All dressed up and nowhere to go then, and while the comment slipped out, lol as many of my mine do, I don’t think it could be any more apt as of now! No, due to this vile virus curse that has taken many lives, it has also turned our world upside down?. Everything it seems is on hold, standby and certainly cancelled. I wonder what life will be like when, or if, this is all over? A return to “normal”? Who knows, but my philosophy has always been to just get on with my particular bit, as hopefully others do the same as we look out for them too…
Onwards then, and as maybe dressed up there are no gigs, events etc to go to, but The Psychy Poet presses on! The Sussex magazine “etc” did me proud with their article on me and Help for Heroes, so a BIG thanks to them! A photo of the article is included on here. I have recently finished another commissioned poem for a person who had a dog that prematurely passed away, sad.
 I have also been posting on my Facebook sites a poem every 2 or 3 days to hopefully amuse and divert folks locked at home from this virus, From feedback and comments the idea is appreciated and popular, although maybe significantly one about mental illness (1 in 3 will have some form of in our lives) went largely over peoples heads. Too close to home? Otherwise very much appreciated it seems.
The poems in this Blog will all be of a positive nature, so lol you can read on ?.


Promise for Tomorrow

Stunning, blazing, setting sun

Like a fireball in the sky,

Enriching even dismal views

Like a picnic for your eye.

It seems as if the day won’t leave

Without an ending glorious sight,

Before it passes into dark

It has to demonstrate its might.

Then promise that it will be back,

With a shepherds delight tomorrow

So the day can slip away,

With cheer instead of sorrow.

Stunning, blazing setting sun

Like a fireball in the sky,

Enriching even dismal views

Like a picnic for your eye.

But be sure when night has done

And surrendered all the gloom,

The sun will come up once again

All keen to show its bloom.

Thus the shepherd will be right

About the promised daybreak,

So the only way to spoil the view

Is with bad decisions we make!


That was from my 2nd book and first poem of mine to be published outside my books! 
On that point, and for (IF lol you are bored), further reading, I have just done x 2 articles for “thesussexnewspaperonline” called “Keyed up in Lockdown?” and “Relief”. Have a peep.
I can’t let this “birthday” pass without mention, NO need to sing, but I have just celebrated my sixth anniversary of being published, WOW just look at us now!, My first book “Poetic Views of Life” came out in mid April 2014.
Another poem, and more for the title, follows….

Come Our Tomorrow

I will have all of your love tomorrow

And share our kisses so very sweet,

For we will always have it all

Each and every time we meet.

I will feel your touch tomorrow

As your hands explore my frame.

Saying you’ve had private moments

But without me, it’s not the same.

I will bring you to life tomorrow

As I gently stroke and softly caress

Your body, just as you like it,

When your secret parts I address.

I will fuel your desire tomorrow

To make you want all you feel,

For until it’s just the two of us

Those desired heights aren’t real.

I will hold you close tomorrow

As we melt our bodies into one,

To feel that glorious togetherness

When we are finally all done.

But I’m coming for you now my love

Coming for you fast as I can drive,

For I have set desire all aflame

And tomorrow may not arrive!


A “nice” romance poem with a hopeful, mostly, thought.


So Ted n Beth and all the Bears Friends Gang, photos attached, are all frustrated they can’t go out, and I must add, have been a bit naughty too…..???.
Mentions then, BUT a big “Hi”, stay safe and well to everyone, and just a quick mention of individuals. New on here, thanks to John H another author from Quensland Oz, and Liz Rainbow, WHAT a very topical name Liz❤️ for all things weddings! Kelly B an absolute “Doll” of help and feedback and with her wonderful “Henry” who is a new and appreciated Ted n Beth fan! Henry, (just 7 y old), they send a big teddy wave and virtual hug!
Sandra of Pink Spaghetti P A Services and a Social Media whizz, thanks (again) and bless ya, lol mutual respect “extraordinary”…
JOKES,,,,,, YEEEEEEEEEEEES, you know you love them…..???
1) Thanks to everyone who explained the meaning of many to me…….. it means a lot!
2) Perfection walks into a bar and trips up, ….. it had obviously not been set high enough…
3) Have you ever noticed that on finding the key to successs, someone has changed the lock?
RIGHT, the MAIN news is that due to isolation, lock down stay at home etc, my eighth book could hopefully be all done and published by the end of MAY !!!!! Originally aimed for around November this year, but cracked on and is getting very near ready my end, and the other “bits and pieces”, sorry Mike, will fall into place. I consider after 8 books in just over 6 years it is a milestone for me, which will be reflected in this “Bumper” book.title I will let out soon, but it is about me having “grown” ???? This particular book is being handled and published (under My Voice still) by the brilliant James Harvey, also my Website Guru, and we thought this was best and safest while Rex is “OOoooooooop (or down?) jungle, playing with his animals and snakes, Cheers Rex??
Last poem then, and although written about 3 years ago and before this horrendous virus now visited upon us, I guess it is still quite fitting?

Don’t Write it Off

I suppose I now have a mission

With my written thoughts in verse,

For as I scan the worldwide scene

I fear it’s all getting worse.

For it seems there are wars everywhere

With the world once more on the brink.

So great leaders please take care

And give lots of time to think,

Of amazing wonders, good, and values

At new risk from conceited power.

Which can lead to mass destruction

In much less than an hour.

Of course there’s been great wars before

                                               And yet somehow we still survived.

Learning from the mushroom cloud

That insured we have now arrived,

At a state of chilling acceptance

Of just what harm man can do.

But now it seems we must again

Test out if it’s all true!

So what use then is my puny verse

That on a world scale’s just a jot?

But for me it’s hugely important,

To give our opinions than to just not

Do anything or our make a protest,

As generations have done before.

When on monumental occasions

It did bring an end to war.

So I will scribe away my thoughts

To let my feelings be known,

As you won’t succeed, if you don’t try

Thus I may not stand alone!


The end then, and very busily fitted in between working hard on my aforementioned new book, but i hope still of interest and amusing,,,

THANKS to everyone again, and so all Dressed Up The Journey Continues OPTIMISTICALLY

Cheers, Love and Peace,

Laurie xx







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