Hello, and I guess I could claim that this latest Blog title of “Opening Up” follows theme of my previous offerings of “Forward Gear & Cruise Control” , but that wouldn’t be totally true, although the sequence does follow logically, and yes, the way my brain works. My one little overworked brain cell I suppose, but it does do quite well I think.

So opening up then, and my “Poetry World and I” are certainly doing that, for my reading gigs are starting to be requested again, some the first for over two years after Curse Covid raised its unwanted head. As venues are starting to let visitors in more, I will pursue those even more now.
Ted & Beth are very happy to say that their new book, as of included photo, is starting to get attention and sell, so they are confident of even more success with it.
I think I should now post their book lead poem next, so please enjoy..

Ted and Beth’s Book

Ted and Beth feel they’re now in heaven

And are giving their dad a loving look.

Because he’s giving them a fantastic gift,

Publishing their own personal book.

For while they already have a fan club

And their very own Facebook page too,

Now getting a whole book about them

Has made all their dreams come true.

For everybody seems to love them

And hear about their adventures bold,

Including having their poems read out

On the radio, and in newspapers told.

And so we are clearly seeing now

The popularity of this mischievous pair,

Whose antics include flooding a bath

Hiding slippers, and making people stare,

In disbelief at their outrageous fun,

That whilst naughty is never very bad.

Because they have learnt to enjoy life,

And to laugh and not be too sad.

Thus Ted and Beth warmly welcome you

Into the wacky world of teddy bear glee,

To share some bizarre ideas and deeds

Written by their human dad, who is me.



A good start there then, and always wise for me to give “They Bears” an early mention, okay Henry?

The bears have also been out and about with me as part of the Queens Jubilee celebrations, landing at The Incredible Cake Company South Street Eastbourne who also sell my books as well as their excellent cakes and coffee etc,, Mantle Farm near Catfield, and a big stall and fun event at Hailsham that I will mention later, so a big “Hi” to Olly and Helen at “Incred. Cakes” & Jason & Kerry doooooooown at Mantle farm lol.


I should also add re farm, that as Viktoria who mainly organised Hailsham Fate, pointed out I should have a little poem as my mobile answerphone, SO I now have, and SO does Mantle Farm as I put one (done literally off top of my head) on their phone too…. lol unlimited talents and ideas I hear the cry, but NO lol I am FAR too modest…


Of course Ted & Beth will accompany me when I guest again on the excellent Simon Herbert show on Hailsham FM on Saturday 18th June at 11 am to talk about their new book and my Help for Heroes support and fundraising, so please tune in or you miss hearing me.


Next poem is in for no particular reason apart from opening up your stride perhaps on the Yellow Brick Code that got into national final of Forward Poetry and their subsequent book too. As the poem was also very complementarily critiqued by The Poetry Society, I guess that’s another reason to put it in. Yeah, open up Laurie. 

Yellow Brick Code


The yellow brick road is attractive

And can lead to all your dreams,

But beware what is too easy

It’s not always how it seems.

Often leading to more heartache

That you ever felt could befall,

With crushed lives and sadness

And best intentions beyond recall.


So you set off on your journey

With scant care or backward look,

To follow a path to promised wonder

But sadly a wrong turn you took.

No pearly path led to your hopes

Or road to make a life fulfil

With no escape to a crowning glory,

Instead it all just made you ill!


You felt you had all the trump cards

And your win was the certain tip,

But it’s always as well to remember

That dreaded slip “twixt cup and lip”.

For it’s not what you have that’s crucial

But your use and mastery of skills,

For it’s about the singer, not the song

And how well you learn the drills.


No sanctuary can now placate you

From all that chagrins hurt inside,

For however hard you try to twist it

You just gave away your pride.

So best to try now and enjoy the chaos

Brought about by the selfish needs,

Sadly no yellow brick road for you

Only shame for sad callous deeds.



As I posted that poem all the way back to my 3rd book in 2015, I am thinking of my Book Twelve that I’m already working on, but no great rush, (lol relax James Harvey my fantastic Website Guru and Publisher on Soulsong.co.uk who wonderfully keeps his professional eye on me, and can do so for you too if needed?), but none the less I am slowly writing Oooop ideas I’ve had for a while, SO, watch this space.


JOKE TIME, lol Yeah,


*A claustrophobic astronaut just needed a little space.

* The chicken only went to the seance to get to the other side.

*I just found out that ordinary things are made in a satisfactory. 


Quick Laurie another poem then, and another nostalgic one from “way back” in April 2014 and was my very first book and lol meant to be it, but Mmmmmmmm 11 books later I’m still going well…




Laughing, smiling happy soul

Pure contentment’s all you’ve got,

Until you take a closer look

And see in fact it’s not.


Behind the easy ready smile

A mask conceals what’s true,

And betrays a deeper inner ache

That belies the outer you.


So it’s no lie that makes you laugh

And lights your outer glow,

It’s a natural pull to get away

From scenes best not to know.


But still you sail on constantly

Making happy waves and wakes,

To do the deeds required from you

Whatever pain it takes.


And thus your spiral turns and twists

And pulls you up and down,

And mocks your steadfast attitude

To look without a frown.


So now your battle rages on

Unseen and yet severe ,

While you give aid and comfort

To anyone that’s near.


Laughing, smiling happy soul

Who wants freedom like a bee,

To be stroked and brought to life

By the special ones that see.



A very touching but true story behind that as it was somebody I knew quite well as like the first couple of lines always presented as happy, although I suspected not, until one day they broke down and told me of their abusive situation in their marriage and with other complications. We were able to get some help, but apparently meanwhile my poem “helped a lot”, so yes even back then in book one my style had formed quite well.


I have left the promised news and report on Hailsham Jubilee Fair and Celebration on June 5th to last, but not least as it was a wonderful gathering with even the rain staying away. Big crowds attended and it was apparently on t v as well, but I was too busy meeting people, introducing my books and collecting for the excellent Help for Heroes, BUT I won’t be shy and say that many people knew of me through my monthly article and poem in the local free paper Hailsham News, and seemed very pleased to meet me as I was them. Great stuff that then and very encouraging and rewarding to me, so Big thanks.


Last poem then and as usual now a romance section poem for all active, wannabe and hopeful lovers?




Anything frozen can be chilled or cold

Into a state of freshness preserved,

So in a manner of speaking then

Just like something you’ve reserved,

To come back to when appropriate

And usually this will be your food.

But in other types of occasions

Maybe an event to be pursued.


Now that can be very convenient

As life does not always suit,

The situation or circumstance

On your current travel route,

Which could not work out exactly

As you would much prefer it to.

So leaving it for some time later

Is more appealing to you.


So I guess that is my situation

As I now return your way,

For I had frozen my feelings

Seeming like forever and a day.


But now all the boxes are ticked

And the timing feels just right,

For me to come and sweep you

Off your feet and out of sight.

As my frozen state was melting

I did not feel I could hold on,

Too much longer to find you

And my moment might be gone.


But I can see now by your face

You still have me in your heart,

As I swoop to lovingly take you

Where will never be apart.



All very nice there then and possibly for you I hope, but HOWEVER I cannot resist saying that if you defrost what is frozen you can OPEN IT UP, oh, lol this blog is not just thrown together….


Time to sincerely thank you all for reading and kind compliments, and yes, thanks Julian it IS a lot of work but I really enjoy it!


Ted & Beth join me in saying bye, bye for now as The Journey Continues with me OPENING UP even more,


Laurie xx



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I can now also write a “Personal Poem” for you, your family, any event or your business too…….


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