Those who really know me would have expected me to put “mountain” a counter attack as the title after lead photo of Table Mountain, but I resisted the temptation, but yay I’ve just put it anyway.?

But yes I, and hopefully everybody, is counter attacking our suffocation from Curse Covid, and as my photos suggest, by road (Oz), land (getting out), sea (well Murray River) and air, with even Pegasus joining in ?. Now this is a very positive start to my hopefully usual cheerful Blogs, so here we go……


Positive shoots of growth and normality in past few days from a pretty shite recent period for me personally, and exacerbated for all of us by Curse Covid murdering life😞

BUT in last few days I’ve been to my “Club” & met friends not seen x 5 months, visited a wonderful couple, Jean (welcome aboard), hubby & dog Lexi who bought some of my books I delivered, & last night had a great evening of drink, food & music in The Smugglers (thanks for last minute allowance, Petra), so YEAH, we slowly emerging from recent suffocation of life.
Also I’ve had several more “join ups” on here, welcome Danny Mac, Dawn G, and Jean, Footcare Andrew, (OOOoooo thanks man) with my “Welsh Wizard I’ve been haunting, Scott etc so a BIG thanks and welcome all. We are now up to 101 on here, the most since (dare I even whisper?)”Good Ol’ GDPR 😢. But I roll happily on with you in our wonderful group. (C’mon you thought I was going to break into “We few, we happy few, we Band of Brothers” from my “Old Mate Shaky, Shakespeare’s, Henry 5th, but lol Got Ya, I’m not going to….. OH? Ooooops, I DID, I am a Dipstick🤡
First poem then and apt or not? You decide….


A Leader and the Pack

Many people have to bunch up

To follow the crowd like sheep.

But for others this is folly

And so to themselves they keep,

Being both confident and able

In their abilities and ways,

And while herds gets bogged down

They will look for better days.

It’s said who goes fastest, goes alone

And I guess that may be true.

But the strong leader type

Will always look for pastures new,

Where they seek out opportunity

They mould to satisfaction,

Whilst meanwhile the herd complains

Of their lack of life or action.

Though there’s safety in the pack

Jostling along with all the crowd,

Never having to worry much

As lateral thought is not allowed.

So with their minds stagnating

The herd moves slowly on,

But may later rue chances missed

After the prizes have all gone.

So why do people want to lead

With all that added strain?

Though I think many would do so

If they had the choice again.

For while there’s company in packs

With not very much to fear,

In that boring cheerless herd

Life is dark and very drear.

Thus the leader makes his way

Continuing to take his chance,

And while he may go wrong at times

His whole life he will enhance!



Anyway enough of that, but before I forget a quick “Hello” to “James’s Mum”, who apparently said kind words about my Blog article to said son James….  YAY, well James (Harvey) of course is my unseen hero and veritable “wind (?) beneath my wings” who is now both my esteemed publisher, and most importantly this Website Guru, so thank you from me and They Bears Ted n Beth🐻🐻 to James, or Bette Midler? Thanks man!


Next poem and quite an important one, as is the Intro poem in my first book, that was meant to be the only book, Ha ha, 8 books on now, so what did I know, but here it is….


Aspects and Feelings


Life’s wonder is all around us

However near or far we look,

So I have made poetic observations

And put them in a book.


Romance will touch and thrill us,

Tragedy can make us cry

While humour lifts our spirits,

Reflection questions why?


Everyone has needs and feelings

Should they run off and retire,

But knowing views of others

Just may switch on and inspire!




I will mention some more good news before bringing it all down with my Corny Jokes, (BUT I know you all LUUUUUUUUUUUUUURVE them really) Tony F. Rod & Alistair, Grahame, Mick Sea, Jane etc AND those who lol “just don’t always quite get them”? I KNOW who you are 😁😍.


The good news? Well for me, but C’mon it IS my Blog ha ha haaaaa, and that I have had a plethora of wonderful and kind compliments on my poems (and Blog, but “Comment Section at end please), on all of my social media etc. Not only that but it has produced some book sales and donations to Help for Heroes too, thanks guys, Danny Mac etc 👍. Talking of comments at end of here, thanks to my regulars, D B, S B, K B, (lol all B’s but lovely though), S P, Odd Job Bob, (I added your kind words to “comment section”, Bob thanks), and even our “Kings & Queens” expert “Henry the First” who brilliantly thinks I might be a “Poetic King” (just because I have Ted n Beth, Henry?)…..


Getting near “Those Jokes” (pen ready Tony?), but another poem first,,,,,



Just a Shadow

The visitor comes to my door

In a cloak complete with hood,

No need to ask why he’s here

For that is understood.

As a shapeless face peers out

From darkness cast by shade,

So no eyes glare or gleam

To betray any offers made.

