So another Valentines Day is coming on February 14th with all that goes along with it. Forgotten, hidden from, or ignored by some, prompted by others or perhaps even eagerly awaited by fervent lovers, and boy does this world need some love at the moment! 
Love is all consuming and touches people of all ages, so if you are lucky enough to be enjoying love at the moment, then rock on and go for it❤️.

To coincide with the “love time” I am again on the sublime Sylvie Blackmore show  on BBC Radio Sussex, Surrey etc Sunday 13th February at 15.40, (or lol “20 to four” if easier?), to read out one of my most popular romance poems! Which one Laurie? Ha ha tune in to find out, or you can get to hear the recording later.

Okay time I got started, so into the love we go, and so after surviving thus far from all the turmoil of attraction that is, luuuuurrvve has arrived💘!

From my 2nd book comes:-

Arrival of Love

When love arrives the first time

You will never be quite the same,

Despite wise words of people older

Your heart is hobbled, you are lame.

For you will think you know it all

With the fluttering thrill of love,

Turning grey into a blinding light

As if sent down by heaven above.

You no longer walk about, but fly

Fuelled by compliments that flowed,

From your lover, this faultless one

Who all their love on you bestowed.

So your soaring heart glows bright,

Within your very soul and breast.

Marring sight and convincing you

That you’ll pass your every test.

Your head will try hard to steer

A safe course of sense and welfare,

But your heart will not be cooled

From loves bright, saintly glare.

Dreams of wonder and dancing joy

Will swell into the heart and soul,

At the very sight of the one you love

Who makes the bells of Utopia toll.

For they can never do any wrong

And will love you all your years,

With their body, heart and kisses

And be armour against all fears.

For you will think you know it all

With the fluttering thrill of love,

And the finding of your soul mate

Whose body fits you like a glove.

So walk in wonder, sun and light

Alongside your angel, who has fed

Your very breath, thought and being

That your heart rules, not your head!


Do you remember or still have that feeling making your heart go boo? I really hope you do. 

A romantic fact you may know, but nice anyway, is that as per their included photo, penguins have one partner for life, and in the reported (lol by who?) times they don’t get on they have a “penguin divorce” and start off again. Who remembers pick, pick, pick up a penguin advert? Lovely romantic story about penguins though!

From my 3rd book now, yes see I was romantic from my start…

Feeling Special

When we’re together I am somewhere

But lost and nowhere when I’m alone,

For with you I can skip and cartwheel

Though if apart my heart’s a stone.

So secretly I’ll be your personal ghost

All around, watching with my stare,

I am the out breath, when in you breathe

And I’m the wind that blows your hair.

Thus note the trembling at your sleeve

And feel the itch you cannot scratch,

Because I’m the warm light that shines

Like darkness lit by a match!

When we’re together I am somewhere

But lost and nowhere when I’m alone,

For with you I can skip and cartwheel

Though if apart my heart’s a stone!

Should you feel sensation at your blouse

Or some finite movement at your skirt,

And heartbeats move to unfelt rhythm

It’s just me protecting you from hurt.

Be not afraid when you see a shadow

Or feel a touch, moth like at the ear,

It’s just my presence come to love you

And ensure safe passages you steer.

So have no fear of the world around you

Even lightning strikes from above,

Because you’re safe within an armour

Fashioned by my spirits love.


All lovely romantic stuff and even , yes EVEN, Our Bears are joining in!

Bears in Love

Ted and Beth have been together

For over sixteen years now,

And still they love one another

Both uttering a teddy “wow”,

When they smile and have a cuddle

That they will frequently do.

For though they often muck about

Their love for each other is true.

Beth was alone when found by Ted

And since they’ve never been apart,

Being a very true loving pair

Joined by a special teddy heart.

They have also shared adventures

Like touring Australia in a tent,

And going off on a long cruise

They thought was heaven sent.

Now regularly going to France

They’ll relax at their place there,

Enjoying a dinghy on the lake

And playing without a care.

Though they find time for mischief

Getting up to naughty japes,

As they’re both still young at heart

Constantly getting into scrapes.

But mostly the bears love each other

Although fame has brought temptation,

But their regard for life together

Won’t allow a tarnished reputation.

So they continue as a perfect couple

Happily sharing time and joy,

Because Beth is Ted’s special lady

And he’s her favourite teddy boy.


Yeah, you just HAVE to love them don’t you? Bless them, AND they are coming out to a couple of new gigs with me soon too, so they are very happy bears again now!🐻🐻

Come on now, anyone feeling luuuuuurrvved up, broody or heaven forbid jealous? No surely not as we all have a past, but lol some have a bigger one than others? A past that is you naughty, romantic lot, but hold on more romance is coming💕.

Love Symphonies

A wonderful symphony of music

Is such a great joy to behold,

As it happily reminds me of ladies

That I’ve been privileged to hold.

Because intense love with another

And beautiful music can combine,

To ecstatic heights and feelings

Which will be yours and mine.

