Apologies for my play on title of The Buggles song “Video Killed the Radio Star” hit, from an almost unbelievable 1979, (the video was released the following year apparently), but it fits very nicely with this my latest Blog offering?
The reason that it fits and works so well is because in our unusually quiet “Covid Curse Ridden” unnatural world at present, a continued exposure and promotion spell on BBC Radio Sussex and Surrey has helped me amazingly.?
I have previously mentioned that on two consecutive Sundays in July I was live on BBC Radio Sussex & Surrey (the 2nd one driving up the M3, remember now?), but even better than that now….
Presenter Sylvie Blackmore had me on first in July when we had some fun with my poem in my latest book about “Toilet Rolls” (The stockpiling etc), but anyway during our mini stonking heatwave on August 9th, Sylvie let slip on air that her headphones were giving her “sweaty ears”, SO always ready i quickly knocked up a little ditty “Ode to Sylvie’s Ears” for her and sent in in the next day?. I got a very complimentary instant reply with her saying I MUST go on her show again the next Sunday to read it out, 
Of course I did on 16th with Help for Heroes and my “Commissioned poem for you service” t mentioned too. I DO have to add that the wonderful and amusing Sylvie was giggling so much as i read my poem she had to rustle as she turned her mic off so not to laugh over me reading it! BRILLIANT, and here it is……


Ode to Sylvie’s Ears

A radio presenter role is not all joy

In fact it can be laced with fears,

With also discomfort in the heat

And headphones causing sweaty ears.

Now obviously that’s not too pleasant

As we all know that sweat leasks,

But Sylvie carries on professionally

Hiding all traumas as she speaks.

Of course there are other difficulties

Which may interupt your goals,

Like having a crazy poet on air

To start you talking about toilet rolls.

But again you cheered the airways

With your pleasant humour and style,

That allows you personal pleasure too

Playing country music for a while.

But sweaty ears and crazy poets

Don’t happen every day or week,

So listen to Sylvie on Radio Sussex

But that tuning dial don’t tweak.

For she will see if you have gone

Or who is listening to her show.

Ensuring it’s all a fun filled time,

With sweaty ear bits we won’t know.



I have to say again that i wrote it very quickly and lol I don’t see it as my  crowning glory really, AND strangely my other two “Fame” poems printed recently in The Daily Mirror were also “Bubblegum Poems”, BUT as they got not only me, but also the excellent charity Help for Heroes I support, massive promotion and recognition, I will certainly take it, again and again, whilst actually Sylvie has already asked me when I was on air to guest again with her, I am very happy and as title, still a radio star.

Add to that, continued compliments and mentions by the excellent and all generally Super, Lynn Parsons on National Radio Magic F M, “The Bears and I” are VERY happy. ???


On a much sadder note, we have just had the 3rd anniversary of the cowardly Manchester Arena bombings, with so many young victims that i will put up again my poem of utter disgust and contempt for the maggots who caused the explosions….


Questions of Innocence


Why did you have to kill me

At my young and tender years?

Maiming and killing others too

Replacing laughter with their tears.


Why did you have to kill me?

You didn’t even know my name,

And why murder all the others

Whose religion is just the same

As what you now claim yours is,

Or is it really more a love of war?

That spreads blood and slaughter

But only makes you scream for more.


So religions now all stand together

Different creeds you want to separate,

Some with backgrounds just like yours

United now with the ones you hate,

Brought together in huge revulsion

At your sick, barbaric act,

That will only work against you

With more unity, that’s a fact.


But why did you have to kill me

And not give me any chance?

As you blew yourself up beside me

Without the slightest second glance.

Do you think that you’ll find peace

In any life after your bomb burst?

Because wherever you do land

Your soul is forever cursed.



Just one of my little attempts to try and make the world aware of bombs and their gutless users, here is my award winning and nationally published poem by Forward Poetry, simply called “BOMB”. Hold on…..?




An exploding bomb is a blast of energy

With massive reaction to chemical release.

