SO many happy words and events to spread, hence Town crier, apparently only regular one about now, but I know, and sure you do, a few people who could fill the role! C’mon somebody must ring a bell?
Anyway enough of that and onto a news blog of success and joy. With the current news and health fears, that HAS to be good…….
To start with then, I have a presenting slot and stall at National Women’s day this Saturday 7th March. Five presenting slots on my poetry world and Help for Heroes support at a massive and prestigious LIFESTYLE weekend 14/15 th of March with a stall there too. AND….
Ta RA, Ta RAAAaaaaaa a Sussex glossy Magazine called “ETC” is doing an article on me and my involvements for April. coming out 26th March, so ALL good there as well!!!
Recent Gigs at new venues and events have all been successful with requests for me to return.
Poem time and perhaps says it all for me=

Reasons Why?

My favourite times!
A good few wines,
Some great friends
Home road bends.

Ideas and inspirations
Poetic writing destinations,
Music of Strawbs and Moody Blues
So I scarce know which to choose.

Maybe Garfunkel and Simon
With more material to climb on?

Yes it all comes so easy now
Or is it that I’ve just learnt how,
To be my best, and now I know it,
Writing as The Psychy Poet!!??


Maybe not too surprisingly that was written on return from a great lunch at bar near my French place!
Massive apology and mention here for my friends at CARBURY Films, whose name I have spelt wrong, so hello and thanks for support Gents of Carbury Films! Rebecca, where are you, and “witch” place are you in, (flying?) gel? Hello Nicola at the gym, DON’T worry lovely Tracy I WILL get round to you, and Felicity…Grahame of Southern P C Services, Sandra my gorgeous Pink Spaghetti friend, Kelly B, keep improving and you will be back and fully “armed” (sorry xx),Astrid my German touring friend, Hello and see you this year?. Lesley don’t forget the 14th, Fred B, Jules A V and others who have kindly done an Amazon review for me… Richard of “Eyemasters”, knock, knock and of course all my other friends and great supporters and encouragement to me…. OH yes Tracy W, “Bend me Shape me, Any way you want me” and indeed you do???…All body parts, mind and eyes too, bless and thank you?MY education for you continues, and S African too… ok Suanne?. Jane B where are you as well? Feel we are poles apart at Mo??? Mick S, fingers crossed for an amazing friend, but love ALL on here, please gimmmeeeee a contact
I have also got more new Gigs from 1) The Gym, not you this time Tracy, but Shirley, Hi and thanks, 2) From The Pub, so always worth it, Hic, hic….
Perhaps this poem may describe me again?


It takes a very brave person

To rise above the parapet alone,

And to show themselves completely

Whilst standing on their own.

Now of course they would expect

That others would support them too.

But sadly not quite the case

As some find it hard to do,

Something else for any others,

Or maybe it’s indifference

That causes them to duck out

All safe behind their fence.

Of course they watch keenly

To see what happens next,

With their well rehearsed excuse

Or some other lame pretext,

That will justify themselves

From any exposure to the fray.

As they really do believe it’s best

To run, and fight another day.

So what of our poor victim

Now standing open to it all?

Leading a flock who didn’t follow,

And maybe smile to see him fall.

For in some cases it would suit

The cowards to say, I told you so.

We were right to keep our cover

And thus not to have a go.

Which certainly would be safer

And not take any chance to gain

Successful wins in their life,

But all their fears remain.



Tony Flood, are you ready? James H hope things getting sorted, (I need you man)…

1) Patient went to doctors complaining of new his prescription making him walk like a crab. Are yes confirmed the doctor, they are the side effects!
2) I really, really love Hedgehogs, but wish they would learn to share….
3) Doctor, doctor, I think I’m a dog! “How long have you felt like this?” the Doc asked… “Oooo ever since i was a puppy” came the reply!
4) Couple of fonts walked into a bar, but bartender said “We don’t want your type in here!!!”
Ted n Beth say hello and have been enjoying their fame and going to gigs with me to folks great delight… always popular those two, AND now their new friend Army Hero Bear has joined them… Photo below.
Nearly done as I’m busy, busy, busy…..


The Messenger

The messenger calls as usual

And you take it as always read,

But you may get a shock

When worrying that he’s dead.

For he hasn’t called, or spoke

So you wonder what is wrong?

But maybe nothing is for him,

When he sings another’s song,

Just how they like to hear him

As for her he speaks so well.

So you’ve faded in his memory,

Though not that you can tell.

As like thunder, the silence roars

Reverberating about your ears,

That once rejoiced to hear him

But now noise is replaced by tears

Of an acid recrimination,

That you didn’t cherish it all.

And thus you have lost it now

Even if begging him to call!

So your messenger has vanished

And seems won’t be coming back,

To pick up all the pieces

That crumble as you crack.

For no messages are forthcoming,

As the delivery man has gone.

Leaving you with a hard lesson,

About the man who shone

That bright light in your life,

And always made you smile.

But when felt you gave nothing

He knew you weren’t his style.



Photos are, Town Crier, LIFESTYLE weekend Gig, ETC Magazine, Army Hero Bear, Me reading out, Group of lovely ladies (Nat Womens Day prompt), T & B, and me with T & Beth at a gig….

Time to go, so as ever BIG thanks to all as The Journey Continues “SPREADINGLY”
Thanks and Cheers,

Laurie xx






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