A brave new year then, but will it be? A good question I think because after all our “Happy New Year” wishes are done, what awaits us I wonder? Many people are still cowed and hiding from Curse Covid I think, while many are refusing to get vaccinated or are indifferent to this, and probably a larger number are possibly just confused by it all.
Meanwhile life will carry on, or perhaps limp on for some who seem to get more than their fair share of rough luck or illnesses, but I still have my hopes as I’m often kindly complimented as an ” inspirational, philosophical and life aware poet”, (THANKS so much) so with no punches pulled here is my concerned poem from my 7th book  (Poet Reflects Your World), (list at end as usual), entitled “What a Piece of….”  

What a Piece of …..

The wonderfully expansive Shakespeare

Wrote magnificent words on everything,

From loves joy, sadness to tragedy

Using words that made hearts sing.

One such speech and quote from Hamlet

Is “what a piece of work is man”,

Going on to exult, but question

As to why man kills all he can.

With the murder of animals for gain

And shredding world treasure to the bone.

But worse than this is man’s wars

With people keen to cast the first stone.

Bombings, shooting and killings abound

In almost accepted daily news,

When man’s bigotry, racism and hatred

Surfaces across our planet, and spews

Mass slaughter, pain and carnage,

Even now on Easter’s religious day

Sri Lanka is decimated by bombs,

As evil scum murder in their way.

Oh what a piece of work is man?

Although I could answer profane,

But outrage and contemptuous disgust

Now seems is uttered in vain.

For our world drops in downward spiral

Lemming like, in a desire to die.

While in some places across the globe

A few people cry in anguish, “why”?

So maybe I can pose an answer

In that mutual respect has now gone.

A respect for man, animals and our world,

When for so many centuries joy shone.

But perhaps it’s not yet all lost

As some are intent to put things right,

So I will stand alongside them until

We stop man being a piece of shite!


Quite a powerful poem there then, or lol so I’m told, but strangely my “nicey nice” poems are much more widely read than my other thought-provoking offerings when I put them on social media etc, maybe sometimes I’m “too close to home for some with my writing?”

As I’m in a slightly deeper mode I will add the next poem from increasingly sad observations and news, for there seems to sadly be an increase in littering of our streets and countryside, whist beautiful areas are increasingly used as rubbish tips by selfish and mindless morons we are obliged to share our wonderful world with, whilst our world is ravaged and animals killed for plain human greed. Anyway, I’m sure the perpetrators of such lack of respect and ignorance won’t be reading this, but those who do can maybe be vigilant?

 Yeah, right the poem then and from my Book 4 Life Scene in Verse comes =

Living Well

If you’re thirsty you may go to the well

To quench your thirst with a drink.

And you may do it automatically

Without ever stopping to think,

About how the water got there

Or the need to put something back,

Because the water may soon run dry

If the well is allowed to crack.

For in our world little comes for free

Although plenty will live for this,

By taking out everything they can

And giving help requests a miss.

For they are too busy taking all

It’s possible to get lazy hands upon,

Ensuring when it’s payback time

They’ll be well and truly gone.

So for us in a concerned majority

Is the need take care of our well

And other gifts passed on to us,

As they are not ours to waste or sell.

When the sacrifice of many others

Gave them up without a cost,

Only a big responsibility of trust

To see they are never lost.

Thus this commitment is now ours

To appreciate and protect this wealth,

Of the things we may take for granted

All the time they’re in good health.

But just a little thought and effort

Will see our gifts all safely supplied,

And to know our drinking well is flowing

Will meet our wish after we’ve died.


Okay, well I did put a question mark after title Brave New Year, so on we go but in lighter mood, and some news….

My regular articles in “thesussexnewspaperonline” and Hailsham News will be out soon, but lol I must sadly admit that I’ve not been on the radio for over two weeks now, so MUST be slipping, ALTHOUGH I do seem to be getting some more interested eyes on my work, but take care for I’m “Often Imitated but NEVER Duplicated” so lol KEEP OOOOOP 🤣.

