WARNING, as this Blog contains nearly all positive and happy news, you may be smiling, groaning and reading for a bit longer, (than usual) perhaps? ?

Where do I start? Well I’m home from France (photo 5) until next year, and whilst not especially "happy" about this  I will know where I am when I wake up?

So from last Blog, I got all of my new 6th book ready, but more on that in a minute.  Last Wednesday 3rd October was another great "Open Mic" night, and Thursday 4th was National Poetry Day, and as before in March on World Poetry Day, the excellent Lynn Parsons of "Mellow Magic" on International Radio Magic FM read out another of my poems! Thanks SO much Lynn !!!

That poem was entitled "Kiss" so HEY, we are starting with "Romance", how good is that gang…. lol I said i might change things round in last Blog? (ok S P?)


A quiet, simmering, burning fuse

Maybe oh so easy to miss,

As with a soft awakening

To someone you’d love to kiss.

So the signs of any recognition

Or consent given from your muse,

Are sought for their confirmation

You are the one they choose.

Thus with heartbeats all a flutter

You slowly pucker up to brush,

That alluring sirens ready mouth

As you prepare to make them blush,

With that soft sweet sensation

Now blowing bubbles on your lips.

So you lean closer in together

Lest this precious moment slips.

Eyes tight shut to keep out the world

From your very own embrace,

Your bodies pulse fast and close

So you are now lost in space.

With bright stars and planets forming

Brilliant lights across the sky,

To transform your understanding

That you’ve just learnt to fly.

The following day I "bumped" into Gill the Mayor of Eastbourne at a charity "Tea & Cake" do, and we had a chat, talking about my poetry and Help for Heroes support, (lol well I did), and presented her with my last book, photo 6 in photos list. Will mingle with anyone me ?, but a very pleasant lady.

On the Monday of this week (8th) the film and video I’ve been on about was done by the excellent Mike Seager, (Hi Mike) of Seager Studios, who apart from great at his job, filming me drinking beer and reading poetry in a pub, and at ONE (very happy) stage surrounded by 4 lovely ladies and a beautiful dog, Lincoln, is a very nice bloke with a calm, professional manner!

I SHOULD mention the pub was The Old Oak Inn Arlington, and everybody was great and understanding at Mike’s furniture moving, (and moving lol) and my poetry reading, some of which were repeated, but were "wrapped" pretty quick and easily….

YES, photos and film out soon, but video is to promote me, Help for Heroes and my new book!

The only agreement for all this, due to the charity factor, is Mike asked me to write a poem in support of Surfers Against Sewage, a charity protest group out to clean up our seas and save marine life! GLAD to help and hey the poem is coming up, but before that I must just add Mike has arranged for me to be photographed for new book cover this coming Friday… NICE one man,…

Surfers Against Sewage

An excellent charity called S A S

Is dedicated to cleaning up our mess

Collecting in seas and on the beaches,

With warnings, and education that teaches

That we can no longer just not care,

And dump waste and rubbish everywhere,

To pollute our glorious world treasures

Which have worth beyond measures.

So this group of dedicated guys

Will spread the word and always tries,

To get people to learn and understand

Not to bury their heads in the sand,

And realise just what is going wrong

In real life, and not merely a song,

About how seas and creatures die

So we can no longer stand idly by.

Because the dangers are getting worse

Than when first recognised as a curse,

By a small committed group in a hall

Who viewed with dismay and appal,

The worlds messy and polluted sea

Where they hoped to surf happily.

But disgusted by filth they got right out

To make a protest group come about.

Thus now the message is sent out clear

About our world we should hold dear,

For generations to love and appreciate

And not leave tarnished in a dirty state,

Of plastic, rubbish and sewage raw

We don’t want to tolerate anymore.

So we will battle with all our might,

Please come and join us in the fight.

Now if ALL that wasn’t enough, lol I DID warn you ?, I read out my poem "Kiss" as above at a networking meeting Tuesday morning and got some (extremely) nice compliments on it! YEAH spread the love! I also posted it on my Facebook pages alongside THE iconic statue kiss photo too….

RIGHT, drum roll bang, rattle, bang, and trumpets blare, tarrrrah and blow, it is "reveal" time as I promised, but first another poem…

All Revealed

There may be nostalgia and surprises

When your inner world is revealed,

By the peeling away of barriers

That many secrets had concealed.

For everyone has private thoughts

Perhaps buried deep and never seen,

But confronted by observing words

You may learn what they can mean.

So allow perceptive insights in

To a world where they are known,

As it may be comforting to discover

Some fears are not yours alone.

SO that poem is part of "The Introduction" of my new and sixth book entitled =


            (in your world)

SO there you are and that is it, EEeeermmm, WELL there may be one or two more surprises yet, but not for now! There IS another "short & punchy" poem as usual on the back cover that reflects a similar famous Robbie Burns poem, but hey, just WHO is he? He hee heeeee.

Some mentions, and a little apology as I forgot my very "lovely and extremely nice" Help for Heroes contact Laura F is on here! Sorry and a BIG Hi Laura, great job gel, and sorry abaaaaart ya ears ennetttt. As of all H 4 H staff, (AND you Alex H B ❤), they are GGGgggrrrrrrreeeeaaaatt people!!!! AND "Write from the Heartland", see Alex x TWO a?

The cheery and pleasant Anna of Pembury Convenience Stores is still about, (and probably will never recover from me singing "Don’t Leave Me This Way" to her in the shop…

Yesterday, Tuesday 9th October, saw me at a terrific Gig with some wonderful people of Brenda G’s Tuesday Guild, who booked me to "Poetry Read" for them, and we all had an amazing evening, an wished an 80+ lady "Happy Birthday" with cake, (YES cake Lynn Parsons, sorry lol). 

I also sold some books, and the group also paid me and raised a fair bit for Help for Heroes too as I read a mixture of themes from my books…. ANOTHER NICE ONE, (told ya was a happy Blog).

Today 10th October is Mental Health Awareness Day, and I marked it by posting a poem re mental health on my Facebook page, and in The Sussex Newspaper online I write a monthly article for! PHEW, busy, busy….

The remaining photos are TED n BETH, stars last night with the audience  again, The Old Oak Inn Pub, and ME celebrating that =.

MY new book is AHEAD of schedule, well done Rex, head honcho (and a Raj? and "snake catcher supreme" in Indonesia too) of My Voice Publishing, so hopefully will all be done and out quite soon, but again early!!!!

RIGHT, well I think all done now and in quite breathless manner, puff, puff, so you can see why I’m "Often Imitated but NEVER Duplicated" as with those lovely bears, (happy Blog lol) I remain THANKFUL of all your support as…..

The Journey Continues BRILLIANTLY !!!

Bye and thanks, 

Laurie xx

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