I have called this Blog “revival” and as it is now New Year’s Day I think that is quite appropriate, although my title was decided on well before today.
I think more than enough has been said already about the stunningly horrid and decimating year we have just come out of, and I think my description might even be understatement, but suffice said. 
Like most people I guess 2020 was awful for me personally too, but life often is “sweet n sour” and sometimes gives a gift back after a tough and testing time for you.
As my theme is revival and “getting going again”, I will get straight into my poems which are still a great distraction, comfort and expressions of my feelings…. 🙂🙃😁😒😍

From my 6th book “Poet Reveals ALL, (yes THAT one lol) comes =

You Have You Troubles

So you have your troubles I see

But are you much worse off than me?

And all the other people too

Who don’t cry out and shout like you.

For everyone has a troubled spell

Though much less than yours, you yell,

But do you really know of all

The problems other folks befall?

Yes, we all see your agony and pain

For you tell us over and over again.

And we recognise some kind of hero,

Who thinks everyone else has zero

Aggravation that can never be,

That bad as you constantly see.

Or is it maybe just your idea

That you have bigger problems near?

So that everyone else can only guess

At the level of your unending stress.

For I don’t believe you’re so sublime

As you have troubles, and I have mine,

But whilst you choose to shout aloud

I keep my suffering from the crowd!

Thus I may be seen in lesser pain

As you complain again and again.

So I suggest you look around to see

That others have troubles like you and me,

But maybe the greatest measure and test

Is to see who deals with their worries best,

For there are many problems in the world

Before you, all yours unfurled!


That poem mirrors the1965 hit record of The Fortunes, (for those of not so many years), although their song is more on unrequited love, while my poem aims at the world generally, but you already got that didn’t you😏

Revival can be in many forms and probably one of the better known illustrations is the Phoenix rising from the ashes, where a phoenix burnt in its nest rises from the ashes as a fledgling, renewed and reborn. 

Wonderful story that from Greek Mythology, and one we should all perhaps aspire to, especially in this current climate where many have lost much or even all and must rebuild. Easier said than done I know, but have a read of this next poem from my second book….

Round Trip

Time moves on and passes by

As I look back down the years,

To see good times and heartache

But a lot more fun than tears.

We can’t always control our lives

And why our world has cracked,

But your manner and character

Are judged by how you react!

So looking back with a sadness

At the times you regret or lost,

Will only waste and frustrate

Time you already want to accost.

Thus best to count your blessings

And good things that you’ve got,

For even if you’re struggling by

To many others you’ll have a lot.

Time moves on and passes by

As I look back down the years,

To see good times and heartache

But a lot more fun than tears.

Of course trials and tribulations

Can easily make you go insane.

But when I’m due to pass away,

Please can I go round again?


Another little message there but as “you lovely lot” are good at them I will leave it to you, but most know my “style” by now, but then again, I do change it…… I have to do this as usual, “I’m often imitated, but never duplicated”! Aaaaa thanks guys, I feel better now😁

Once again I’m very sure you will know this but as I love literature please allow me my simply pleasures, like a child with a special and precious doll. 

I just mentioned Greek mythology and that always reminds me of the saying “all Greek to me”. Of course, that’s an old English saying that means not understanding something and it was also coined by “my Ol’ mate Shaky” in his play Julius Caesar. Education or not, come on guys I try, I try.

Right I’ll bring the “party” down as it’s JOKE TIME..:-

1) Many people don’t like camping as they feel it is a too intense hobby….

2) I’ve just had a new ornate ceiling done, I’m not saying it is the best ever, but it is right up there…

3) I’m thinking of this now, for however much you push a pen and paper it still remains stationary!

Ok, ok, ok as the theme is on revival, I won’t put any more jokes this time🤡

Time for another poem, and a favourite of mine although written quite recently, 2019, and in my 7th book. it is a true story of a sort of revival and determination.

One Voice

I woke to the disappointment

Of rain hammering my mobile home,

For a storm seemed right overhead

And was pounding the roof dome.

So I turned over and back to sleep

To awake again in another hour,

But sadly the rain had not ceased

And thus my mood was sour.

But laying in bed hearing the din

A minor miracle then occurred,

For against the noise on my roof

Came the sweet singing of a bird.

A solitary chirping of morning joy

From a little chap I couldn’t see,

But the song he continually sang

Was a great delight to me.

Though what had motivated this bird

Whose song beat the noisy rain,

I’m sure I will never really know

But he kept up with his refrain.

Now I’m no great bird expert

So couldn’t tell the type or family,

But because he sang out in a storm

His form I didn’t need to see.

For soon a couple of other birds

Joined in with the singular voice,

Maybe encouraged and led by him

Or perhaps just their own choice.

So now against a strong backdrop

Of rain clattering on my roof,

I had this wonderful little choir

Singing out in beautiful proof,

That even in our dismal times

A determined song by one voice,

Can overcome depressive scenes

To offer a happier choice.


Due to more Curse Covid restrictions and a holiday period (of sorts) not quite so merry, I don’t really have too much news only to repeat I “have” started on my ninth book, (but relax not aimed until around October time this year, 2021, there I’ve done it for the first time.

I will say I had a “lucky” contact from a lady, (NO for those of you that like suggestive comments NOT that, but you know who you are), who had bought my 5th book mistakenly thinking it was my latest. I’m very happy to say she now has both and intends to get all my books. WHICH is a good time to say you can buy mine with your Christmas money, winnings, savings or just to treat yourself…. 

ALL details of how to get them from me are on here, my website, email = lw1800@hotmail.co.uk Of course good old Amazon will supply them but I am cheaper and get more money out of it for Help for Heroes.

Last poem, and as love ❤️ can revive, mend, inspire and revive it is a “Romance Section” poem that I know many really like, and come on blokes don’t be shy….

All Through the Night

Sometimes only just to kiss you

Won’t make you feel alright.

So I have to state my intention,

To hold you through the night.

Which I hope will delight you

As much as it does for me.

So we must wait for morning

When we can then clearly see,

If our ensuing love was great

For both of us to have gains,

As it’s now my main ambition

To ensure our love remains.

So don’t be shocked at my ardour

As it is meant for me to show,

How much I want to love you

And not let our ecstasy go.

Because sometimes love is taken

For granted, causing disgrace.

But you can see I’m determined

That ours will stay in place.

But you need now to do nothing

More than you think is right,

When I tell you once again

I will hold you through the night.

Which I hope will reassure you

How my love is always bold.

So just lay back and enjoy it,

Along with my night long hold.

I hope you enjoyed that poem, and all the Blog, and that poem is again from my 6th book…..

Just a quick thanks to you all for support and kind comments, (in various places and I’m not qualifying that) and Ted n Beth, who are feeling a bit redundant with no Gigs, (they say “Hi” Henry The First, our youngest fan I think), say HELLO as well. 

Thus as The Journey Continues in REVIVAL mode it is goodbye and sincere wishes for a better and successful year to you all.

Love Laurie xx


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