Quite simply, the last near four weeks since returning from my French place have been amazing, with the time since my last Blog no exception!

How and where shall I start?? With a very interesting and unusual experience I think.


Last Blog I mentioned it had been arranged for me to have a professional studio photographer photo shoot, well that occurred on Friday October 12th. The wonderful Andrea H took painstaking care and consideration to produce some stunning photos that are now with Rex my publisher at My Voice for my new book cover.

Remember that my new Book Six title is "Poet Reveals All" (in your world), so I will leave you to consider a book, poet and a towel? ?.

The following night, as of photos 2 & 3, (the lead photo represents me "emerging"), I attended a brilliant hospital reunion from where I worked since the very early "1980’s" and had not seem some of my colleagues for over 20+ years! Fun and frolics abounded, an Indian meal was consumed and those who didn’t know about my poetry learnt, and I sold some more books. Thanks guys, and especially Julie for the organisation, Jimbo Willis and his lovely wife for putting me up, (or putting up with?), feeding and hosting me! Great night guys….

Phew a poem, oh yeah right, stick with the book Laurie, thus here is back page poem that alludes to Mr Burns reflections that others see the real us, HENCE my book title Poet Reveals All – in your world! Clever a? Well, not bad anyway.

Revealing Reflections

In your journeys across the years

You may meet various emotions,

That will ebb and flow all about

Like the spray from oceans.

For with love, life and tragedy

Needing so much deep reflection.

Observations can be quite helpful,

When held up for inspection.

As it’s difficult to see ourselves

Even if very honestly tried.

So best inner exposures come,

From perceptive eyes outside.

I do also need to add that I was contacted and booked for a brand new Residential and Care home in Eastbourne, who had googled "Eastbourne poets", found me, checked my website and Facebook pages (The Psychy Poet Laurie Wilkinson, & Ted b Beth of Laurie the Poet), and liking what they saw contacted me!

I did that Gig two days ago with a pretty good fee to go towards Help for Heroes, and all, staff and residents, seemed to really enjoy my session, and of course LOVED Ted n Beth who have their photo in Blog too.

Mentions, and as promised Liz P of Usborne books, Annabel C, I said ANNABEL he hee, of Ace Events and Small Business Meet Ups, Sizzle Suzie of Utility W, James, Hi man, my Website guru, SHARON W, Olive Design, (can’t hide M F G),Lesley another hospital friend from ’81, the lovely and very patient Sandra of Pink Spaghetti Social Media etc training who has helped me, and we "met up" again as in 4th photo on here, AND a new lovely lady "Katie W"…

Now "Our Katie W" loves and "met" me through banter, ho ho Katie, you’ve come to the right place ? !!!! Although in fairness Katie and I have now properly met at her excellent hairdressers, but struggled with mine! 

AND, her lovely harem, SORRY team apparently thought I was "cute"? MMmm so did the photographer ??? Steady Laurie Boy!

Also Katie has invited me and my "Help for Heroes" bandwagon to her "NUTS" Eastbourne hairdressers Open Night in November, THANKS Katie and more on that nearer the time…..

Cute ???? PHEW, quick another poem and MUST be a romance poem (S P ❤), and again from my "coming very soon new book" –

Never Know

We may walk along life’s highway

Beside loving partners so divine,

Who for reasons we may never know

Can cease to seem so fine.

This will then lead to sad partings

From those glorious sunshine times.

Which will change our viewpoint,

And make them seem like crimes.

So again we move on with life

And probably meet another muse,

Who will share new journeys

As they begin to lift those blues,

Before committing for many years

With very good times, and some not,

So then your mind will wander

Onto loves never quite forgot.

For the human mind is curious

About our world and what we do.

Pondering on things that we’d let go

And maybe prospective pastures new.

But of course we can’t have our cake,

And the proverbial eating of it too.

So how life could’ve then turned out,

We won’t get a single clue.

So this brings on more conjecture

And imaginations to fill our mind,

Breeding various ideas and guesses

That will never seem too kind.

For we like to fear the very worst

Of the visions coming on show,

With gnawing, sad uncertainties

About which we’ll never know.

It is now time for a major highlight of the last week, and that is down to the excellent Mike Seager of "Seager Studios" who did the video and filming of me mentioned in last Blog. 

Well Help for Heroes have (very appreciatively) agreed it,so it is out, and I’m "knocked out" about and by it, (as are all who have seen it too), THANKS again Mike, but hey "gotcha some more work ennett?" !!! lol ?.

To see this excellent short film you can go to my Facebook pages (as mentioned above) and see "Poems in the Pub" on there OR on following =


Another check for you is my latest article for The Sussex Newspaper online, entitled "Nature: 1) Man" which may amuse with look at man (and women)kind, and even the bum on there, (theme here?) ?.

Cor, blimey and Gordon Bennett what a blog, but said it was an interesting period for me…. Hope you enjoy and please comment (nicely lol) in "Comments" section at the end….

Last poem then and probably sums all up….


Well weeks will come and weeks will go

And months soon follow in life’s flow.

But days we enjoy will pass by quick,

Whilst tougher times go slow.

So then we must remain steadfast

With our resolve strong and unbowed,

As all of us will have our turn

To be under a sad, tragic cloud.

For nothing in this world is given

To remain the same, or even arrive.

So grab those moments of delight

And just celebrate you’re alive!

There will of course be time for sorrow

With that very time going slow,

So try to cry behind your mask

Because others may not know.

Well at least that’s what I try to do

Not that I think men shouldn’t cry.

But I shed my tears in private

So the world doesn’t puzzle why

This chap with a constant smile

And a jokes all-day token,

May continue to laugh and grin,

When inside his heart is broken.

So back we will go to the weeks

Which pass according to our fate,

But whether going quick or slow

We should try for heaven’s gate.

So with all of that I close with a Big Hi from Ted n Beth who also have a photo on here, plus my tidy garden I sit looking at writing much of my stuff when in U K.

With this Blog again suggesting why I’m "Often imitated but NEVER duplicated" the Journey Continues STUPENDOUSLY,

From Ted n Beth and I, love and best wishes, xx


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