Sprouted, blossomed, arrived, and a general milestone is how I see my eighth and latest book “Poetic Seeds to Fruition”, although I am thrilled and honoured to say many other people agree with that. ?
In fact most of them, and also many on here, have kindly said that they thought my poetry had surpassed many milestones and much more, a long time ago. Bless you for that❤️
I am truly humbled and honoured by such support and encouragement, and I will further say to some others, that it is only down to your amazing faith in me that I can write like this now. Thanks and bless you?.

So my book will finally emerge very soon now, although it never fails to amaze me how there are always last minute hitches and delays. This book is no exception and little frustrations have seen it held back, but as it was only originally aimed for November time, no great damage done. Well maybe to my stress levels and swear box donations.?

A fairly quick news round up now, though again some is very gratifying, beginning with another fantastic mention and compliments on 27th May from the excellent Lynn Parsons on National Magic FM radio… Lynn also read out part of the poem I sent, which I will put on here below, Promise for Tomorrow.

Paul Gibson of Hailsham Live who organised the Hailsham 75th V E Day celebrations has kindly thanked me again for my input, and also is sending me a memento for my participation. Nice one?

Articles printed:- The Sussexnewspaperonline on 13th May “In or Out? Concerning the Lockdown dilemma 
 and 17th May “Do You Feel Lucky”? Which was for Mental Health awareness week. Look them up, but to be totally frank I thought general response to the Mental Health issues was quite apathetic, and indeed made me wonder if people were just not interested, or maybe scared of being the “one in three” and they thought by ignoring it would make it go away? Good luck with that then…..

A couple of “new fans” in ever bewildering circumstances that never fail to amuse, delight and make me wonder, lol “Why ME”? For all full details please feel free to contact me?
 But briefly the lovely Georgia? who sells ice creams etc on Eastbourne seafront and does excellent “99’s”, had a great sign, and who now also has my 2nd book, and Emma who came to my rescue in Asda, but (really) took me over, “virtually” under her wing and dropped all my stuff off at my home (I was on my motor scooter). Emma now has my Book Seven?

Quick poem time and the one Lynn read part of on Magic FM

Promise for Tomorrow

Stunning, blazing, setting sun

A sort of fireball in the sky,

Enriching even dismal views

Like a picnic for your eye.

It seems as if the day won’t leave

Without an ending glorious sight,

Before it passes into dark

It has to demonstrate its might.

Then promise that it will be back,

With a shepherds delight tomorrow

So the day can slip away,

With cheer instead of sorrow.

Stunning, blazing setting sun

Like a fireball in the sky,

Enriching even dismal views

Like a picnic for your eye.

But be sure when night has done

And surrendered all the gloom,

The sun will come up once again

All keen to show its bloom.

Thus the shepherd will be right

About the promised daybreak,

So the only way to spoil the view

Is with bad decisions we make!


Quick mentions, but a BIG shout out to everyone!!!

Meanwhile, Kelly B & Young Henry, not “The Eighth” but my FIRST young Fan. Ted n Beth send their love “H”, Ann Bridges, Ann Deacon, mon ami Sandra of Pink Spaghetti, Elaine W (lol got the name right) James of Website wonders, now Publisher and general fielder of my “moans”…. sorry man,Richard S of Eyemasters, Suanne P, get back quick M Q,,,,

To avoid going on with all that please nudge me for your mention please…. 


As I have to live within myself

I often contemplate my mood,

For although fairly rare with me

On some occasions I will brood.

And at those unusual times

When thoughts can be quite dark,

It’s best that I restrain myself

As any comments could be stark.

Thus I need to have a tight filter

Controlling what I say or send,

In words or communication text

So no relationships I need to mend.

For like the saying about drunks

Who will tell the brutal truth,

On thoughts they once guarded

In an attempt to stay aloof.

Because that alcohol can loosen

The most protected of views,

Which can cause grave reactions

And some friends to lose.

Now I’m not saying I do that

But I do try hard to control,

Little opinions and any feelings

Not totally happy in my soul.

So when discontent or chagrin

Come calling to seek me out,

I have to be so very wary

My deep thoughts I don’t spout.


JOKES :—– Remember the “Good old Days”, when we were neither GOOD or old at the time? lol I do..

                    I was mugged by a group of mime artists recently and who did unspeakable things to me!

                    I have a new job drilling holes for water, but to be honest it’s well boring…..

SO book EIGHT, and the front cover is the lead photo, and the back is equally excellent too. And as I said last Blog, with some tasty excerpts, it is a BUMPER book with 50 plus new poems, some favourites AND includes some articles plus poems from my columns on The Sussex Newspaper, so a real bargain at £9.99. 

BUT chat to me for a discount initially, BUT all above my costs still donates to Help for Heroes charity, (who feature on it). THUS you cannot go wrong. Please contact me for pre orders, on here, or – lw1800@hotmail.co.uk – Facebook Page “The Psychy Poet Laurie Wilkinson or my other contacts from my profile page…. simple “ennett”?

Please Forgive My Warts

Please forgive the warts that disfigure me

For they’ve been accumulated over time,

That wasn’t always too nice or good

As I journeyed from my prime.

For some experiences were quite cruel

And left splinters and open sores,

That festered despite any courage

As I fought those life-time wars.

So however hard you try to smile

When you churn and burn inside,

The adventurers on life’s roads

Have nowhere safe to hide.

So although you can’t see my warts

I can assure you that they’re there,

But for those who won’t see the scars

There is relief they don’t need to care,

Or pretend that they just can’t see

The countless troubles of mankind.

For when it comes to helping out,

Many pretend they’re blind.

But for me I find it very hard

To ignore or pass by distress,

Which probably added to my warts

Though again, you might not guess.

For we are always asking each other

If we’re alright, but don’t really give a jot,

And the reply nobody wants to hear

Is someone saying, no they’re not!


I am purposely leaving the poem “reasons for inclusion” to you, but know you will get them Rod and Alistair, Jane B, Lesley A T, Richards x 3 Hello, hello, hello….

I will close now as much to do, including a couple of new leads in this very different world of doing things at present, but onwards and upwards as ever….

An excerpt from a poem in Book 8 then,

Reach Out, and Words Will Be There

In many times of upset or distress

People will seek comfort from words,

That can bring them solace and release

From pain or a conscience unheard.

So funerals, wakes and some memorials

Will feature words of farewell and peace,

That can celebrate and remember lives

Of those we have seen decease.

For the pain on so many occasions

Coming from losing someone close,

May take people into a depression

And a countenance quite morose.


Closing then as The Journey Continues FLOURISHINGLY …….

Peace, Love, Thanks and Regards,

Laurie xx

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