Yes, branching out it is from this horrid and suffocating Curse Covid world! Well I certainly am and as evidenced by some photos at the end, (lol NO peaking yet), so I want to cut loose!🤡 I may be a “Peter Pan” but I’m too old for all this depressive crape, and never run from too much, and still (somehow) standing and turning over stones🙈.

After that I had better get straight in, SO on Father’s Day June 20th I was back on BBC Radio Sussex & Surrey (and apparently giving Sylvie Blackmore and listeners lumps in their throats again), well poets are MEANT to be emotive, SO here is the START of my “specially written for the day” poem.

For Fathers

A father is so much more than a name

For there can be a very special bond,

Between a daughter or a son

Who can grow up especially fond

Of this figure who guides them along

Those early years, and even for life,

In his attempts to love and protect

Whilst keeping them free from strife.

Because any man can become a father

It’s just a simple biological fact,

But to become a proper father and dad

There has to be a very committed pact

Of love, care and a deep devotion

Which may not always seem returned.

Although constant unconditional love

Can ensure magic rewards are earned


That poem will be in my Book Nine, out around November this year, (lol ok James Sir? ðŸ‘) but if anyone cannot wait, it can be purchased from me with a donation to Help for Heroes that I support, promote and collect for. My details are at the end of this “wonderful and amusing” Blog, thanks for quotes guys.

I should add to that, with massive thanks to Seb and “Team Tesco” Langney Eastbourne I collected £190 there on Friday 25th June and also £75 at Pevensey Market Square the following day for Armed Forces Day. As of photos I wore my re-enactment uniform and the “Re enactor’s Brotherhood” boosted the market stall total. AND also, my photographed “girlfriend” and “stag do” folks. Thanks,😍 WELL I did say I was cutting loose……

On a more serious note, I’m now in full flow with poem ideas and starts from before my “life trial” and averaging two new poems in three days so far. The start of a recent poem follows…

Fragile Flame

The candle of life is very fragile

And suddenly you can lose the flame,

If the world turns you on your head

So that nothing now seems the same,

As you battle on with a futile fight

That was almost lost before the start,

But fading pride has coerced you here

With a desperation to play your part.

So weakly and without much hope

You protect the flickering spirit of light,

Praying that this tiny, fragile beacon

Doesn’t die and leave you without sight.,

Because those intruding doubts and fears

Are more disturbingly scary in the dark,

So should you lose that little puny, glow

It can release all your fears, so stark.


That poem is again for my 9th book and as above can be bought from me….

Anyway, so that I am not called a tease or tormentor by any readers, fans, lovely people or even “dipsticks or plonkers” as Del Boy would say, here is a WHOLE poem from my 6th book, (yes Tony F the TOWEL one, and very popular it is too among some laaaaaaadies💕), and called “Blackboard”.


A blackboard will often be full

Of lots of questions for you,

But if you are very fortunate

It will have the answers too.

So, the blackboard can educate

By stretching out your mind,

And also solving the problems

If the answers you can’t find.

Which is all complete in a lesson

And maybe an end time as well,

That gives you a confidence

As you feel knowledge swell.

But sadly life is not like this

With everything spoon fed right,

For the world will often test us

And dump from a great height.

So we may be totally rocked

Wondering what is going on,

As we further stress out

Before disasters are all gone.

Therefore, we must quickly learn

How to deal with life’s downside,

And gird our loins to fight back

Rather than to run and hide.

For if we can withstand all

Those harsh lessons of the days,

Without the help of a blackboard

It will ensure courage stays.


See what you make of that, but if unsure an explanation is in the Book Six Appendix ðŸ˜

IT IS JOKE TIME, YAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

1) My bald mate still keeps his old comb, but he just won’t part with it.

2) Do you know that Bee’s only hum when they’ve forgotten the words?

3) I would probably tell you a chemistry joke, but I probably wouldn’t get a reaction?

4) So boring when two artists had a quality competition that ended up in a draw😢

Quick Laurie another poem and again from my 6th book……

Banana split

I knew it could be a difficult day

When my banana was hard to peel,

Maybe trying not to come apart

So I respected how it must feel.

For most of us from time to time,

Must be like the banana resisting

Being split open and vulnerable,

And no more life existing.

So, we put up our resistance

And protect soft spots inside,

Though at times like a banana

We are completely open wide,

And expose our inner self

We don’t always want seen.

Not necessarily in a bad way

Just what’s behind our screen.

For certainly I have traits

I don’t want put out on show.

Though nothing that’s unpleasant,

Just things that make me glow

With pride or sometimes anger,

That I’d rather were unknown.

So, if I can keep my outer skin

My cover won’t be blown.

Thus, mostly it is just a game

We all play in an attempt to fit,

Nicely in everyday surroundings

And not be a banana split.


I should have also mentioned earlier that while at Pevensey Market on Armed Forces Day, Seahaven Radio were there and of course interviewed me, lol can you keep me OFF, but ho, ho. “Often Imitated, but NEVER Duplicated” lol Ennetttt? ðŸ¤¡Bless them though. they DID give me a mug as of photo…….

Moving swiftly on to the end, but I have to throw a few little snips in first. A very grateful shout out to Deb B who has been supporting and reading for me from the start, a BIG thanks gel, ALSO the many of you who continue to encourage and compliment me still and I hope to catch up with lots of you now that we are BRANCHING OUT, as literally it’s been just announced that all remaining Curse Covid restrictions will be lifted from July 19th coming YAY!!! Good timing my “Branching Out” Blog a?

I have heard though, that ugly people are renewing their petition to keep mask wearing mandatory, well we will see ðŸ˜‚😂😂

Phew, well anyway I think I need a break or holiday. A nice relaxing hotel stay with a bar, bed and suitably a proverbialy darkened room to lay down in may see me sorted? But don’t hold your breath too long…..

Another quick mention to Kelly B, King Henry and family with all best wishes to you “Team Brown”.

Last poem and finish, so a roommmaaaaaaaaaaance poem for all you luuuuuuurvers out there ❤️❤️❤️, and indeed for those who are currently not…….. lol the masks are coming off so HEY look about….

From book 4 comes =

Desired Effect

In your dreams and imagination

You can conjure perfect sight.

So fashioned just for you,

It’s sure to fit you right

Up your street and in your door,

As if by magic it arrived,

Delivered just for you

To ensure your wish survived.

Fantasies and pictured visions

You would like to have with you,

Can be brought to walk along

Just as if they were all true.

For the powers of want and need

May fan desires into flame,

So, wish for your sensations

Without a hint of shame.

Thus have no fear of calling

Unseen icons to your mind,

Perhaps of people not yet met

Who would be nice to find.

For inside our rampant brain

Our ideas can ebb and flow,

Allowing all perceptions in

To where you want to go.


For the older among you, as Pathe News would say “The End”,

 But NOT before I have again thanked you, all and said “A Teddy Goodbye” from Ted & Beth” who are resting since their exertions last Blog🐻🐻, and “my good self” as The Journey Continues (with P M approved now) BRANCHING OUT……

Love. Peace, & Safety,

Laurie xx

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