Yes great times are continuing, and the ensuing days since my last blog about 18 days ago have been extremely busy.
The main reason for my activity is of course my sixth and latest book, only published on November 20th last, and me actually getting my copies on November 26th. So lots to do at an already busy time of the year, but oh, (or Ho, Ho , Ho?), jolly good fun! Thus CHEERS as lead photo!
Not only busy and good fun, but successful too, as I have had the most sales, recommendations, future bookings and enquiries in the last three weeks, than at any other time since I was first published in April 2014!
Great indeed, and also nice as it probably shows that I am "growing in popularity and improving"….
I intend this particular Blog to be somewhat more succinct, (but I say/think that most times ?), than usual, but without losing any of its "amusement and interest" (quotes) that folks are kind enough to say about the Blogs.

Suffice to say then that my new and latest book "Poet Reveals All" is selling very well, and again quicker than my previous five books. The cover photos, shown in last blog and elsewhere on this website, are most likely helping, and more than that have allied my fears of the "starkness" of the cover.
 This was advised both by Rex Sumner my Publisher from My Voice, and Mike Seager of Seager Studios. Mike also arranged for the cover photographer, the excellent Andrea Hunnisett.
I am also going to say, (with a little coyness?), that apart from the cover being complimented on, various parts of my anatomy have had some very nice, suggestive and leading comments from ladies too. Being a Gentleman who "doesn’t tell", I will merely add some were said whilst buying my book and with a twinkling of eyes!  

An ideal poem then, and to lol, stop any blushes…

Eye Line Smile

It doesn’t take much to lift a heart

Or cause our head to swoon.

Just loving words or chaste kiss,

Can lift us round the moon.

Whether eyes are dark or light

They can twinkle and bewitch,

Causing a thrill right through you

As if someone clicked a switch.

Seeing can makes hearts flutter

With pulses racing with a touch.

There is no magic spell for this,

Just that we love so very much.

Contented sighs descend on us

Like some heaven sent cascade.

And nothing will keep us apart,

Even rivers, hill or barricade!

A plain face may cause sunrise

When it breaks into a smile,

And when that beam is loving

Joy will fast flow like the Nile!

Whether eyes are dark or light

They can twinkle and bewitch,

And if they sparkle just for you

Your whole life will enrich.

For in a world that’s tough at times

Where you strive hard for reward,

Being drawn to loving eyes

May bring ecstatic life accord!

One of the photos posted shows a group of fine "older men"who I finally caught up with, apart from two I didn’t know, after 50 + years from my school days at a reunion I went to at the end of November. 

An excellent, somewhat eerie experience to meet people you know nothing about from all that time ago. They all kindly bought my new book too.

In the recent days I have done many stalls and events which have also helped sales, and been enjoyable at the same time.

My regular "Open Mic" spot was again appreciated on an excellent night of sharing music, stories and verse.

Next comes the first part of an "illuminating?" poem from my new book! Illuminating as it "reveals" ha ha haaa, some of my "poetic secrets", so if not bought it already, you need to get the book. Also because it more than likely mentions you in it too?

Brief Watching

I have my thoughts and beliefs

That are tied in with my views,

When I just stand around

And the passing world peruse,

With all its strange characters

Acting out on their stage

Of earth’s wonderful scenery

Like a continual turning page.

Some will show off for attention

Or personal reasons that they need,

For in their own mixed up head

It’s the only way to succeed.

But surely this will often have

Opposite responses that they intend.

So they’ll be dismissed as crazy

And daft actions must amend.

But mostly people are oblivious

To any watching eyes on them,

Despite the growing use of cameras

That can exonerate or condemn.

For we have got quite used to

The idea we are always seen,

In various activities of life

Either embarrassing or obscene.

A terrific experience in the recent few days was "another" guest slot with the excellent Simon Herbert of Hailsham FM, the local Radio Station really going well now.

 Accompanied by Ted n Beth, (also in photos) and their "Minder" Big Ted, (they feel now warranted with their growing stardom).

 As a "Security Bear" Big Ted tries to keep photos of him to a minimum, so he isn’t included in the photos.

 Anyway we all had the usual laughs, banter, great music, some chosen by me, and my latest news. Simon will put the recording on Mixcloud up when he returns from holiday, but great fun and further promotion of me, Help for Heroes and of course my books I read some poems from!

I am proud and quite chuffed to have been "looked up" lol NOT "locked up", by a Luncheon group, who hearing "great reports" (quote) about me and my talks being "funny and amusing", contacted me and have already booked me in the New Year to help "lift the gloom" (quote), so all good stuff….

In a busy blog I won’t spend too much time on my recent Book Signing at Pevensey Court House, merely to say that on a foul, wet, windy & cold day, some stalwart friends made the unenviable effort for me, and I again sold some books and got more recommendations and future bookings, so not too shoddy, if somewhat a wet experience. THANK YOU kind friends!?

To continue being brief I will just mention all my friends on here generally, and to thank you for your love, support, encouragement and continued kind compliments. BLESS ya all !!!!

 Two exceptions to this are the wonderful Lynn Parsons of Magic F M "Mellow Magic" programLynn presents, where Lynn was extremely complimentary about my new book cover. 
The other, is my new friend Sian Noon of "Youth Fairy" who I recently met, and has just messaged me while I am writing this!  Hello Sian he heee ?….

To conclude then I must just mention my visit on Friday to see Kerry "of the lovely chickens" ??, and her team at the wonderful Mantel Farm ???? with it animals, bees, food and interesting "things" in great surroundings. I read some poems, sold some books and sampled their "interesting" Mead drink. Cheers!!!!

Last poem then, and again from my new book romance section, but a slightly different theme and perhaps a little twist too? (O k, S P ??)

Book of Love

Does your love book have blank pages,

Or maybe you wiped them clean?

In an attempt to remove your hurt

Now it no longer can be seen.

But although pages may be blank

Real memories will still appear,

So you may often have visions

Though not always crystal clear.

For you had made large entries

When filling your book of love,

That now seem very small

More like a sparrow than a dove.

So looking back at the binding

Together of romance and book,

When each day had bright sunshine

Shining on each chance you took,

For the opportunity of more thrills

With that stunning, lovely muse.

Though now it seems a bit unreal

You were the one they’d choose.

But each book needs an ending

And a firmly closed last page,

Even if chapters aren’t finished

As you tore them in a rage,

Of frustrated, painful heartbreak

When your world came tumbling down.

So like many books before yours,

They describe a broken clown!

That’s it then, and a happy Christmas etc to you all, and again thanks for being there and sharing this with me.

 Oh just to mention the other photos included, one obviously "Those Bears", one at Hailsham F M Radio with Simon, and the other is a statue of "satisfaction" I found that sums up my appreciation and contentment at how all is going for me, nice little chap isn’t he? And SMILE…

As I continue to enjoy myself I’m still "Often Imitated, but NEVER Duplicated" as my Journey Continues SUCCESSFULLY and ENJOYABLY too….

Cheers, from myself, Ted n Beth and Big Ted…

Laurie xx

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