Well last blog I was “Driving Onward” and now I’m flying so what is going on? Time travel? Going away? NO just cruising on really, lol oh blimey boats now, that was unintended, I meant that I am in a sort of cruise (sorry) control without any accelerating or seemingly effort. Well plenty of effort has gone in before, but no my “Poetry World” is going forward almost unaided now:-
New recommendations for Gigs, Guest and reader slots and even one in front of “about 2 – 3 thousand people” apparently? Steady Laurie boy, no losing ya bottle! Told you Tracy Weare, stick with me gel as we share our talents?❤️?. An involvement in National Womens Day, (STOP it) I’m chuffed about, strange and very “cheeky” (literally) behaviour by an attractive lady “fan” who appreciated my “talent and charity involvemtnts” quote, and a personal area seen on one of my book covers?? too.
I didn’t mention last time my monthly article for The Sussex Newspaper Online (thesussexnewspaperonline) entitled “Doom? Disastrous future? NO can;t be surely…” and as sounds is very powerful with a thought and maybe portent for us all? Please have a read, poems always included as theme…
Speaking of poems!


Nature of Man

As well as my sardonic observations

And cryptic views of life’s things,

I also see nature’s wonders

Like beautiful creatures with wings,

Or amazing life all shapes and sizes

Living plants in varied hues,

Filling us with awe and amazement

And our eyes with special views.

Mr Attenborough awakened minds

Before all closed to planet Earth,

So now we can be astounded

At stunning wildlife giving birth,

With expanding growing numbers

                                                                               Living with and around us.

Some we see and take for granted

Others just live without fuss.

But though I dearly love to see nature

My main interest is the common man,

Who with knowledge, or perhaps none

Is killing our world each way he can!



I have also started writing a lot of poems again, some ideas and first lines stored from while ago, for Book Eight, and continue with my wide spectrum of subjects. Check these two examples out, “Bogged Down & Final Journey”…. 


Bogged Down

A visit to that smallest room

Where you normally go alone,

Or maybe have a secret tryst

With your precious mobile phone,

Can now be laced with dangers

That can wreak havoc on a soul,

If carelessly or without intent

You drop the mobile in the bowl.




Final Journey

We all have to make a final journey

No matter if we are rich or poor,

For we cannot escape that last route

That moves us door to door.

Now some will have an abundance

Of flowers and a mourning crowd,

While others may just go quietly out

Although they can still be proud.



Just a trifle different then, but I’m very lucky that is how they come, BUT lol I’m getting better at dealing with the ideas? ?

Mentions then:- And a bit of a list but some long term much valued friends I’ve not heard from for a while, (knock, knock) but I know you’re there, and as all the shows say now “in no particular order”.. Shona in N Z, Tina in Oz, hope ya not too hot?, Felicity S, Lesley from 1981, Mananta, Astrid lol Germany or Camper Van, Jimbo W, Carol A, Deb B thanks for reading, Glenys P, Simon & Burgy 42nd, Pam L, Hazel minus bump?, Grahame B Shoooosh, Kerri W, Tony Cranston thanks but I must be due man? Lol, Marc Mac, Jennifer P, Austen M (Sir), Laura, Sam H, Sizzle Suzie Ggrrr, Vanessa, Trudy C, Alex H, Diana M one of my “firsts” lol but seriously thanks, Helen’s P & McH, Frederica A lol TOLD ya! & Tracey St C’MON keep up, Terrific Tracy trainer, Richard M & ALL of you, O K, Lady S P (S Africa) M Q, at the end for YOU❤️❤️…. BLESS all and the not mentioned but greatly valued on here…. YES James Website Guru I know you’re in control, Helen B & THAT Ollie, (hahahahhaaa hope ya better) @ Incredable  Cake Co, Richard S @ Eyemasters & my lovely friend Sandra Da “wotsit”❤️ of Pink Spaghetti media….


I have to again mention the wonderful Lynn Parsons of Magic FM and thank her for the humour, quips and many now, mentions of me, my poems and support of Help for Heroes, THANKS Lynn???


JOKES !!!! 

1) If you want to kill a circus off, best go for the juggler first……


2) Dogs make terrible dancers as they have two left feet!


3) AND this happened just this morning! Woman in front of me dropped a pound coin, and I joked “I did that yesterday and it hit me on the head!”

 She looked bemused, so I added “It’s a joke” at which she really laughed and said “Oh I believed you, but that’s really quite clever!” (THANKS Dad!) and roared with laughter again! SEE I am  a poet AND comedian, singer, clown lol etc….?


On a slightly more serious side, I recently went to a poet reading group. MMMmmmmm Now I of all people know there are no rules for styles, content etc but please look as if it MEANS something to you! Allowing for nerves and uncertainty the lack of passion, delivery and even indicate when the poem ENDED was quite impoverished. Shame, but nice to review what is around you….


Gosh I must finish but real hope you have been entertained …..


Photos:- 1) Flying 2) Namibia Safari jeep (travel) 3) ME, 4) Those Bears, 5) Me on a bridge (over troubled waters?) 6) Gastes at French place, boats, 7) Kiss, 8) Table Mountain (travel & one of my “Big 4” I wanted, and did see…


Closing poem and in time for Valentine’s Day, BUT also in theme of Blog title “Flying”, lol Good a? ?



Flight Path

You are right on my flight path

And I now regularly fly by,

Mostly in hope I can see you

And to give my love a try.

So you may be quite oblivious

As my flying ever narrows,

But possibly you would notice

If I flew with the Red Arrows?

Though I am just a small pilot

Flying my own heart so humble,

So won’t attract your attention

Like a fighter jet’s loud rumble.

But please pick up on my intercom

Pleading for permission to land,

Anywhere that is alongside you

On my route carefully planned.

Well that is the simple bit to do

As aims are quite easy to plot,

For it is a perfect landing

That will decide if I win or not.

So be prepared on my runway

As I circle waiting for my okay,

To enter your special air space

Which will really make my day.

For I have had you on my radar

As a lovely terminal not to miss,

So when I have taxied to a stop

I will give you a flighty kiss.

That I hope will excite you

As a beautiful hostess sighing,

With a readiness for our take off

To a lifetime, of joy and flying.



Phew, all done and so as per, thanks for all your support, interest and encouragement as all goes to donate and support the excellent Help for Heroes as The Journey Continues JET PROPELLED….

Thanks and Love from Ted n Beth, their (22+ now) Friends and “Little Ol’ ME”…

Laurie xx









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