I do though have a stall for two days this coming weekend 8/9th January at the prestigious “Lifestyle” Exhibition at The Welcome Building, Eastbourne from 10am. Come and say hi, and perhaps buy a book or two that donate to Help for Heroes charity.

Before I keep a promise as I move onto “lighter mode” a quick “Hi” to Julian who has just joined us all on here, so thanks to him and ALL you other wonderful regular stalwarts too, THANKS! 😍😍.

My promise, (so you watching Henry The First and other youngsters?) was to include another Ted & Beth poem, and they are just SO excited having only recently managed to calm down a bit from Christmas,,, From my 5th Book =

Nimble Paws

Now despite being quite mischievous

Some things Ted and Beth keep quiet.

As they like to have some secrets

And not always want to run riot,

Or cause any playful chaos

That mostly they will do.

So I will whisper they like dancing

But that’s between me and you.

Thus Beth likes the slow sensual

Movements of the waltz,

While Ted loves the flamboyance

Of a dramatic dance of course.

So while Beth will slink around

With Ted counting one, two, three,

He much prefers the lively tango

And cavorts for all to see.

But naturally they have to practice

And that is how I caught them out,

Sneaking in to see unnoticed

Both Ted’s strut, and Beth’s pout.

Though I made sure I wasn’t caught

So can have another crafty look,

At those lovable, naughty bears

Learning their dancing from a book.

But meanwhile I love to tease them

And they don’t know what to say,

When I creep up behind them

With a loud shout of “ole!”


Ted a Beth at their very best there then, lol bless them, and very popular at Gigs they were too, and let’s hope very soon to resume as we adjust to this Covid Cloud horror.😟


My mate didn’t like his beard at first, but it soon grew on him.

I went to an energetic “Seafood” Disco Bar and pulled a mussel.

Red Indians were the first people in the USA as they had reservations.

A jump lead went into a bar and got served but was warned not to start anything.

I hope you like the jokes still, many tell me they do but are a bit shy to comment and communicate this though. Many others struggle to get them with their heads probably in the air or on Mars? 

As I don’t see so many friends, and people generally really, as Curse Covid continues to dictate much, I have not been able to sell my books to some lovely regulars who normally buy, so I will repeat that I can post out, deliver free in local to Eastbourne area etc, so please get in touch. Again, I mention the books list at end of this. 

Near the end now and I hope this “Brave New Year” is good for you all, brave or not, but of course we can choose how we react to this ever-consuming virus riddled world, but however we respond, let us do it bravely, for if you take a chance in life, maybe out of your comfort zone, who knows what can occur?

Last poem and as regular now a “Romance” section poem, (Ted & Beth are jumping up and down as yeah, they are lovers too), and from my 5th book “Life Presented in Verse” comes one of my “make you tingle” (I’m advised ❤️ lol) poems entitled Blindspot, so hold on, (to somebody?) tighly.


Solid foundations can crumble

As a solid structure quakes,

When love crashes into lives

With the vibrations that it makes.

For a complete stranger may suddenly

Cause childish behaviours to show.

When for no apparent reason

They arouse feelings you don’t know.

As something about them haunts

Some deep and inner thought,

That you only have at those times

When desire and lust are caught

Seeping into your own world,

And giving such a lonely view,

So are shattered dramatically

When emotions awake you.

With bright eyes alluring gleam

And ocean depths revealing,

Every attraction you can’t resist

As your defences all start peeling.

So you feel completely naked

To those beautiful probing eyes,

As you recoil in shocked confusion

And can speak no words, just sighs.

For if you can believe in this

Miracle of attractions glow,

You never know when you will fall

Under magic moments flow

To take you on a journey,

Though you may not move too far

As your dreamy loving muse

Just wants you as you are!


Yeah, a really “nicey nice lovvy” poem there as I say bye for now and thanks to you all again, but HEY please come and see me at The Welcome Building (adjacent to Congress Theatre) 8th & 9th January, this weekend!

Thank again then as The Journey Continues BRAVELY,

Laurie xx

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