So why higher, bright and more in sight? Well the lead photo and the others may give a clue, but basically I got through my singing spot at Ivy House Day Centre concert with high colours, and from kind feedback even flying, and certainly my uniform shone bright! Without being presumptuous I would have been very disappointed if my poem reading hadn’t gone down well!
Having now seen the DVD of the excellent concert, and wonderful afternoon, I am pretty content with my “dual role” in it.?
As of last photo of “my” wonderfully beautiful and eerie lake in France, I returned home two weeks ago, and with several, (one last minute special request), gigs done already, the time has gone very quickly.
Last Blog I said I would mention “the bears” more, and really need to for Ted n Beth have been joined by three more friends, one called Pandy, not surprisingly a Panda I bought in France, Bruce a lovely black and brown dog and Polar Bear whose name needs no explanation, have all joined the “Bears and Friends” gang, and all have poems about them already,   will accompany me to gigs. NOT all at once of course and obviously Ted n Beth will come with me every time. We just want a reasonably sized Koala bear to complete our group, so any offers please?
Another photo in the blog shows them all gathered together!???
What other poem can I follow with but “Teddy Friends” from my 4th book….


Teddy Friends

Our Ted n Beth have many friends

With whom they share their time,

Chatting away, and laughing with some

While with others they sing and rhyme.

Big Ted is a soft cuddly protector

Like a giant minder watching out,

For any dangers or problems seen

That can make him growl and shout.

For although a big fluffy bear

He can talk and knows what’s right,

In the world of his teddy friends

That he always keeps in sight.

Now Sleepy Bear just slumbers on

And keeps her teddy eyes shut,

Though on occasions she will peek

And do things sweet as a nut.

But the other bears don’t all know

Of Sleepy Bears little game,

Thinking she just dreams forever

And always looks the same.

But I have seen and caught her

Moving and adjusting her bow,

Though she didn’t see me looking

So still thinks that I don’t know,

Of her little tricks and secrets

Which she keeps from other bears.

Hoping that she fools them

And leaves to their own cares.

Ted n Beth aren’t caught though

And know exactly what she’s at,

But think she’s really cute

So agreed to leave it at that.

Brown Bear watches at the window

For he is always on his guard,

To see who is living near us

Or is walking up the yard.

Though he knows friend from foe

And maybe watches for a ghost,

But he mostly recognises callers

Like the man who brings the post.

Thus Ted n Beth are very lucky

To have such lovely friends,

Who care and look out for them

And follow all their trends.

But though Ted n Beth are happy

With how they spend each day,

At the slightest talk of travel

They can’t wait to get away!


Great stuff then and they are always very popular at my gigs too.

News update time and again as title all very “successful and bright, with more in sight”:-?
Almost as I type this (Saturday 22nd June), East London Radio is broadcasting Talking Stories, (recording programme number 28 ok Tony?). For the sublime Tony Cranston presents it, and another of my poems “Home Comforts” from my 2nd book is featured and I will include in this blog. 
Another of my very recent poems for my 7th book, which will be out later this year although I almost have all the poems for it now, is called “Desert” and is a very romantic one which my lovely friend Suanne from S Africa and the excellent Lynn Parsons of Magic FM both very kindly called it “amazing” and “one of my best”! He hee heee and is NOT included here, so wait for the book or ho ho bribe me….. not really, but it is a nice one I think!!!??
My June article for “thesussexnewspaperonline” & “bonjourlimousinonline” has been published and is called “Sleep” so may interest you and will surely amuse? LOOK it up please!
Some mentions, with a new no. 69 sign up “Eddie”?, Mathilde I hope you now have your book?,(You were my 600th like and I’m now on 629 for my The Psychy Poet Laurie Wilkinson Facebook page), Mick S, Mantel Farm & the lovely Kerry of wondrous chickens ??, The Carbury Boys, Jimbo, Astrid, Sandra of Pink Spaghetti, Pamela L, Gordana, Grahme of Southern P C service, Sam H at Boooookies, Austen M, (Sir), Trudy C, Diana & everybody generally with my greatest appreciation and thanks, especially to James H my Website Guru…
Joke Section, (groans lol)…
1) Sleeping Beauty went into a photographers shop convinced that one day her prints would come!!!
2) I learnt recently that Davy Crocket had three ears! A left, a right and a “wild” frontier….
I know, I know, but I’ll put up a poem now, more my strength, and as promised earlier “Home Comforts” going out on East London Radio “Talking Stories”


Home Comforts

You must really count your blessings

I do that each and every day,

For there’s always someone worse off

No matter what you think or say!

We live closely in our own world

So don’t see much else around,

And very little affects us here

Thus we sleep safe and sound.

No war now overshadows us

Earthquake, drought or heavy weather.

In fact if we get deep heavy snow

There’s panic running hell for leather!

We have no major killing diseases

Of course cancer threatens us all,

But that’s a worldwide problem too

Thus our health concerns are small.

Well apart that is from obesity

That will be the new fatal killer,

Unless people stop eating fast food

And go easy on their stomach filler.

We live closely in our own world

So don’t see much else around,

And very little affects us here

Thus we sleep safe and sound.

So rest safely in your beds tonight,

For it’s only you that cause distress

And shock waves in your tranquil pond,

So why would we settle for less!


Well a very nice but true poem I think, and hope you like it too.
So meanwhile I continue with my gigs, writing a couple more commissioned poems, a new and improved “Wedding Poem” deal offer, continue to sell my books (and thank you to Chris another poet who bought all six when he “came to see me” at a Gig, a day at local Langney Shopping Centre Eastbourne July 2nd from 10.00 onward collecting  and selling my books for Help for Heroes, so if around come and say hello please.
Before I close I will again reiterate that you can get all of my books from me, contacts = – or 07967 355236
Remaining “Often Imitated but (now with singing lol) NEVER Imitated” I close as
………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. The Journey Continues SPECTACULARLY 
Thanks and Love from Ted n Beth, the Friends Family and me,
Laurie xx



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