestic desire for me,

That I had to return with vigour

How it was designed to be.

Now disappearing from all else

Except the views fixed in our sight,

We released basic desires

With erupting volcano might.

So now our jigsaw was complete

And you in your ecstasy cried,

Whilst we had flown together

Returning to land satisfied.


Jigsaw “there” to finish our blog theme then, so thanks to all as,

The Journey continues to ARRIVE !!!!!!

Bye for now from myself and Ted & Beth,

Laurie xx

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