On Monday April 12th and following government guidelines, (you won’t get much politics on here though), another easing of lockdown from the horrid, consuming and world changing Coronavirus was allowed, and so to certain extents pubs, cafe’s, non-essential shops and restaurants etc were allowed to “open up” again.πŸ™‚. Therefore, as my title, and also some involvements of my “Poetry World” will be opening up, although in truth I was never really closed, more just constrained.
The lead photo here, and others at the end, depict this breaking out of an almost solitary confinement, which for many including myself, coincided with difficult circumstances and bereavement, but life and poetry involvements supporting the excellent charity Help for Heroes, must of course go on. I don’t over indulge too much on personal circumstance, but will say that at times I felt like a candle constantly blown out when trying to continue shining.
Of all my poems (about 500 now) I can only “open up”, sorry, here with a poem from my second book, (More Poetic Views of Life) as follows……..

Open Up

I’m so glad that I spoke to you

How else would I have known,

Thoughts that you have told me

Which are all your very own?

You shared just what you think

What makes you laugh or cry,

Some things that make you angry,

That you love, or perhaps let by.

Now we can often pass each other

Without a smile or spoken word,

And that we don’t talk to each other

Is quite frankly so absurd.

We need to share our feelings

And how others may endure.

For in a world of madness

It’s good to know what’s pure.

By listening and talking

We learn some different views,

Like how life can be for others

When before we had no clues.

Now we can often pass each other

Without a smile or spoken word,

And that we don’t talk to each other

Is quite frankly so absurd.

So give a nod, or even smile

Who knows what may pan out?

You may have great times spent

If you end your speaking drought!


A clever start a? πŸ‘ So With that poem, and like many or most of my poems, has a story behind it, but the answer is in that Book 2.

Once again not too much “new news” but there is always something happening in my said Poetry World, and currently I am updating all of my published books with my excellent Web Site Guru, and now my publisher too, (see I even made that rhyme😊) James Harvey, and I have just updated Book 2 as above, then just first book to do.

 However, and unusually for me, when re reading those poems that were mostly written in 2014 i suddenly realised that many of them had got a bit overshadowed as my books began to flow. I also felt that they were worth looking at again as well, and perhaps you might? At only Β£4.99 at the moment, you really cannot go wrong. To that end the next poem is also in Book 2.

All or Something

Life is a feast or famine

And never seems to even out,

Either all the land is flooding

Or we’re suffering a drought.

If you want to catch a bus

You are standing like a dunce,

Past your final waiting time

Then four will come at once!

Luck seems to be the same

You will get every call right,

Then quickly as it changes

You lose everything in sight.

Getting your finances done

Bills paid with money left,

When a run of expenses come

And all at once you are bereft.

Fishermen cast their bait

And the nets are filled tight,

But then there is a long time

With not one single bite.

Life is feast or famine

And never seems to even out,

Either all the world is flooding

Or we’re suffering a drought.

Is it a game that’s played

By angels and mascots creed?

That allows a win sometimes

Before stopping all our greed.

Perhaps it’s our perception

Of what we want to obtain.

But whatever does befall us

We must get back up again!


In other good news following the opening up, I can now again have my stall, (in photos), at Pevensey Market opposite the castle on some Sundays, At least I can get my collecting tin and books that donate to Help for Heroes out again this coming Sunday, 12 to 4pm.

I have also had a couple more recent mentions by the wonderful Lynn Parsons of National Magic FM, who kindly added about my “lovely and moving poetry” Thank Lynn, much appreciated😍

JOKE TIME….. “OH yes, it IS” (but can you all get them? lol

1) I bought a goldfish and the pet shop owner asked if i wanted an aquarium? I replied I don’t care what star sign it is…

2) I’m not sure if I should keep promoting people to judicial posts, but you best be the judge of that?

3) The murder victim had bled everywhere but it seemed the police did not have a clot to go on…

4) Since Lock down I got into habit of drinking brake fluid, but no worry I can stop whenever I like!

Yeeeeeeeees well quick another poem and from my 3rd book …

People Places

People and places from your past

Are no longer there, or the same.

So will make you notice more

The years you couldn’t tame.

People known from distant days

Maybe won’t still be around.

So you must indulge old friends

Before you too run aground.

Places where you knew each stone

Will now soon lose you in a trice,

And even finding a familiar part

Will still make you look twice,

Because memories will play tricks

On what you thought you knew,

And many a place or person now

Seems different from your view.

People known from distant days

Maybe won’t still be around.

So you must indulge old friends

Before you too run aground.

So going back where you’ve been

May not be for the very best,

As these places may disturb you

If they’ve not survived times test.

But people are somewhat different

Always worth a nostalgic greet,

For though they may have changed

It will be good for you to meet,

And share those long-gone times

Where you both ran alongside,

Each other with your experiences

From which you should not hide!


Just a few mentions in passing, with Elaine re-signing, (lol keep that phone safe), Robert “Odd Job Bob” (thanks for quick solving of kitchen area problem), Graham B of Southern P C Services who “cleaned my Techno Problems up”, Rod & Ali The Carberry Boys, thanks for kind words, Scott a (so far) mobile phone change life saver in Welsh Wales, Henry the First (and mum Kelly) who loved the Ted n Beth poem last Blog, maybe next Blog Henry? πŸ»πŸ» With of course a HUGE Thanks to all else on here I not heard of for a while, OR I’ve forgotten🀑 PLEASE forgive that and give me a contact and get a mention… lol or not?

Seriously “I” and Help for Heroes REALLY appreciate all your interest and support!

I will close soon this “bit earlier” Blog to Open OOOooop”, so the last poem, and as per a Romance β€οΈβ€οΈ poem that I know you all Luuuuuuuuuuuuuurvve πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ™πŸ™

From my 5th of eight published books comes =

Hypnotic Dance

Everyone has a love song

Or poem deep in their heart,

Maybe you can never sing it

But knowing it is a start,

To begin to seek your dream

Of a love you never found.

So you slowly start to move

Towards that luring sound.

Hypnotic rhythms stealing thoughts

When drawn forward in a trance,

To the person of your desires

Who is wanting you to dance,

And cuddling up so tight

Before kissing that loving face

You now know waits for you,

At that magic, sensual place.

So with bated breath and hope

That was never there before,

You prepare to meet your muse

Of which you’re really sure.

Because this love song tells you

Something great is coming,

And while you wait and tremble

Loves music is now strumming.

Therefore, you sway and wallow

In loves mood that’s oh so deep,

Without the slightest movement

To awake you from your sleep!


All best wishes to everyone then as the world opens up, be safe, healthy, lucky and if you cannot be good, (like meπŸ˜‡?) be very careful…….

As ever The Journey Continues and OPENS UP

From Ted n Beth & Me, 

Love, Light, Peace & Sunshine

Laurie xx

All eight of my books :–

Poetic Views of Life

More Poetic Views of Life

Reviews of Life in Verse

Life Scene in Verse

Life Presented In Verse,

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Poetic Seeds to Fruition

These all ensure my donation to the excellent charity I support, promote and donate to, that being Help for Heroes.

My first 3 books are only priced Β£4.99 each, with my 4th and 5th bigger books at Β£6.99. My new 8th and sixth & 7th books, all bigger are still Β£9.99. and all are for sale on Amazon, book stores or preferably from me ………….. lw1800@hotmail.co.uk Or 07967 355236

I can now also write a β€œPersonal Poem” for you, your family, any event or your business too…….

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