So as we have just gone into March and life generally seems to be opening up a bit as Spring, and also after “the worst?” of Covid, I thought that a Blog title “Marching” was extremely apt. LOL well I’m like that as I write poetry you know, and of course you can march with me, alongside or metaphorically and on your own, for yes it seems some people really do like to march with me.
By the left, in ordinary time, MARCH then. You can see said marching in my lead and another photo, with even the penguins having a go too. Left flipper, right flipper, waddle left, waddle right, Oh SORRY, I was watching some people then I think? AND obviously some folks will never get it right.
I need to say that I think you lovely “readers” all know that I try to keep my Blog light hearted and non political, but as The Duke of Wellington said “there is always a time to cut cards with the devil”, so I will briefly mention the obscene Russian invasion of Ukraine, and a Book 7 poem of mine that I think appropriately covers my, and seemingly most people’s, disgust =

What a Piece of …..

The wonderfully expansive Shakespeare

Wrote magnificent words on everything,

From loves joy, sadness to tragedy

Using words that made hearts sing.

One such speech and quote from Hamlet

Is “what a piece of work is man”,

Going on to exult, but question

As to why man kills all he can.

With the murder of animals for gain

And shredding world treasure to the bone.

But worse than this is man’s wars

With people keen to cast the first stone.

Bombings, shooting and killings abound

In almost accepted daily news,

When man’s bigotry, racism and hatred

Surfaces across our planet, and spews

Mass slaughter, pain and carnage,

Even now on Easter’s religious day

Sri Lanka is decimated by bombs,

As evil scum murder their way.

Oh what a piece of work is man?

Although I could answer profane,

But outrage and contemptuous disgust

Now seems is uttered in vain.

For our world drops in downward spiral

Lemming like, in a desire to die.

While in some places across the globe

A few people cry in anguish, “why”?

So maybe I can pose an answer

In that mutual respect has now gone.

A respect for man, animals and our world,

When for so many centuries joy shone.

But perhaps it’s not yet all lost

As some are intent to put things right,

So I will stand alongside them until

We stop man being a piece of shite!



Well that should “open the ball”a bit, and perhaps before we pass on from these unhappy and tragic events, the following poem fits in very well too, and hopefully not tied in too much with current sad events, from my 5th book =


Not To Reason Why


Loyal boots march where they’re told

On rough terrain or forbidding ground,

For our courageous forces go

To where danger’s often found.


Never to disobey or question

Any strange command given out,

No matter how they feel

Or how much that they doubt,

The wisdom of the orders

And so their best they’ll try,

To perform for Queen and country

For they will just do or die.


Now these heroes all have families

Who miss them when away,

From loving parents worrying

To wives who save the day,

By keeping safe their houses

Also looking after any kids,

With school runs and homework

And preventing escaping bids.


So all of this is on the mind

Of our service personnel,

Who thinking of all those at home

Must face all kinds of hell.

From heat and dust with full kit on

To those unseen exploding mines,

Or seemingly friendly children

Who with the enemy combines.


Loyal boots march where they’re told

On rough terrain or forbidding ground,

For our courageous forces go

To where danger’s often found.


Now what is it we may ask

That brings so much commitment here?

With comradeship and loyalty

To those who share their beer.

But it is something more than this

Maybe not understood by me and you,

When these mixed background heroes

Decide there’s a job to do.



My grateful tribute to our wonderful guys and girls in our Armed Forces, and also why I support and donate to the charity Help for Heroes! Of course you noted my slick fitting in of “loyal boots” marching as of title? LOL This Blog is NOT just thrown together @ James (Harvey my excellent Website Guru & Publisher) is watching me, so I have to be on the ball to score, or maybe even get a double whammy correctly!


My “marching onwards” now is going very well with a much looked forward to Gig next week, and a couple of others planned, another nice mention by Lynn Parsons of Magic FM, my BBC Radio Sussex & Surrey Valentines Day time reading of a romantic poem, an excellent article on me in The Hailsham Eye, plus my regular monthly contributions to “thesussexnewspaperonline” & Hailsham News, so all in all I am on the march well, but quite frankly even during “Curse Covid’s Worst” I never really stopped! YUP and again lol I am “Often Imitated but NEVER Duplicated” is The Psychy Poet, as I’m always ready!


Another poem now, and I guess is sticking a bit with my “shame of mankind” theme, but you please be the judge and take and hopefully enjoy as comes over to you, because although I write my thoughts, I really want them, and aim them, for you wonderful lot, and thanks to you all.

