Delivering, now that can be a manifold subject and perhaps my photos attached will expand on a delivering theme. Sadly an iconic photo from 1940 of a milkman delivering as usual, but in the rubble after another night bombing raid during The Blitz on London, won’t for some reason upload here, but never mind I have mentioned it.
I am thinking more of delivering this my latest Blog news article and on my ninth book now virtually ready soon, so will soon be delivered out. Patience though, give me another three weeks or so…
Although our world is slowly getting back to a nearer normal after our suffered “Covid Blitz”, many events and opportunities are still not happening, like the entertaining world for example, where my poetry reading gigs had blossomed before Coronavirus killed it all off, thus my news remains (unusually for me)a bit restricted, so my ninth and latest book has taken priority, but I’m confident the new aspects of it will make it worthwhile
As a “taster” for my new book then, my usual basic style continues with some evocative titles such as “Body Alive, Stretcher Bearers, Love, Romance and Lust, Fish on a Bike, Figment, Armistice, Oh Happy Death?” and naturally poems about our Ted n Beth, including “Ted and Beth’s Fishing Trip”, so plenty to entertain, PLUS the surprises in the new book.👍 
First poem and with a “delivering” slant……

Myths and Legends

History tells of many legends

But are they all true?

Or just poetic fabrication

To enrapture me and you.

For some seem too amazing

With acts of stunning wonder,

So are they really believable

Or just a factual blunder?

Which just sound good as stories

But are more myth than fact.

As somewhere along the line

The credibility was hacked.

So maybe I’m just a cynic

Who won’t swallow a party line,

But like the leopard and it’s spots

Can dull coins really shine?

For some great heroes of the past

Don’t stand a glare of scrutiny,

And a hard look back at facts

Show us another side to see.

And that closer look conflicts,

With what we’re led to believe.

But with events so long ago

It’s very easy to deceive!

So I prefer to look around

To find real heroes every day,

Who go about their business

In a brave, intrepid way.

From nurses, police and soldiers

To fire and ambulance teams.

Who always do their best,

However big the danger seems.


Obviously you saw the delivery connection there? No? Go on you did really, but in case the odd person (lol individual person that is, as no “odd people” on here, or are there? who didn’t twig it was of course delivery of service.

Okay, I’ll give you a little break and also a start of one of my poems in new book, so =

Born Anew

I’m confronted by crossroads and junctions

When I would prefer one straight lane,

Because these various direction choices

Are not helping me much to stay sane.

For many ideas and choices avail me

Since I have left the clinging mire.

Leaving me in quite a bewilderment

As to what is now my heart’s desire.

Because I had spent so long battling

To be both caring and master of all,

And that is an almost impossible task

From which it so very easy to fall.


Intriguing a? But all revealed in the book with even my Appendix on some poems to help😇

Another poem with a sort of vague delivery theme, lol keep up, or “keep OOooop”,and from my 6th book comes…

Ritual Dance

Performing in many offices or workplace

Dashing in and out of meetings too,

You can easily see the peacocks

Strutting in front of me and you.

For they’re puffed up with importance

Believing they are the very best,

Though fail to see the world will turn

After they’re finally laid to rest.

With manic excesses, that won’t be long

When combined with a ritual dance,

Like some sad, lovelorn peacock

Caught up in egotistic trance.

So extended beyond any competence

With their arrogance on show,

Masking and covering ignorance

That they don’t seem to know.

For this presumption and conceit

Manifests right across their game,

So not seeing any shortfalls

They just remain the same.

Thus on and on goes their dance

With energetic, ignorant bliss.

Which slowly drains wasted days

Until death’s angel plants her kiss.



1) As the NHS is short of midwives, they are recruiting Postmen as they’re good at delivering !

2) A dyslexic man walked into a bra

3) I was told I had Type A blood but it was just a typo

4) I have just got a job in a local bakery as I kneaded the dough

Okay, okay, okay, another poem then…


A ricochet is a rebound

Not arriving where intended,

Often hitting someone by mistake

And not so easily mended.

For the person hit or injured

Still feels the same pain,

As if they were aimed at

But are lucky they’re not slain.

So whether an actual missile

Or an angry spoken word,

Wasn’t meant for the victim

The suffering is real and heard.

For sadly in everyday lives

We get more than we can take,

So if we explode and lash out

Our outburst has no brake,

Should we see it’s badly aimed

And heading in a wrong direction.

Which causes distress and regret

At the lack of aimed perfection.

It can also be the same with love

And relationships on a rebound,

That is also a form of ricochet

If a true love isn’t found.

So it’s probably best to take time

And make certain our aim is sure,

Because even Cupid gets it wrong

Which can only lead to more,

Heartache, hurt and upset

Firing off without a thought.

Which causes pain and anguish

If careless revenge is sought.


You may need to look a bit harder for theme or lol just not bother.

Ted n Beth 👅👅 are waving over to me for a mention, although there are photos of them included, but they HAVE told me they are a bit bored as no Care Home Gigs yet, and so I will only whisper this “there is only SO much mischief they can get up to”, but they DO say a big “Teddy Hi” to all their young (and older too) fans and “Henry The First” of course. Come ON though who doesn’t love our Ted & Beth ?

A slight change to my usual, do I HAVE a usual? BUT yes, a closing romance poem and there is a bit of a difference as its about Ted n Beth, but HEY we are ALL teddy bears at heart aren’t we? lol Well aren’t we?

Bears in Love

Ted and Beth have been together

For over fifteen years now,

And still they love one another

Both uttering a teddy “wow”,

When they smile and have a cuddle

That they will frequently do.

For though they often muck about

Their love for each other is true.

Beth was alone when found by Ted

And since they’ve never been apart,

Being a very true loving pair

Joined by a special teddy heart.

They have also shared adventures

Like touring Australia in a tent,

And going off on a long cruise

They thought was heaven sent.

Now regularly going to France

They’ll relax at their place there,

Enjoying a dinghy on the lake

And playing without a care.

Though they find time for mischief

Getting up to naughty japes,

As they’re both still young at heart

Constantly getting into scrapes.

But mostly the bears love each other

Although fame has brought temptation,

But their regard for life together

Won’t allow a tarnished reputation.

So they continue as a perfect couple

Happily sharing time and joy,

Because Beth is Ted’s special lady

And he’s her favourite teddy boy.


A nice “bear note” delivery there to finish on then, and hoping for more deliverance from the strangling Coronavirus soon too…

As always thanks for all your support, encouragement and interest as The Journey Continues DELIVERING, so Cheers, Peace and Love from myself and “Those Bears”,

Laurie xx

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