Hello and welcome to another Blog, (Hi Emily & Sharon), which is a bit mixed really with some good news, ordinary news and a report of devastatingly sad news, so hold on here.
Well in a period of sort of “evening out” in this weird half-life that prevails at the moment, I had an excellent article in the Eastbourne Herald on September 4th just gone. It was perhaps more pertinent in as much that the large spread had virtually all my words, if not somewhat shuffled. Good stuff though, and even more importantly again mentioned my support of the excellent Help for Heroes. 
I have continued doing my stall at Pevensey Castle Open Market, now down to just first Sunday in the month, but very successfully sold quite a few books, gave out my leaflets and chatted to people, collected reasonable sums in my Help for Heroes tin, and despite largely varying weather, enjoyed myself!
Couple of important dates that skipped by = Wednesday 9th September was of course National Teddy Bear Day, (as of photos) that Ted, Beth and Co were SO excited about, and on a more sombre note 9/11 atrocity Day again went by in sadly less noted fashion each year. I had planned to post my poem on that day “Stain of Shame” but other news has taken over! Please read on….
The devastating news mentioned earlier concerns Help for Heroes, who like many other charities, businesses & people etc are struggling due to Curse Covid, have been forced to close some of their homes and reduce staff.
 Having supported and raised money for them for near seven years now, I am incredibly sad. My thoughts and priority concern is for the heroes and their families who may have lost, or had reduced, their care. Government are you listening?

Not To Reason Why

Loyal boots march where they’re told

On rough terrain or forbidding ground,

For our courageous forces go

To where danger’s often found.

Never to disobey or question

Any strange command given out,

No matter how they feel

Or how much that they doubt,

The wisdom of the orders

And so their best they’ll try,

To perform for Queen and country

For they will just do or die.

Now these heroes all have families

Who miss them when away,

From loving parents worrying

To wives who save the day,

By keeping safe their houses

Also looking after any kids,

With school runs and homework

And preventing escaping bids.

So all of this is on the mind

Of our service personnel,

Who thinking of all those at home

Must face all kinds of hell.

From heat and dust with full kit on

To those unseen exploding mines,

Or seemingly friendly children

Who with the enemy combines.

Loyal boots march where they’re told

On rough terrain or forbidding ground,

For our courageous forces go

To where danger’s often found.

Now what is it we may ask

That brings so much commitment here?

With comradeship and loyalty

To those who share their beer.

But it is something more than this

Maybe not understood by me and you,

When these mixed background heroes

Decide there’s a job to do!


So I think that says a lot, and this poem also. Called Footsteps it describes some of the constant dangers and fears our heroes encountered. Can we really just forget them?


He is a man of constant sorrow

And no pleasure can he derive,

So he really cannot care less

If he should die now, or survive.

The world he loved has broken

And shattered into many parts,

So the grief he is enduring

Would shred the stoutest hearts.

The career he loved is now over

For you have to be fully fit,

And not pain filled and crippled

Struggling to get along with it.

An unlucky placed size ten boot

On bland ground that looked fine,

Took the life he knew in seconds

With that cruel exploding mine!

It was what these heroes feared

An undiscovered explosive device,

That could rip off skin and limbs

Or cause the supreme sacrifice.

So just how do they do this job?

If wrong moves can be your end

They say you just get on and do it

With your comrades and best friend.

Now our man of constant sorrow

Begins to get on with his life,

With support of all his family

And care from a loving wife,

Who tends his hurt and fears

Like those buried deep inside.

So slowly he starts to fight back

And regain his stubborn pride.

Of course he gets help and aid

Along whatever way he goes,

From excellent support teams

That gives help to our heroes.

Thus now he has a strong lifeline

Helping his family without fuss,

So we should all help him also

Giving thanks, it’s him not us!


My salute and shout out for our wounded heroes who with the tragic reduction of Help for heroes, may be less looked after. Unless we help more?

Moving on then, and I mentioned earlier about National Teddy Bear Day on 9th September. Well as I often do I emailed the wonderful Lynn Parsons of Magic FM to mention and got an instant reply to confirm which I did.

NEXT minute my mobile phone rang and it was the terrific Lynn on the phone. She thanked me for the “heads up”, we had a chat and laugh before she mentioned me and my poetry again on the programme and put a photo and my name out on Twitter from her Magic FM account… Lovely and thanks again Lynn.


1) I have sold my hoover. It was just collecting dust.

2) I told my mate 10 jokes for a laugh….. No pun in ten did.

3) I will introduce you to my step ladder. I don’t know my real ladder.

Another and maybe slightly different Blog done then, perhaps a little subdued due to Help for Heroes news, but upward and onward. 

As it is said that “love conquers all”, i will finish with a poem from my second book on the often sudden and surprising arrival of love, not taking notice of age, situation or awareness. Possibly (and hopefully) you have all had this so here you go……

Arrival of Love

When love arrives the first time

You will never be quite the same,

Despite wise words of people older

Your heart is hobbled, you are lame.

For you will think you know it all

With the fluttering thrill of love,

Turning grey into a blinding light

As if sent down by heaven above.

You no longer walk about, but fly

Fuelled by compliments that flowed,

From your lover, this faultless one

Who all their love on you bestowed.

So your soaring heart glows bright,

Within your very soul and breast.

Marring sight and convincing you

That you’ll pass your every test.

Your head will try hard to steer

A safe course of sense and welfare,

But your heart will not be cooled

From loves bright, saintly glare.

Dreams of wonder and dancing joy

Will swell into the heart and soul,

At the very sight of the one you love

Who makes the bells of Utopia toll.

For they can never do any wrong

And will love you all your years,

With their body, heart and kisses

And be your armour against all fears.

For you will think you know it all

With the fluttering thrill of love,

And the finding of your soul mate

Whose body fits you like a glove.

So walk in wonder, sun and light

Alongside your angel, who has fed

Your very breath, thought and being

That your heart rules, not your head!


Photos = Me being “Heralded” Bears rampaging, all of my 8 now published books and my stall. Last but NOT least Help for Heroes posters and bits.

 To donate or buy my books that also donate please get me on here, or on my Facebook pages….

 THUS The Journey Continues HERALDING

Love, Peace & Light,

Laurie and The Bears ??

Cheers, L xx

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