Light must always follow dark, like morning following the blackness of night, but if it should not happen, as my dear mum would often say, well we won’t have to worry😍
Sadly dark times must always come for us in life, and hard to image much darker times than we are all enduring now with the suffocating restrictions and forced isolations that Curse Covid is inflicting, without the added usual ups and downs of life as well. The usual “dark” times do still come though, but we must remember and hold on that light and better times will at some time follow👍.
I think after that darkish start i should ho, ho “lighten up” the mood with the first poem written about my mums saying, so from my 6th book comes =

I Won’t Have to Worry

My mum and dad had many sayings

That I still remember today,

About life and its frustrations

So I use them in the same way.

One my mum had as a favourite

About passing through deaths door,

Saying at least when that happened

We need not worry any more.

Now just recently to add to that

I heard a song about when dead.

Sung by the excellent Eric Bogle,

And this idea came into my head.

Regarding the stresses and concerns

That crush us all down a bit,

But when gone worry will be over

As I won’t need to make it fit.

For when you’re dead, your dead

And so are all earths strains for you,

So no more need to be dreading

All those chores you have to do,

Like grass cutting and house painting

Or even to clean the oven and hob,

As when you stop to consider it

There is always that extra job.

So maybe it can be a big blessing

When there’s no need to stress out.

Because after your life is over

There is no more concern about,

Global warning, health or technology,

Terrorism, and cash demand flurry.

For as my mum often used to say

There will be no need to worry.

Therefore consider those annoying things

Which really mess with your head.

Then stop to consider all the peace,

When you’re gone and dead!


I suppose after that poem it is as good a time as any to mention that probably the vast majority of us are missing our family, friends, work colleagues, clubs and network and general shared support groups and agencies. 

I know I am, but I also can’t really get into zoom meetings or suchlike, but I guess if this living death prevails much longer I might have too😏.

Another poem then, and perhaps you may say that it is dark, as indeed it is, but there is a suggestion of light at the end. The poem is from my very first book and was largely written on the passing of a dear friend, but can certainly be appropriate at any such sad time, as of now for me really.

Someone Says Goodbye

See how quick we can be gone

And the world will blink and carry on,

With another soul out the exit door

As we wonder what life is for.

But there must be more for us than this

A racing heart and a loving kiss,

While our struggles and an uphill climb

Take our words and makes them mime.

Mothers, fathers, siblings and friends

We are all these before our ends,

But what of this when we are to go

What will change and who will know?

See how quick we can be gone

And the world will blink and carry on,

So we may learn how hard they try

When someone has to say goodbye.

Laughing, crying, bitter sweet years

That give us joy, or shed our tears,

And looking back from an ageing eye

Condemning those that would not try,

To ever give, or leave their mark

On a wasted life without a spark,

As for them it was all much too hard

They passed on by, never played a card.

See how quick we can be gone

And the world will blink and carry on,

With daily tasks that must be done

Or problems causing us to run.

But wait, a lesson will be taught

From those who died, but valiant fought,

To spend more time with those that care

Not granted! Who said life was fair?

So as we hear their struggling breath

As they slide towards impending death,

See how quick we can be gone

And the world might blink and carry on.

But some things can make life worthwhile

Just leave a little of your style,

To sprinkle out and upward fly

When our turn comes to say goodbye.


One, or I should say two, of the “light giving” elements of my “Poetry World” are those mischievous and wonderful pair of Teddy Bears, Ted n Beth I created, (included in photos I mention for newcomers on here, and Hello, you are very welcome too), so as they have been complaining about not much mention, I’ve now featured one of their poems, so here we go🐻🐻…..

Bears Empty Promise

Who’s been eating our porridge?

Ted n Beth would like to know,

When they come in for breakfast

After smelling food on the go.

But the porridge has all gone

The saucepan is scraped clean,

For though teddy noses smell it

There is nothing to be seen.

Only an empty dish and spoon

Still placed upon the table,

By another empty cookery jar

With “Porridge” spelt on the label.

