Seventh heaven as my "seventh" book is all completed and sent to my Publisher Rex for first draft, so it can be a seven as in Samurai, deadly sins or as I prefer magnificent  as in The Magnificent Seven, but my seventh it is, and so I proudly say so! 

Meanwhile I continue to be busy doing my Gigs, writing more, (LOL start of Book EIGHT?), and as photos a weekend re enactment too. This was at Hole Park in Kent and a great weekend where as you can see I carried our Colours! Thanks also to "My Lot" The 42nd for more support buying my books as usual, THANKS guys (and Gels)!!!

I must mention this feedback from a recent Poetry Reading gig as it’s lol (mostly) what I strive to do = "Everyone enjoyed the huge breadth of subject matter, your wisdom, humour and occasional irreverence" !!!! Irreverence? Me…  Really kind and interesting feedback though and thanks. Hey Jane Ba, is that alright? ?

First poem may well be apt here….


I have my own personal ghost,

You can’t see him but he’s there.

When I’m alone I talk to him

And so my existence I will share.

We discuss things when life’s difficult

And I don’t know what to do.

I am not too sure if he does talk back

But It’s like another persons view,

On what to do, or what to say,

Or maybe how best to proceed.

So I get an inner confidence

And my echoes advice I heed.

This ghost of mine is real to me

And he even has a name,

Though it’s probably no great surprise

That his and mine are the same,

For when talking I will use it

As I would address a human friend,

Knowing my ghost will be around

Until my days come to an end.

So I guess now that I am aware

That It’s my conscience not a ghost,

But to me it doesn’t matter

If having integrity I can boast!


So other news and a HUGE and "Huggy?" welcome on here to Jane Ba (restricter in place), Natasha C of Hastings in Unity, Teresa, thanks for all, Tracy W my shapely, & shape boss, Christopher, & interesting (scary but lovely) Jess of Fighting Fit Food, (clue for my comment is in her business title!) And of COURSE a big HI and THANKS to everyone else on here, NOT least the Wonderful and Amusing Lynn Parsons of (Mellow) Magic FM Mon – Friday nights 8.00 pm – Midnight, who kindly gave me and Help for Heroes another great endorsement and mention recently.

JOKE TIME :- 1) "To be or not to be a horse rider? That is Equestrian"
                       2) Sleep is my favourite thing, it’s what I get up for!
                       3) After learning semaphore for 6 hours I was soon flagging!

Another photo included is of Ted & Beth with 3 friends who accompanied me to a great Gig last Monday 9th when it was National Teddy Bear Day that Lynn also announced on Magic FM. What a great time we had and the wonderful folks were delighted to meet the FIVE bears…
For more really the "Eastbourne Area" locals as the excellent Peter of Priory Court Hotel is having a Quiz Night next Tuesday September 17th in aid of Help for Heroes! A 7pm for 7.30 start and I will be there with my books and poems too, but lol don’t let THAT put you off. Was a joke Jane "honest Injun!"..
Nearly done so final poem then, a quite reflective one that’s very popular at my gigs! Deb I always think of you with this poem and hope, as intended, it still comforts you.

Moment in Time

The world spins on its axis

Night darkens the light of day,

Summer follows winter and spring

Our times were made that way.

Yet we go on in our existence

Even if we want to or not,

For however much we fight it

We mostly have the life we’ve got.

For as we continue on our road,

Days will come that bring our turn.

To have some suffering to bear,

From which we need to learn.

For as our loved ones die on us

Others will come as we see them go.

Replaced by babes newly born,

In natures continuous flow.

So enjoy what you have now

For as long as you possibly can,

Because there is no certainty

Of the time scale given to man.

Waiting for exactly the right time

To do all that you want to do,

May catch you out very badly

And be totally denied to you.

Thus best appreciate it all now

Even if the truth hurts and numbs,

For however hard to accept it

Sometimes tomorrow never comes.


YAY so nearly done and hope you enjoyed, found amusing or whatever, (To my lovely French Ladies, Tiffers, Sophie, Guenelle (Pandy), Mathilde (Happy Birthday), Audrey, Clemmy "Madhead" (luuuuurve it) I will explain some when see you all again… Do YOU get the Jokes Suanne?❤️

From Ted n Beth & me, Big thanks, love & Regards as The Journey Continues in SEVENTH HEAVEN 

Laurie xx  

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