But I was quite familiar

With this figure’s eerie stance,

For I had seen it many times

Though often just a glance

Of fleeting dark awareness,

And cold shivers up my spine.

Though I recognised the meaning

Of this spectre that is mine.

For in those visits to me

When no words were exchanged,

I knew temptations were offered

With safe passages arranged.

But each time I had declined

To succumb to any deal,

For my integrity and reason

My visitor knew were real.

So what you ask is the meaning

Of my visitor in sombre cloak?

And why did I deny him

The offer to remove my yoke,

Of all the burdens we carry

Which at times drive us mad?

But the answer is quite simple,

In that I chose good, not bad.

For that was the decision

My ominous caller sought,

With Siren like offers

On my very being, that he sought.

Though I am no virgin soul

Who has never made wrong calls,

But always put my hand up

If I ever broke the rules.

So no conceited hat do I wear

Or a countenance all contrite,

Just a firm unwavering belief

That I try to do what is right.





1) As a Scarecrow, I’m outstanding in my field, probably because it’s in my genes? C’mon that IS clever


2) I told a friend of mine that she draws her eyebrows up too high. She looked really surprised!


3) Two Eskimo’s were fishing in their kayak but were freezing, so lit a little fire, which made the boat sink! THAT just goes to prove you can’t have you kayak and heat it ……


Moving swiftly on then, and Laurie seeks sanctuary in another poem, but a very serious one, and also close to my heart from my career in Psychiatry (hence The Psychy Poet come on lol) on mental illness which I have been promoting awareness of also lately, AND (see my Facebook Pages) with some kind comments and unexpected response, thanks yet again……



One in Three

Love and laughter may sprinkle around

With no real problems for you and me,

But we must always be aware of the fate

That will befall every one in three.

For our lives can change in a trice

When the world sends us a test,

To deal with tragedy, failure or loss

When we are forced to do our best,

To keep our chins up and smile

And face the world with fragile pride,

That may fool many, and maybe you

Until you realise you’re dying inside.

As a blackness so dark falls all over you

With no pinprick of light in your pit,

So you blunder about and don’t even try

Whilst every sinew begs you to quit,

And perhaps shuffle off this mortal coil

That right now seems most appealing,

For even if you do try to fight back

You’re overwhelmed by a darkest feeling.

Where has all this come from you ask?

But in truth you may never know,

How you are reduced to anxiety tears

And constant feelings of death and woe,

That will affect many now in their lives

As if have swallowed a depressive pill,

For you have become one in the three

Who learn the trauma to be mentally ill?



Not just mounting (mountain ?😂) a counter attack here then, but also promoting Help for Heroes and Mental Health awareness, so be kind please guys, but I know you all are…..

One little sadder note is that our “Glorious Twosome” Ted & Beth 🐻🐻 are still a bit depressed that although the world is opening up a bit, there is still not any news of them being able to come with me to do live Gigs yet. I miss them too, and also the money the Gigs brought in for charity Help for Heroes! SOON I hope……


Nearly all done here then, and I really hope it has maybe helped you feel a little more happy, positive and perhaps join me in counter attacking this suffocating chuffing virus….


Last poem, and a romance one (yup I know those of you who love them❤️❤️❤️) and this one is perhaps unusual as starts with trinkets or keepsakes etc that people love and collect like (LOL Teddy Bears Laurie?), dolls, spoons, elephants, stamps, letters etc. What do YOU collect or keep please? Let me know, as I’m ERrrrr Nosey….




A trinket is an ornament or memento

That is of little value and worth.

But could possibly get sentimental

If allied to a special birth,

Or something that’s held dear

Becoming an intrinsic part of you.

But mostly the trinket is worthless

Whatever you feel or do.

So why then do we collect them?

When not wanted until seen,

With the initial attraction to them

That soon made us very keen,

To get and own these items

Which we succumbed to and bought,

Though now lay about forgotten

Without a second thought.

Because far more important in life

Are the lovely people there,

With you to make those memories

And wonderful days you share.

So when without a thought or plan

A chance meeting turns to bliss,

That without a shadow of doubt

You wouldn’t want to miss.

So going back to our trinkets

And maybe other things we get,

Which cannot hold a candle

To that someone special met.

Who fills our life with sunshine

Even when it’s a cloudy day.

For a person to love and treasure

Is a far better gift and way,

To find life’s joys and wonder

That a trinket could never do,

As the simple fact of the matter

Is that love is best for you!



The end nearly, and I gave you some clues on the photos that feature, but largely have some connection to positivity and lol counter attacking, but as ever, MASSIVE THANKS for being there and all your encouragement, kind words and support, BLESS YA ALL !!!!


Thus The Journey Continues in Counter Attacking positive mode…….


Thanks, Cheers, Love and Peace,


Laurie and The Bears xx



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