It is stunning as well as shocking

Replacing a hell on earth from peace!


Giving indiscrimination of violent power

A bomb spews both impact and heat,

With splintering eruption and shock

Making varied traumas hard to treat.

Shock will shatter across a body

And damage the internal organs too.

Causing cuts, infection and major burns,

Ensuring nearby survivors are very few!


Bodies ripped open by metal explosion

As projected fragments kill and maim,

Mental scars that may never heal

Should a shattered body look the same.


Thus we know the awesome power now

Of violence from an exploding bomb,

Made worse in confined spaces

Where living people love to throng.


Now please try hard to explain to me

The workings of an individual who,

Can callously leave such a device

Knowing the mass slaughter it will do!



Yes, well very heavy stuff, but as a “Shout it Out” poet that people have kindly said is one of my defining styles, qualities and differences, I will continue as such.


HOWEVER, quickly lifting the mood with some jokes and a bit or romance,,,,, ?❤️❤️


1) I desperately want to go to the next RNLI party …… Man they really know how to push the boat out!


2) I love my step ladder as never really knew my real ladder.


3) Two big pillows fell deeply in love but just couldn’t find anywhere to settle down?


4) I think that all this Social Distancing is like a “Get Out of Jail Free” card to people with B O….



Quick thanks to Christine A for help “juggling” the Blog title….?


Two further bits of news = 


A) Apparently on September 4th The Eastbourne Herald is covering all about my latest multi 5 star  Reviewed “Bumper Milestone” book “Poetic Seeds to Fruition” and my support of Help for Heroes (with their Logo on the back cover),SO for your copy (ONLY £9.99 or haggle with ma lol) please contact me on here, lw1800@hotmail.co.uk  .. OR 07967 355236……. C’MON, don’t be shy….


B) Check out on T S N .. or “thesussexnewspaperonline” my latest article called “Hello Sussex” but lots about me too and a bit of a celebration as I have now been writing my monthly article with poems for 5 years now……. Must be due a pay out Kizzi? lol


I should mention that for the last six, and this coming Sunday, I have had a stall at Pevensey Castle Market Square Open Market, where the weather has been a bit of a “pest”, drowning us twice, hence poor Beth who copped most, blowing us nearly away twice, baking us and normal just once…. lucky it’s summertime…


Well this Blog has “veered” a bit from concept, but hopefully amusing, (let me know Henry the First) and to finish as promised on a “Aaaaaaaaaw note” from some of the (necessary) blood and thunder….


Love Symphonies

A wonderful symphony of music

Is such a great joy to behold,

As it happily reminds me of ladies

That I’ve been privileged to hold.

Because intense love with another

And beautiful music can combine,

To ecstatic heights and feelings

Which will be yours and mine.

For we can explore personal zones

Just like our own duets of pleasure,

That also makes our bodies sing

With momentous times to treasure.

So enjoy those intimate sensations

Of seismic feelings of throbbing joy,

For I can now be any hero you want

While you’re my lovely Helen of Troy,

Although our strong feelings of love

Will certainly not start another war,

But can cause earthquake vibrations

That will make both our hearts soar.

For any love is like a great musical

With its moving highs and lows,

But be certain my wonderful angel

I will ensure our love never goes,

From us or even fades a little

And always ends with a crescendo,

To strum solo rhythms and rifts

Making deep joy all we know.

Now just lay back and fully enjoy

Our own symphonies of love,

With arias and sweet movements

That make us fly to heaven above.



Some great love there then, and a reminder that love always endures over murdering scum that pollute our world…


Photos, lol you sort them = Radio, (lol yeah), Market Stall, Wet Beth (sob, sob), Me & Books, Bears reading, and Hello Sussex for T S N article & “Back to the start” and Radio Fame, Radio Sussex…


Love, thanks, and a “Stay Safe and Well” message from myself and The Bears, as The Journey Continues (lol) BROADCASTINGLY……..




Laurie xx
















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