For we can explore personal zones

Just like our own duets of pleasure,

That also makes our bodies sing

With momentous times to treasure.

So enjoy those intimate sensations

Of seismic feelings of throbbing joy,

For I can now be any hero you want

While you’re my lovely Helen of Troy,

Although our strong feelings of love

Will certainly not start another war,

But can cause earthquake vibrations

That will make both our hearts soar.

For any love is like a great musical

With its moving highs and lows,

But be certain my wonderful angel

I will ensure our love never goes,

From us or even fades a little

As always ends with a crescendo,

To strum solo rhythms and rifts

Making deep joy all we know.

Now just lay back and fully enjoy

Our own symphonies of love,

With arias and sweet movements

That make us fly to heaven above.


Phew anyone getting hot, YES, yes I know YOU are bears, and possibly anyone hearing this for the first time too, maybe? C’mon own up.

JOKE TIME , lol to calm things down? 

  • If you get a bladder infection, you know that urine trouble.
  • Covid has now caused a pencil shortage so could really be 2B or not 2B?
  • Monkey’s are notoriously deaf, but its been found that if they inhabit vineyards they can hear it all through the ape wine!
Another romantic story you may not know, well The Psychy Poet is always willing to teach new stories, so the Turtle Doves are included as they love and are recognised as love symbols, but do you know why?
I am sure there are other stories, but this is the one I know from Greek Mythology and is that the doves pulled the chariot of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, and thus the doves are known and associated as “love birds”, good a?

A couple of “teasers” as just poem starts (but are ALL in my books listed at end).

Soft Touch

You have a very special touch

That’s both soft and sincere,

And I must confess to melting

The moment you are near.

So what is the big difference

From other women I have known?

Perhaps it’s allure and chemistry

That are your very own.


Well that’s from my 5th book, and …


A desert with its vast distances

Of desolation and lonely quiet.

Would seem to many undesirable,

But for me and you just right.

For I could have you all to myself

So not have to worry about others,

Who could perhaps discover us

And maybe blow our covers.


So that is from book seven and quite mysteriously romantic, but just WHAT does it mean? LOL C’mon you nosey people work it out or buy the book.

I really hope you are enjoying this “festival of love” we all have, are, or did enjoy those sensations of love. Cue another poem.

Sensations of Love

From lovestruck teen to an older heart

Love can arrive and catapult you,

To unscaled heights and sensations

With many vibrant feelings anew,

Soaring and gliding across the skies

Like operatic arias touching your core.

In fact you are so moved and ecstatic

You feel a need to beg for more.

So mesmerised by a dazzling light

That seems to shine right inside,

Your very secret, inner soul

Leaving nowhere left to hide.

For like a melting of frozen lakes

Washing all the icebergs away,

A controlling spirit leads you

To another rapturous day.

Thus stunned and filled with wonder

You walk majestically about,

Believing whatever comes now

Will be joyous without a doubt.

For slowly you come to realise

Some great miracle has occurred,

Brought by this faultless muse

That your whole being has stirred.

So who is this magnificent angel

And how did they spread such love?

For you now believe you’re flying

Alongside passing clouds above.

The sun is now in your pocket

With many other exhilarations.

As you have come to realise

You’re caught by loves sensations.


For those playing close attention you may guess where I will be reading that poem out somewhere very soon The poem though comes from my 7th of my now ten published books, so lol come on keep up.

Nearly the end of our romantic journey now, so maybe to show I’m still writing new romance poems, this last offerings was only written about a year ago and is in my 9th book published only October last year 2021. Please enjoy.

Love and Trees

Maybe you’ll never see how much I love you

Or possibly realise that you’re so adored,

Because it may have all overpowered you

Making you complacent and perhaps bored.

For sometimes too much of a good thing

Can confuse and just seem like the norm,

But do not dismiss all that you receive

Freely given in every way and form.

Perhaps you take the trees for granted

With their magnificent spread and shade,

Forever constant in this glory of gifts

As if by angels they were all made.

For on many occasions in busy lives

Such statuesque wonder isn’t seen,

Until arrival of sad or tranquil times

Awakens you to this sea of green.

Standing proudly tall or stretching wide

Poplars, willow, birch or imperial oak,

Nobly constant with liberal generosity

Of beautiful sights that they provoke,

In redundant minds and sad emotions

Confined to the mundane, or dire.

Before unleashing spectacles of delight

Causing a heart to soar much higher.

So the wonders now unseen or noted

Of unconditional love and adoration,

Could easily slip by sadly missed

If not aroused to an ecstatic elation.

Thus take a brief considering moment

And open your beautiful eyes to see,

How this priceless love is passing by

Offered wholly to you from me.


Phew, I think I must stop there, and as The Journey Continues, it will do so completely LOVINGLY….

Thanks to you all for being there, and so its a loving goodbye for now from myself and our loving bears too,🐻🐻

Laurie xx

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