Headline and more as my website has been updated with new "headline" piece (main photo) and I’ve had another "endorsement" on national radio, so headlines it is! The "more" will follow…

I am currently back in France, initially baking hot, hence Ted n Beth photo in the sink to cool off, and local area photo, but the last weeks weather has been mixed, much like the U K, with storms and very hot days changing all the time.

Quick news update with some more money raised for Help for Heroes before I came away, another great endorsement by the wonderful Lynn Parsons on (mellow) Magic FM and a really nice "Thank You" phone call to me from Help for Heroes Official. Thank you!

Following a couple of Facebook posts and promotions I received a lot of interest, support and over 30 + "The Psychy Poet" page likes in last week or so and of course this further spreads the Help for Heroes word too, yeah Good One!!!!

The relevance of "Clown and Circus" photo is to say again "what makes/inspires me to write" and on bike ride around area I saw the circus poster and stopping for a beer, (well it was very hot) I wrote a new poem called…. wait for it, lol "Circus", which will be in my next book!


I’m not a lover of the Big Top

With the contrived acts in the ring,

For I much prefer the circus of life

And the entertainment that will bring.

Which of course is what I write on

From observations of animal tamers,

Trapeze artists and those clowns

Just like many real world gamers.

Then there has to be a ring master

In charge of Big Top antics too,

Just like big shots in our lives

Wanting to boss about me and you.


That is the start of it, so my theme explained!

A BIG welcome on here to Jane B, who i hope to meet up with again on return from France, "Hi Jane" and thanks for support, a "Janice" WELCOME and thanks, and also my "friend at French place Jane F, cheers!!!

SORRY, but "Joke Time" =

1) I have 25 alphabet friends, but don’t know why!
2) I wanted some camouflage trousers but couldn’t find any?
3) What rhymes with orange, NO it DOESN’T !!!!

LOL back to my poetry then, and following "headline theme" comes a poem from my 6th book Poet Reveals All with poem called "One Night Only"…

One Night Only

For a spectacular one night only

The famous entertainer is in town,

Or possibly an attraction venue

That has a show of great renown.

So obviously we’re all very keen

Not to miss a special one night.

But is it always as it seems,

And for you at this time, just right?

Because I have a thought to offer

That we probably all have our own

One night wonder to remember,

Though it may be little known.

For you cannot always make plans

As to what happens at certain times,

Because the best surprise events

Won’t occur with church bell chimes.

But we are happily bowled over

To walk in a wondrous ecstasy,

As your one night only events

May happen just as for me.

Thus this keenly sought one night

May not involve an entertainer,

Or that great attraction venue,

But cutting loose with no restrainer.

So go and cruise your life with joy

For it won’t always be just phoney,

As you awake in awesome majesty

That it’s not for one night only!


Nearly done as internet sometimes a bit "tricky" here, so while the going is good….

The last photo to be mentioned is the back of my last book and on couple of enquiries I explain that it was aimed to follow title (Poet Reveals All) and theme of Robbie Burns poem line, "The only gift god not gee us, is to see ourselves as others see us", so that is my take, and of course ME!!!

Before closing I should again MENTION that all my current six books are reduced to hopefully make room for my new book seven I now intend to aim to bring out around October, give or take, ok Rex?
For books = lw1800@hotmail.co.uk – 07967 355236 or of course on here! I can deliver, post etc depending on location.

Well from Ted n Beth and their friends who will be busy with me on return to U K, and me, a BIG THANKS and bye for now as,
     The Journey Continues in HEADLINE fashion,

Cheers & love,

Laurie xx

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