A very true but slightly cryptic title that I will let you work out, but all the answers follow as I won’t tease, just please!?

So near three weeks have passed since my last Blog Post, and very successful and busy ones for me, and I hope also for you as well. What have I been up to then, or more to the point "has happened to me"??

Well for a start off I continue to do my gigs to some wonderful people and have a good laugh as well as poem read. A great way to get money for Help for Heroes, and I’m rebooked to go back again to the venues.

On Tuesday 9th July I had a stall collecting for my above charity and on a quiet, sunny day at Langney Shopping Centre I still somehow raised £80 

An interesting observation from that day was just how many people stopped to talk to me and tell me intimate details about their lives in a variety of ways. Some funny, tragic, romantic and reflective! YES the astute, clever and perceptive of you will recognise my four section I write on in all my books, SO I feel proudly that my writing is in tune still with everyone and touches their lives….

I continue to write more new poems and have 75 for my new book now, so the decision of "when" I go for releasing it remains in my hands, (and Rex my Publisher of My Voice).

The start of my most recent poem follows and is a story from some time ago in my life, yes again, many poems now are on my experiences but most have a "story" behind them.

Damsons and Distress

I was born and bred a “townie”

Although the countryside was near,

But I knew more of the market

Than a farms mysterious sphere.

So as I wandered about the streets

I was then blissfully unaware,

That many roads can cross in life

And to a farm and working there.

Now it wasn’t like a proper job

Back in that seventies decade,

When a situation came to pass

And decisions had to be made.

For I was working in a factory

Caught in an industrial dispute,

So we went on a three day week

That our budgets didn’t suit


Now many of the hard up workers

Took to doing jobs that were new

On many local farms and land

With nothing they wouldn’t do.

Thus quite unfortunate for me

As I had to be one of the last,

To try and find some casual job

So most vacancies had passed.

This should be amusing for I must confess to buying 3 more "Bears & Friends" making a total of 14 now & you can count in the photo. The last 3 are Husky "Hal", a smallish "Paddington" and a very large elephant "Ellie". On buying Ellie I realised I had to get her and my shopping "in or on" my motor scooter. Well I didn’t and Ellie had to sit on the front with me and her trunk over the windscreen! ?…. I still need to write a poem for Paddington and Ellie.

Against my decision to not enter poetry competitions for a while as I felt were often won by "Bubble Gum, non rhyming "prose" or more aloof than my style, anyway however I have entered three, (one only to support a lady trying to get a group going in France) and already won my first of the three! Hence "Success & Winner" photo. Start of poem follows….

Humpty Dumpty Revisited

Most people know about Humpty Dumpty

But how many know the story facts?

And maybe wonder why he sat on a wall

With a shell that so easily cracks.

And was it partly his obese type figure

That rendered him in danger to fall,

For surely he should have thought

He might easily slip off the wall?

And then the involvement of kings men

Who were presumably meant to guard,

And not fuss over an accident prone egg

So perhaps they didn’t try too hard

To put his pieces back together again,

And cleaned up helped by their horse.

Who really had no choice in all this,

But then you guessed that of course?

A mention here re more bookings coming in and seemingly more success, to Liz Wright, Debbie B, Diane M, Suanne, Tony F, Mike F and a few more too many to mention, who gave me much encouragement and support to "Go and do it", especially Liz, but I won’t repeat what she said at my very start for lol "modesty reasons"!

My latest monthly article for "thesussexnewspaperonline" (and Bonjour Limousin) is out now, look it up, and this time simply called "BEER"? and "probably" appropriate for this time of year!

AS of lead photo I am at the Old Courthouse Pevensey again this coming Saturday 13th July as invited to read some poems in aid of Help for HEROES as part of the display/promotion of "Pevensey in the two World Wars" there… 

Joke Time, "You know you want to" (Sorry Lynn Parsons, Queen of the airways on Mellow Magic, @ Magic FM) read them and try not to laugh, OR cry!!!?

1) When is a door not a door" = When it’s ajar!!!

2) New Karma restaurant opened, but has no menu. You get what you deserve!

3)My joke for my son years ago he liked = I knew it was a tough pub as had Piranha in the Goldfish tank!

    The photos are fairly obvious as to what they are…

Close now and as ever thanks for,

being there” support etc as The Journey Continues SUCCESSFULLY

Cheers, love and thanks, from Ted n Beth, their fellow bears and friends and me…

Laurie xx

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