Probably like many of you, I’m not too sure where this last week has gone, or strangely any great difference between the days, therefore it goes without saying that time since my last Blog 3 weeks ago, has shot past as well. 
 Hey, Laurie don’t put yourself down, the folks could scarcely wait for this next Blog, well that’s what I like to think, but nevertheless here it is. I really hope you enjoy it and it brings some amusement and relief from this constricted world we must live in at present.

Growth then, and I just thought after “Revival” my last Blog title, “Growth” would continue in a positive manner that we must have. Certainly, my lovely plant in the lead photo has grown very well in the last year, one of few things that grew i guess, AND it was a bargain, being only about £3 or so from good old Tesco about a year ago, but was quite small. See I’m not just a prolific poet I can make things grow too….

My positivity and hoped for growth continue with another excellent and complimentary comment from the sublime Lynn Parsons of national radio station Magic F M, who called me “a regular and fabulous poet”. Many thanks again Lynn, I will take that.

Staying with radio then, as I was again invited to, and read out a poem of “hope and encouragement” on the excellent Sylvie Blackmore show on BBC Radio Sussex & Surrey last Sunday 17th January. 
My poem about a bird and then his mates, singing out against a storm, was posted on here last Blog and was called One Voice, and is from my 7th book, details of which and how to get are outlined later.
On Sylvie’s show we chatted about time and how and where it goes, so that is a skilful lead in to my first poem called………… yes, you got it, “Where?”


Where have all my years gone

And can I please get them back?

I promise that I won’t waste them

For I never let sad times stack

Up too highly in my world,

In those years of mine now past.

And I nearly always enjoyed myself

I guess why time went so fast.

So where have those years gone

Along with so many great days?

For I can still vividly remember

The songs and music that plays,

Like a magical memory jukebox

Rewinding much love and fun,

As they bring back situations

Where all was said and done.

Oh I can recall so many people

Sadly though some have gone,

Though their days are remembered

When they danced and faces shone,

From disco lights and silhouettes

Or maybe it was too much drink.

But that was in the distant past

Which makes me stop to think,

Just where have my years gone?

For it doesn’t seem that long,

When my features were pristine

Like some newly written song.

Now as I look very fondly back

Over all those years I’ve had,

And people met and places seen

With more happier days than sad,

I feel my lifetime has stretched

Across many a stunning sunset,

But I hope for more to come

As I’m not ready to go just yet.


I am sure many of you can identify with that, especially at the moment when time and days seem to merge in our limited lives at the present,  so we must meet this full on, so the start of one of my earlier poms says this……


A positive mind yields a happy heart

For troubles come, and some go slow.

But if you are steadfast in your way,

You can help any heartaches go.

For all of us will have challenges,

And must do our very best to meet

With strongest resolve we can find,

Or get knocked right off our feet,

By seismic shocks that shake you

And possibly cause you many tears.

Though if you tackle these heroically

You may have better future years.


Some of my wise words there possibly? You don’t agree? Ok lol you are entitled….. Try this then against our horrid world at the moment,:-

Even Out

The roller coaster ride of life

Will test us one and all,

Just when you think you’ve won

That’s the very time you’ll fall.

So up you get and start again

Sorry, but perhaps much wiser,

To continue on your road again

Having fully cleared your visor.

For it’s best to see the road ahead

To ensure no fall or trip,

As without a doubt you will err

If your awareness you let slip.

Gleeful shouts you’ve got it right

Can only lead to sorrow,

For any complacency in this world

Will bring sadness in the morrow.

The wise man says that if you’ve won

And sport the victor’s crown,

Be modest with people going up

You may meet them coming down!

The rollercoaster ride of life

Will test us one and all,

For just when you think you’ve won

That’s the very time you’ll fall.

So take any successes in your stride

And stand proud if you should miss,

For if you have done your very best

No one can give any more than this.


Moving on with our “growth” then, but also sometimes looking back helps you move forward? I think so and had this thought in only the last couple of days with an epiphany of the world more at large, rather than just my personal feelings at the time. For whatever is troubling or upsetting us, there are always many folks worse off…

Days of Tears

Days of tears will come for everyone

But for some will last much longer,

Depending on those choices made

Are you weaker, or lots stronger?

For we’re living today, decisions past

When maybe didn’t count to ten,

So whether we like it now or not

We must accept life as decided then.

But possibly in previous times

Those options did seem right,

So now you must live with them

However hard they come to bite.

A wrong lover or chance declined

May seem sad in the here and now,

But reflecting back to decision time

You were so certain of your vow.

Perhaps to be childless did appeal

Rocking to your very own way,

But in days of flowing tears now

Accept your loneliness today.

For days of tears will always come

With regrets, and perhaps sorrow,

So best to count every blessing now

Or you may cry at each tomorrow.


I think it must be JOKE TIME after that, … oh YES

1) I need a new pencil so “A 2B or not 2B”?

2) I invested heavily in an Origami business, but sadly it very quickly folded….

3) After rubbing sauce into my eyes that made them really hurt, I saw my mistake with Heinz site

4) I have given up going to shopping centres because after seeing one you have seen a mall

Another poem part, and after that perhaps an apt title?

Bumpy Road

At times I get very weary now

Burdened by my heavy load,

Which often seems impossible

To carry further down the road.

But we all have our challenges

With various levels, large or small,

Because when our lots were decreed

It wasn’t a simple one size fits all.

Thus the smallest may carry most

And the largest just a lightweight.

But this harsh world still ordains

That we must stand up straight.


Possible most of you can recognise that. Don’t worry the end gets more positive so just a little tease from me. (lol buy the book)..

Perhaps after that this poem may give out some thought for reflection and possibly comfort?

Inner Tears

I have heard that when you cry

Tears are words the heart can’t express,

But whatever the explanation

It is a sign of great distress.

Of course there are tears of joy

And some of laughter in a form,

But none can seem as heart-rending

As anguish riding out a storm.

Tears of grief or frustration perhaps

Are streaming down your face,

You should not be ashamed of this

As it really is no disgrace.

For those who cry are often caring

And so let their passions free,

Unlike blank faced stone hearts

That other people’s woe can’t see.

We can cry at the world’s sadness

Or what it has all done to us,

So some will weep out openly

Others cry with much less fuss.

But however you shed your tears

When pain’s too much to bear,

It just proves you have empathy

And that you do, really care.

So pucker up, let yourself go

Express emotions and your views,

For if you cannot manage this

You live a life that has no clues.


A great “poem value” in this Blog then, and speaking of value, please consider buying my books that all donate to the excellent charity Help for Heroes from each sale.

Books are priced at ONLY £5 each for the first 3, moving to just £6.99 for books 4 & 5 (bigger) and bigger still Books 6, 7 & 8 at still only £9.99…. You just cannot go wrong, as are all excellently well reviewed and complimented…

Order from me = email – mobile 07967 355236 & of course from on here or Amazon .. I can deliver Social Distanced FREE in Eastbourne area, or post out very reasonably too…

AS usual I offer my profound thanks for those of you who support me and are on here, have returned or lol maybe cannot get off 👄, but please stay with me, The Bears and I will make it worth it. (Hello Henry The First from Ted n Beth, who also send virtual teddy hugs to you all too)😈😈.

A slightly different Blog again I hope with more of my poetry, and you know how to get my books now if not know before, so hopefully bit of “growth” for you too as I personally look back over a rollercoaster of past few days that we all have at times…..

Once again MASSIVE thanks for your support and encouragement and thanks for just even being there as,

The Journey Continues WONDERFULLY and of course with GROWTH

Love, Light and Peace from Those Bears and myself,

Laurie xx


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