This does not please our famous bears

Not one little bit at all,

For they’re just beginning to rue

Not getting up on their first call,

When they decided to lay back

And have another little sleep.

With no thought of repercussions

That now makes them weep.

For the breakfast cook has done

And won’t be making any more,

Of that delicious porridge

That most teddies will beg for.

And although the penny’s dropped

They should have jumped out of bed,

Their dad has scoffed the porridge

So they will go without instead.

But Ted n Beth have both learned

A precious lesson so sublime,

And will make sure they’re ready

For their breakfast the next time!


 I DO know this poem will also please Ted n Beth’s many fans on here, Henry The First, and hopefully the two youngsters of Charlotte, a new sign up, so welcome and we hope you enjoy this Blog and the poetry.👍 

Great to have bright youngsters interested, and I’m very humbled if they like my offerings.

I know of course there are many “older” youngsters on here too, Guys & Dolls, and mostly stunningly intelligent, so thank you all.🙏

JOKE TIME, “OH YES IT IS” !!!!! Come on, you Luuuuurvve it really dipsticks, clowns & the serious 🤡🤡🤡

1) A profitable butcher shop is up for sale, so I really want a steak in that

2) A rabbit was really, really happy as he knew Some bunny loved him.  


3) Someone stole my Micro soft office. They’ll pay for that, and they have my word!

OH MY GOLLY GOSH, just HOW have I kept this (regular now) fantastic piece of news as far down as this ? =

I am reading another of my poems “Cradle to the Grave” in praise of mothers, for” Mothers Day” on Sunday March 14th 3.45 pm on BBC Radio Sussex, Surrey and the parts of Hampshire we lol CAN (sorry) reach.

Once again I’m on the excellent Sylvie Blackmore show (from 2 -6), but as above I will be broadcasting my dulcet tones reading my poem and chatting at 3.45 (15.45). I now have been on BBC Sussex etc about 7/8 times since last July 2020👍

Well “IF” lol I am a star I have to have a sort of Bette Midler, (sorry James),  “Wind Beneath my Wings” in the shape of the wonderful James Harvey, not only this excellent Website Guru and creator, but now my publisher supreme (of Bad Goose Publishing) and we are both now nearly done updating and refining all of my books, (James published my 8th and latest anyway), BUT should you need any of his immense skills as mentioned, he is your man! OR is it Bette Midler, James?😏.

Quick Laurie, post another poem. and talking of “Stars” it has to be this poem, originally from my 2nd book =

Rock Star

At times life seems a struggle

You just don’t know what to do,

But you will always find a way

When someone really loves you.

They will help to pick you up

And send you back on your way,

So even if you stumble more

You will feel their love each day.

The best way to deal with strife

Is to take the worry and share,

As any help and encouragement

Will remind you that they care.

A simple man can be like a king

Lifted on towards his glory.

Knowing that he has an ally who,

Will support and tell his story.

This ally will help to pick you up

And send you back on your way,

So even if you stumble more

You will feel their love each day.

When you’ve won and are the star

And all the accolades you pack,

You will look round for your “rock”

But they’ve gone three paces back.

Thus leaving the spotlight all on you

As by the admirer’s you are trailed,

But you know deep in your heart

Without your rock you’d have failed!


We all need support and encouragement and I’m very chuffed to say I have had, and have this in abundance, so as ever thank you all or individually for this. Some people have been there right from my very beginning of this fantastic journey, but you know who you are D B, D M etc❤️.

Near the end now and I can’t really think of a more “lighter” poem for me than this little piece written about 4 years ago after a particularly very happy lunchtime “meal and session” in my local bar near my site in France, and the poem is in my 6th book, all listed at end. 

I will close as ever with my heartfelt thanks to all who have signed up, or read this as it also supports the brilliant charity Help for Heroes I donate, promote and fundraise for. Thank you all from myself and Ted n Beth too..

Thus The Journey Continues in the brightest of light, even in dark times…..

Peace, Love and Light

Laurie xx

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