Cheers then on a positive future, but also on reflecting back, over a great year too….
 BUT before we do that a note on the very recent events.

This website for a start, and with many complimentary comments a big thanks to "Website Guru" James H in Bali, and my thanks again. Obviously this Blog news is only part of it, so please take a look at the whole website with latest book updated on here, all seven books individually featured (with videos on books 4 and 6, and of course book seven), easier buying from me, and new Testimonials, thanks again Sandra and Richard!

Recent and Christmas flavoured Gigs have been great, another (annual now) visit to "Kerry & Co" at Mantel Farm where you can learn to make wine, mead and buy and care for various animals as well as many other services.
I got nice and appreciative thanks from Help for Heroes, always welcome, and noted with help from many of you wonderful guys, I have been able to give the charity £620 in last 3 months! Thank you again, and a special mention of "Peter" of the excellent Priory Court Hotel Pevensey who has had a couple of Quiz fund raisers for Help for Heroes and also sells my books as well! Cheers man.

Before we look back I think the lead poem from 7th book "Poet Reflects Your World" is appropriate!


You may not get true reflections

Unless they are sent back to you,

By astute and impartial eyes

That watch the things you do.

Or maybe it’s about your reactions

To experiences of the world you had,

Which always provoke responses

Should they be good or bad.

So indulge comments from neutrals

On your behaviours in the world,

Because you will get genuine views

When their reflections are unfurled.


Doing my own reflecting back it has all been a fantastic year with poetry competitions won, multiple Gigs and exposure, poems and endorsements on national radio, a 7th book in just over 5 years, guest speaker and lead poet slots etc, etc, so all in all a great year really!

Mentions: Rebecca P, Tracey S another poet supporting me and "banter buddy?, two dear friends Nuala and Suanne who both had (non alcoholic apparently, sorry gels) bad falls over Christmas, but no photos were supplied. Recover soon ladies! Some "not heard of" for a while, Tina in Oz, Helen P, Anna Yellow Glasses (in USA?) and Yvette (Ted n Beth say Hi too), please "givus a shout"…. Tracy (trainer) & Jane B who both ensure I’m fairly fit, flexible and poles in front of others?


1) A genuine place near Halifax is called Shelf…….. I think all the lonely people live there, but ho, ho look it up!

2) No matter how much you push an envelope it still remains stationary

3) The Energiser Bunny has just been arrested and charged with Battery!

Looking forward now then, and many exciting new involvements and events including Book EIGHT, lol well it’s well on the way, an Interview with ETC magazine, a slot at Hailsham V E Day Festival and many Gigs and appearances already booked, thus more money for Help for Heroes, and to just mention a few things.

A strong poem from my latest book now to consider and give hope for the future maybe?

What a Piece of …..

The wonderfully expansive Shakespeare

Wrote magnificent words on everything,

From loves joy, sadness to tragedy

Using words that made hearts sing.

One such speech and quote from Hamlet

Is “what a piece of work is man”,

Going on to exult, but question

As to why man kills all he can.

With the murder of animals for gain

And shredding world treasure to the bone.

But worse than this is man’s wars

With people keen to cast the first stone.

Bombings, shooting and killings abound

In almost accepted daily news,

When man’s bigotry, racism and hatred

Surfaces across our planet, and spews

Mass slaughter, pain and carnage,

Even now on Easter’s religious day

Sri Lanka is decimated by bombs,

As evil scum murder their way.

Oh what a piece of work is man?

Although I could answer profane,

But outrage and contemptuous disgust

Now seems is uttered in vain.

For our world drops in downward spiral

Lemming like, in a desire to die.

While in some places across the globe

A few people cry in anguish, “why”?

So maybe I can pose an answer

In that mutual respect has now gone.

A respect for man, animals and our world,

When for so many centuries joy shone.

But maybe it is not yet all lost

As some are intent to put things right,

So I will stand alongside them until

We stop man being a piece of shite!


Eight photos with this Blog and I’ll let you peice them with the news and parts they allude to….

Obviously in a few days we all move forward to another year and also decade, so all best wishes for that from me, Ted & Beth and (20 now) all of their friends! Happy New Year to you all !!!!

Thanks again as The Journey Continues EXCITINGLY…..

Cheers, Thanks and Love,

Laurie xx

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