Yes a joyful time has followed after the protracted and stressful final "birth" of my 7th book eventually published on 11th November, being over two months after everything was completed, so quite a wait, but all over now.

So what has been happening? Well considering my "poetry world" is normally (lol not best choice of word for you Laurie Boy) manic and diverse, the recent period has probably been one of my busiest, involved and rapid for some time…..
From many and varied Gigs, sometimes two in a day, Guest Poet or Speaker slots, on Hailsham FM Radio again with Simon Herbert, book stalls, the new Book Launch to some news (for later) re my being published, an interview with a magazine penned in for next year, to working with Website Guru Supreme, James, to update and revamp this "already excellent" (quote?) website presentation, it has been all go!
 YEEEEEES, gotta say it again "Often imitated, but NEVER duplicated"! LOL, nobody can keep up, which is mentioned later, ok Tony F?

Just HAS to be this poem now. Hey look what you’ve started Jane B, and I will be top of the poll? soon?

A Leader and the Pack

Many people have to bunch up

To follow the crowd like sheep.

But for others this is folly

And so to themselves they keep,

Being both confident and able

In their abilities and ways,

And while herds gets bogged down

They will look for better days.

It’s said who goes fastest, goes alone

And I guess that may be true.

But the strong leader type

Will always look for pastures new,

Where they seek out opportunity

They mould to satisfaction,

Whilst meanwhile the herd complains

Of their lack of life or action.

Though there’s safety in the pack

Jostling along with all the crowd,

Never having to worry much

As lateral thought is not allowed.

So with their minds stagnating

The herd moves slowly on,

But may later rue missed chances

After the prizes have all gone.

So why do people want to lead

With all that added strain?

Though I think many would do so

If they had the choice again.

For while there’s company in packs

With not very much to fear,

In that boring cheerless herd

Life is dark and very drear.

Thus the leader makes his way

Continuing to take his chance,

And while he may go wrong at times

His whole life he will enhance!


Also I must mention the diversity of events and venue’s I have visited, read and even "performed" at!?I mention that word particularly as at one recent Gig an ex School Headmistress was highly complimentary of my poetry but added "you are also a very good actor"….. MMMmmmm well I will take that?.

Another excelent but somewhat unexpectedly appreciative Gig was at the Martello pub, a very friendly and down to earth place, where the folks were very generous with donations in my Help for Heroes tin, and really liked and bought my poetry books! Yup Rex and Mike Seager, a "poet for the pub"….

                                                                                                 Envy ?

Some people come, whilst others go

A few for reasons I don’t know,

Guess it was something I did or said,

That didn’t settle well in their head.

But meanwhile I will trek my road

So all are welcome with my load,

While I continue with my life

Mostly wondrous, with little strife.

Thus I will offer a smile or joke,

Though on this some seem to choke.

For I am not always like a saint,

And a colourful life I love and paint.

But do not worry if you fail to see,

That I’m always, and forever me!



1). The inventer of "Knock, Knock" jokes was recently awarded the No Bell Prize!

2). Ballet baffles me with all the girls dancing round on tip toe, …. IF they only wanted tall girls they should have only hired tall girls!

3). At a meal the other night i totally amazed everyone when I ordered everything in fluent French. Even more so as we were in a Chinese Restaurant… 

Mentions, and another big one for James H who is brilliantly updating and refreshing my Website, may even be done when you get this, to especially feature my latest book, but also with a superb video of me reading excerpts of Book Seven poems. Thanks to Richard Smith of  Eyemaster glasses made especially for you, and the ever lovely Sandra Da Silva-Creasy of Pink Spaghetti P A Services, for their kind and speedy updated reviews for the refreshed website.
Rebecca P, Lesley A T, Nuala, Jayne S,Tracy W, Tony & Heather F, The Carbury Boys etc who with many others supported me at Incredible Cake Company Book Seven celebration…

To return to you Tony and your question of "why did i do so much and push myself"? As I answered "Because i can and enjoy it" I should again mention Tracy W who keeps me active and flexible at the gym! Cheers, Tracy.

Another photo included tells the story of three ladies "mugging me" (nicely) when I called into The Smugglers Pevensey for a quick beer on way home from a gig. A great time was had by all and more new "fans" of my poetry…?

Alone in the Mirror

I am alone in the mirror

With this face I’ve come to know,

That’s been staring back at me

From so many years ago.

But that face has changed now

Though the expression is the same,

For it has seen much of life

And situations you can’t tame.

This face has looked on loss

So tragic it creased with pain,

While trying hard to smile out

As inside the heart was slain.

Inner traumas rocked the soul

Which nearly split the seam.

Causing untold agony but,

Outside the face would beam.

So laughter which we cherish

Has cracked the outer look,

Though these smile fed lines

Will belie the times it shook,

With mirth, and sometimes grief

As it was worn across the years,

That eroded pristine youth

With many of life’s fears.

So that cruel mirror on my wall

Reflects the good and bad,

Showing with lines and wrinkles

All the years of life I’ve had.

But I’m not ashamed of this

Please don’t be taken in.

For though sometimes I force it,

Years drop off when I grin.


Perhaps that poem is another insight like the others included here, of how and why i write in "my style"?

Quick mention of Ted & Beth who have accompanied me at all my gigs, sometimes with some of the "Friends Gang", and are photographed in Christmas mode??

So thanks to all as The Journey Continues JOYOUSLY….

Cheers and Love,

Laurie xx


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