From my Third Book Reviews of Life in Verse (2015) comes =


Nature of Man


As well as my sardonic observations

With cryptic views of life’s things,

I also see nature’s wonders

Like beautiful creatures with wings,

Or amazing life all shapes and sizes

Living plants in varied hues,

Filling us with awe and amazement

And our eyes with special views.


Mr Attenborough awakened minds

Before all closed to planet Earth,

So now we can be astounded

At stunning wildlife giving birth,

With expanding growing numbers

                                                                       Living with and around us.

Some we see and take for granted

Others just live without fuss.


But though I dearly love to see nature

My main interest is the common man,

Who with knowledge, or perhaps none

Is killing our world each way he can!


I think we need to go to JOKE TIME now, SO :- 


* On a phone call centre for Marijuana you need to press the hash key

* An ice cream man found dead had hundreds & thousands covering him. It’s thought he topped himself 

* Noise Abatement Co is celebrating that doors must be closed quietly. It’s like The Silence of the Slams!


Following on from the jokes comes a poem from my 4th book, Life Scene in Verse, humour section that is very popular at Gigs (Murphy’s Law?) =


Spot of Bother


A crispy blouse or clean white shirt

Are almost certain to attract the dirt,

So however hard you try not to be rude

You will still blot your top with food,

That you observe with great dismay

For it will always happen that way.

But some food types that you chose

Are guaranteed to spoil your clothes,

With a spot here, or a splash there

Despite your best attempts at care,

For with some food it’s best to be petty

Like that messy, tricky spaghetti.

So when spruced up so smart and clean

You will make mess that’s easily seen,

With blobs and slops down your front

The poorest eyesight won’t need to hunt.

And the more you rub and wipe the stain

It will look much worse and still remain.

But men have a problem very grave

If hurrying too much when they shave,

And nick themselves, though not too big

It will still bleed like a stuck pig,

So that you wish you’d left off your top

When your bleeding refuses to stop,

And now you’re due to go smartly out

So that being on time is a big doubt.

As you must rapidly change your attire

Your readiness now goes down to the wire,

Till at last again all dressed to thrill

But any chance to stay clean is virtually nil


Marching on then still, and I most certainly am as at an excellent recent, meeting I sold quite a few books, with more requests for them, and received some great accolades for my poetry, which is nice, but also Help for Heroes was mentioned alongside getting some funds from the sales too, so I guess like the old saying that’s very hip.


Also “too much and hip, rib, Ya Man and “Outta Sight” (more old sixties sayings for our younger element lol) is an excellent article on me, my Poetry World and Help for Heroes support in The Hailsham Eye magazine this month, (mentioned earlier & with photo of it included with other pics). Yeah Nice One Cyril, again an old saying for those with clear consciences and clean minds, lol anyone left out there???.


Ted and Beth are urgently waving for a mention, (YES they are coming to the new Gigs with me) as they can see I have nearly finished, but Henry The First and Co do NOT worry they will get another mention and maybe another poem on them next Blog… phew, lol Okay guys?


Before closing with usual romance poem that can touch our hearts, cause great loving, hearts skipping, and even sibling rivalry apparently, I MUST say a BIG thanks to Debbie B who as I was reminded by my “success content” in the magazine article, has encouraged and supported me from my very start, that short, but long in achievement, eight years ago… Take a bow Debbie B!


Romantic poem then, but hold on, gasp for air and open the windows, (but maybe pull down the blinds?) because =



Dreamy figures of great delight

All come dancing into view,

I have a panorama of beauty

But know what I must do.

For you have made intrusions

Seismic like upon my soul,

As we determine to be together

Making our separate pieces whole,

Like some closely fitting jigsaw

That a glorious picture makes,

For it had become quite desperate

To complete for both our sakes.

I can still see your posture

With majestic desire for me,

That I had to return with vigour

How it was designed to be.

Now disappearing from all else

Except the views fixed in our sight,

We released basic desires

With erupting volcano might.

So now our jigsaw was complete

And you in your ecstasy cried,

Whilst we had flown together

Returning to land satisfied.


Yup all satisfied I hope and that poem is from my 4th book as named above, but again a full list is at the end.


SO as per usual my BIG thanks to you all for being there, reading, encouraging me and giving some great and well appreciated compliments as,


 The Journey Continues MARCHINGLY, and in time..


Thanks, Love, Light & Smiles,


Laurie xx


All ten of my books :–

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These all ensure my donation to the excellent charity I support, promote and donate to, that being Help for Heroes.

My first 3 books are only priced £4.99 each, with my 4th and 5th bigger books at £6.99. My new 9th, 8th, 7th and sixth books, all bigger are still £9.99, while my “Best Of” 10th book is only £7.99, and are for sale on Amazon, book stores or preferably from me ………….. Or 07967 355236

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