Present and presentations it is. I am very present and correct now and with even more presentations coming and booked, that is totally correct by me!
Since the article and photo of me was in the Eastbourne Herald three weeks ago I have had many compliments and recognition which has obviously advertised Help for Heroes charity a lot too.
Also I have had an increased awareness and notifications of my "Poetry Talks and Presentations" with word of mouth in a positive way.
Last Thursday 31st January I had a wonderful afternoon at a Residential Home with some older ladies, one a poet of some years who was now blind, reading my poems and with Ted n Beth present as well. Everyone enjoyed the session, but especially the poet lady who laughed, nodded and clapped all session. Nice one, and I have been there booked again, and probably some other sessions too.
In fact Big Ted (in the photos) was there too as he has now accepted the offer from Ted n Beth to be their "Minder" as they think they are famous now, so I have just written a poem for him about this. I read it out to the ladies with great delight, and part of it follows. 

Big Ted the Minder

Ted & Beth think they’re famous now

With a fan base of their own,

And while this is true in a small way

I think their egos are over blown.

For thinking they now need a minder

Called up their friend Big Ted to act,

As protection and look after them

So never “bear-napped” or whacked.

Now Big Ted’s a cuddly protector

Like a giant sentry looking out,

For any problems or danger seen

That can make him growl or shout!

For although a big fluffy bear

He’s sharp and knows what’s right,

And how to protect Ted and Beth

Who he now keeps in his sight.

So that is the latest with The Bears ??? who will all be coming with me for three more gigs in the next ten days, so busy, busy, busy! Feedback on these to follow next time. Gosh the excitement is killing a? ?

Following up from last Blog on why, and what makes me write I will add a couple of examples here next. The second poem of the two, "Open Up" from my second book, was written at my French place when we had a "wet spell" that forced me to fight going stir crazy and riding my bike in the rain, which obligingly came down harder and led me to take refuge in a local bar.
 Three occupants who all spoke a fair bit of English and I had a great session and on riding back, again in the rain, I reflected on the fortune of going out and getting to talk to people, thus wrote Open Up….

Open Up

I’m so glad that I spoke to you

How else would I have known,

Thoughts that you have told me

That are all your very own?

You shared just what you think

What makes you laugh or cry,

The things that make you angry,

That you love, or perhaps let by.

We can often pass each other

Without a smile or spoken word,

And that we don’t talk to each other

Is quite frankly so absurd!

We need to share our feelings

And how others may endure.

For in a world of madness

It’s good to know what’s pure.

By listening and talking

We learn some different views,

Like how life can be for others

When before we had no clues.

We can often pass each other

Without a smile or spoken word,

And that we don’t talk to each other

Is quite frankly so absurd!

So give a nod, or even smile

Who knows what may pan out?

You may have great times spent

If you end your speaking drought!

Straightforward and easy enough that then, and so really is the following one they are both quite popular when I read them out as contrasts at my gigs! 

The second poem "Crowded Out" is another quite simple, but I think powerful, poem on loneliness from my very first book, I wrote it in response to some news I had of people dying alone and almost unknown. Sadly this has again touched me very recently when an ex psychiatry colleague was recently found dead in his flat after lying thus for about a week. I had last spoken to him on the phone about three years ago. Tragic though…… 

Crowded Out

Can a tree in a forest be lonely

Or a wave crest on the sea?

So if surrounded by people

How can loneliness possibly be?

When you look at peoples faces

For a smile or glint of an eye,

Everyone seems to be moving

And like spectres just pass by.

The fish in the ocean have shoals

And the bees will build their hive,

But many people live in surroundings

Where no one knows they’re alive.

So maybe we should reach out

With more effort to connect,

To try and prevent isolation

That even stout hearts will deject.

No person wants their passing

To go off with barely a squeak,

With people saying they saw them

But never found time to speak!

All very sad, but such is life for many. 
A bit of humour now then, but NO Tony F it’s not the jokes yet, AND I hope you’re not "nicking them? LOL.? The jokes (apparently well received) will follow soon. Hope they’re o k for you Carbury Film boys? ?

No, and not THAT funny but at my regular Open Mic night next week apart from reading my poems of course, and now telling jokes as well, I might be singing too. Report next blog.

I have actually been invited to another open mic venue and also to read my "wonderful poetry" (quote), and also some Guest Speaker slots in the future as well.

Just to add whilst "blowing my trumpet" ?? that my reviews on Amazon for my latest book "Poet Reveals All" are now creeping up, so THANKS to all who have done one, and any more nice 5 star reviews will be much appreciated on Amazon books.

YAY, the jokes then, hahahhaaaa have to alert you:-

A woman recently widowed contacts her husband through a medium, and on being asked how he was,  tells her he spends much time swimming and fishing. His wife, horrified, said but you hated fishing and never swam, but he replied, yes but I’m a duck now!!!

A bloke went to his doctor complaining of insects spinning across his eyes. Unconcerned the doctor reassures him not to worry as there are a lot of bugs going round at the moment!!!

Right last poem then, and popular at that recent gig, and also read out last year by the wonderful Lynn Parsons on her Mellow Magic show on Magic radio….

Unknown Journey

The very beauty of the gift

Was that it was not seen or showing,

We did not know or notice

That something great was growing.

You sailed in your ship, I in mine,

No other course was charted.

We journeyed on across our seas

Unaware just what had started.

I did not know but I looked for you,

Your way, your eyes, your smile.

A touch can take our breath away

And be felt from near a mile.

But the greatest star was yet to shine

Beaming light from sky to sea.

I was manic, laughing , flying

When you said you cared for me!

Before closing just to say that the photos are (lead) me at last gig, reading a poem, the bears, and my updated article in the Eastbourne Herald.

As ever thanks for your support, joining me on here and reading blogs, as The Journey Continues STUPENDOUSLY….


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